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I liked this one It was super emotional and I felt so sorry for most of the characters but it was SO predictable. Genre Drama Death Romance MysteryLurlene McDaniel manages to write an incredibly trite novel about high schooler Trisha, her best friend Christina and their boyfriends Cody and Tucker One night while driving home, Christina dies in a car accident while Tucker is driving Cody is put into a coma while Trisha and Cody escape unscathed The rest of the novel deals with Trisha s grief and attempt to solve one final question about her friends death I was so bored by this novel I could barely make myself finish It s clear that McDaniel writes something appealing for young teenage girls, but the novels are unoriginal and predictable She tries to combine action, mystery, romance, and drama but only succeeds in producing a very mediocre story I m confident any teenager could write any of her novels and probably do a better job I wouldn t bother recommending this book or anything she writes to any reader, unless they enjoy senseless reading. Original Review posted at Bookwyrming ThoughtsOriginal Rating 3.5 Formatting and image s have been lost due to copy and pasting I hate commenting about how much the synopsis gives away I don t find much joy in reading the book when the synopsis gives spoilers away And I hate giving it a lower rating because of that synopsis But as much as I want to like this book, I m gonna have to give it a facepalm The synopsis practically gave away EVERYTHING From the synopsis, cover AND title, the book already gives these things away I don t think this counts as spoilers since the synopsis already says it Trisha, Christina, Cody, and Tucker are Seniors Best friends, Trisha and Christina are having a great year Trisha is dating Cody Christina is dating Tucker Trisha doesn t get along with Tucker Christina receives a scholarship from University of Vermont Tucker is controlling of Christina and wants her to stay They get into a car crash after a basketball game Trisha is injured, Cody s in a coma and Christina s dead Yet Tucker is all injure less Not to mean it in a bad way, but that gives practically the entire plot and some other stuff Maybe even the entire book Besides some things, such as those who read it would know the answers already, but I m speaking from the reader s perspective of just examining the book at the bookstore and reading the synopsis and such Does Cody wake up from the coma Do those effected by Christina s death find the courage to move on and heal Do Trisha and Tucker get along later Etc, etc One can only know the answers to their many questions when fully reading a book But despite the synopsis giving so much away, Ms McDaniel still leaves the reader, regardless of whether just staring at it at the bookstore or anyplace or have to read it due to required reading, with many questions Props for not giving the full story away, especially the ending And while some of us may love spoilers to the point of actually spilling beans, some of us just like to keep things detailed yet vague on what s happening because we just love the suspense building up It would ve been a triple facepalm if the synopsis gave any away kinda explains the meme If you re still thinking I m being a bit negative, the only part I found pretty bad was how the synopsis gave it all away I m that person who hates too much spoilers and end up predicting and being right majority of the time I kinda like my dose of keeping me guessing In many good parts of the pie or something good , Ms McDaniel manages to narrow in with an emotional story while weaving in the meaning of losing a cared one and to not take life fully for granted, because you never know when it will all end and it may be someone or something very close to you Kinda reminds me of a sad song Double date car crash only two walk away nearly unharmed That s basically the best way I can describe what s going without really going too much into detail This novel is sadistically cruel, subtlety easing me into a lull Then BAM the dam holding my tears back breaks But just as that happens Lurlene McDaniel leans over and whispers into my ear, You think I ll give you that satisfaction smiling like a crazed woman Holding my tears back in fear of the repercussions, my eyes blue balled you read right my eyes blue balled Maybe I m a masochist I loved this book I loved the way it made me feel I hated being toyed with I will always come for , and everything will be forgiven after all Lurlene McDaniel never meant to hurt me right Then I ll finish her next novel only to realize she hates us all The cycle must begin anew. First of all, I must say Ms McDaniel really has her own style of writing stories Her novels are simply written, with simple use of English, the rustic feeling that gave me a non native speaker of English a really easy and enjoyable time reading her novels The plot of her novels is also simple and nothing special or out of this world ordinary teenagers and young adults struggling with life s misfortune However, the way she addressed and built up the story based on seemingly simple cycle of life and death is just beautiful and heartbreaking Telling Christina Goodbye is one of those novels that despite having the normal plot, or maybe too ordinary plot but still have the power to move readers.The story was told through Trisha s everyday s thoughts, feelings and activities, which gave the novel depth and conviction, since Trisha was one of the main characters, one of the four teenagers that were caught in this life s nightmare I have seen many of my loved ones die before I have been to many of my loved ones funerals, but seeing the fact that Christina the poor girl in this novel, having to lose her life at such