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Ten Night Stand by Mickey Miller was a fun, sexy and steamy read Krista and Damien s chemistry is intense and I loved that this was a story that his reader group initially helped with Krista does not need a man Nope, not after all the bad dates and letdowns she has experienced Damien is her landlord and is sexy, strong and very protective I loved their interactions The had a strong connection and way with each other After a hot and steamy one night stand, Krista and Damien make a deal for ten dates with no sex, it seems simple enough, right They know one night stands usually lead to nothing, so this way they can get to know each other It was so much fun to see their journey But it was not all fun and games We also get a bit of suspense and drama as well that adds to their story Ten Night Stand was a lot of fun to read Sexy, steamy with great characters and a story that will pull you right in Happy reading I received an ARC of this book from the author and I voluntarily reviewed it Thank you Mickey Miller This was one of Mickey s better ones I really enjoyed how he dipped his toes into the darker side of romance It s a murky and beautiful place I just wish he completely let himself succumb to the dark side evil laugh I m kidding about the evil laugh, obviously This book teeter tottered between dark and light It dealt with some darker scenes, somerisqu scenes, but the lighter aspects of the book reminded me of his rom coms I think it would have been best if he chose a clear path and followed it I am not opposed to either genre, or mixing them, I just think one should have beenpredominant than the other I am going to say something really cheesy, but do, or do not is gold when it comes to dark books Overall though, this is a quick read, and the premise is interesting, it just lacked a homogenous feel. [Read Epub] ♠ Ten Night Stand ⚕ From Bestselling Author Mickey Miller, A Brand New, Hot As Hell Standalone Contemporary Romance I Don T Need A ManI Ve Figured That Out Pretty Quickly After A String Of Bad Dates Every One, A Disappointment Either They Want To Use Me, Or I Don T Want To Use Them Either Way, I M Over ItBut Then My Landlord Shows Up Exactly When I Need A ManAnd A DrinkAnd Maybe A SecondSo We Make A Deal No Sex For Ten Dates, Which Sounds Easy Despite The Biceps Bulging Through His Shirt Despite The Tattoos I Desperately Want To Lick I Mean, Know About Despite The Hunger In His Eyes When He Looks At MeNo, It Won T Be EasyIt Ll Be Really Really Hard Includes A Bonus Novel For A Limited Time I am dumbfounded that this book has so many 4 5 star reviews Did we read the same book Better yet, have you ever read a good book It takes a lot for me to DNF a book, and I almost put this down multiple times, but somehow I suffered through it but, just barely I feel like this has to be self published, and better yet, seems like the author is in high school, and is writing fantasies about experiences they ve never had, but think sound exciting and what people want to read Maybe this is due to the fact that his fan club following directed the plot If so, they must be a group of 18 year olds too I can suspend some rational thought when I read since I m reading for escapism anyway , but this book was just too much There was no purpose to several scenes and key elements again seem to be thrown in because that s what s selling right now Take it from someone who s read a few thousand books If you re a remotely mature adult over 25 heck, maybe even 21 skip it. Mickey Miller has written a hot and sexy story with drama, humor, suspense, jealousy, secrets, danger, passion, and plenty of steamy scenes Ten Night Stand is one book that doesn t disappoint.I volunteered to review an advance reader copy of this book. The story line seems easy enough Krista is saved by Damien, is severely turned on by him he happens to be her landlord and they have a one night stand Then they both can t fight their attraction to each other But everyone knows that one night stands are not a great basis for a relationship So they decide to have ten dates before they have fun in the sheets again But we are thrown a curveball Krista has a stalker her ex fiancee Nick He does almost anything and everything to keep her from moving on Can she shake Nick, along with all of the mental damage he has inflicted on her Can Krista and Damien honestly own up to all of their secrets in order to form a lasting relationship All I can say is wow What a wild ride Hot fun, with some intriguing secrets and a little bit of suspense I enjoyed this book, as was able to read it in one day It is also interesting to point out that Mickey actually co wrote this book with his readers Check it out, you won t be disappointed This was so so good Love the connection between Krista Damien Love the ten date, no sex deal Krista Damien had some frustrating times throughout those ten dates, but when they got through them well hot dam And the drama just added to the story Fantastic ending My heartbeat speeds up, adrenaline and the chemicals of love crashing through me This was my absolute favorite line in a journey that I didn t see coming It was different from what I ve become accustomed to whilst reading Mr Miller s works Damien and Krista s story is a fast falling in lust to love ride that has the damnedest twists along the way Axle and Amelia made me want to knowI neededI think the quickness of the read left me wantingI can only hope there isto this story I wasn t ready for it to end. I have to admit I m shocked by the number of positive reviews on this book To me, this was porn on paper This book was all about sex with a psycho ex boyfriend in the mix The ex story was bad enough, and I was ok with this book until the end What happened at the end was the dumbest thing I ve ever read I won t spoil, despite the fact that I won t recommend this piece of crap Not quite sure even why I finished this Skip.Blog When Mickey Miller writes a book his characters always has some kind of explosive chemistry rather they like one another at the start or not Now here with Damien Krista their chemistry was immediate and their love scenes were just off the charts hot In order to find out what I mean by that, you have to purchase the book like right now Another great read by my favorite male author ever