a young age, was painful Ms McDaniel knew that, and she addressed at the right point when she pointed out, through Trisha s thoughts, that there would be no graduation, no college, no marriage, no kids and so on for Christina Her life has just ended just like that, a simple fact, but leaves the reader with a lot of thinking and heartbreak What s heartbreaking is the process of Trisha to overcome everything the death of her best friend, the current condition and amnesia of her boyfriend, and the truth she s just remembered about the night of the accident, and the role of Tucker in it The part when Trisha wished to suddenly see Christina appear, living, during the viewing and when she entered Christina s room one last time, is just painful One minute ago use still see this person, full of life, walking, talking to you, being your best friend the next minute, she was gone And the fact that Christina is her parents only child only made the novel sadder I wonder how it would be for Julia and Nelson, since now there were only two of them, grieving and holding the memories about their late daughter If you re looking for a big time, scholar oriented novel, with addresses big subject of the world or human kind or something like that, I m sorry Ms McDaniel s novels are not for you But if you re seeking a book that tells about everyday life s ordinary people facing life s misfortune with courage and also pain, then you ve come to the right place. I love this book This is why I gave it five stars it pulls you in deeper and deeper into the problems of the charcters Every time I went to put it down I wanted to keep reading The emotions of the characters toll with your emotions it reall effects you at some points in the story When I finished reading this book I wanted to read it again, it was that good After a tense basketball game, four high school seniors suffer a car accident that will change their lives forever Short tempered driver Tucker and narrator Trisha walk away with minor injuries But Trisha s boyfriend Cody goes into a coma and suffers brain damage while Tucker s girlfriend Christina dies on sight So begins a period of coming to terms with the events of that night, with the grief and hardships it brings, and learning to keep living in a world that must go on Students, friends, parents search for answers and support as the accident forces them to reevaluate their lives.I appreciated that it shows so many positive interactions The book shows parents and children coming to understanding, provides healthy catharsis, demonstrates healing and coping mechanisms through grief, inspires contemplation on the preciousness and meaning of life, and shows the protagonist reaching outside herself to help others It also provides a dialog that talks through negative and positive aspects of teen dating All of these are great examples for the teenage years and thus the book ends in as happy a way as one can hope However, they also make it slightly didactic especially regarding safe driving.Touching emotionally moving, the subject matter is definitely of a deeper nature than most teen reads I felt like it was the emotional power of the plot that drove the story rather than the quality of writing Concrete details were sparse and the characters are pretty two dimensional It lacks those artful linguistic graces that would help the reader relate to the story The message is applicable to all but perhaps too emotional and preachy for many readers boys in particular Good for a reader that can handle tough issues or needs an outlet for a personal grief, but not a casual read.genre high school drama, grief copingfulfills McDaniels author requirement Genre Category dealing with death coming of age inner strengthRead for Lurlene McDaniels requirementSummary Trisha is having a great senior year with her sweet and sensitive boyfriend Cody, and her best friend Christina, except for the intrusive presence of Christina s boyfriend, Tucker Trisha knows that Christina and Tucker s relationship is verbally abusive and could soon result in physical abuse and despite her best efforts to persuade Christina to dump Tucker, Christina is attached For example, when Christina gets a scholarship to a great university, Tucker gives Christina such a guilt trip that she plans to discard the scholarship to go to the local college so that she can stay closer to Tucker Trisha is determined to help her friend get rid of this bad influence One night, on the way home from a basketball game, Tucker s truck flips and rolls, killing Christina and placing Cody in a coma Only Trisha can remember what happened to cause the accident, but her accident trauma keeps her from remembering all of the details What happened that night As Trisha heals, Cody comes out of his coma, only to appear to have forgotten everything and everyone The story addresses Trisha s grief over Christina, her rebuilding of the relationship with Cody, and her desire to find out what really happened the night of the accident Well, Lurlene McDaniels is known for being a tear jerker and I am known to be a big crier, so I think this book was pegged for me I hated it because I knew exactly what format it would be in, but I think that it does deal with the issues of death and recovery well I dreaded reading anything by her and I was surprised to find that I didn t hate it quite as badly as I thought I would It was much less sappy than I had heard I would recommend this book for high school students. {READ KINDLE} õ Telling Christina Goodbye ä Trisha Thompson And Her Best Friend Christina Are Having A Great Senior Year Trisha And Her Boyfriend, Cody, Are Making Plans To Attend Indiana University Together In The Fall, While Christina Has Already Received A Scholarship To The University Of Vermont Everything Would Be Perfect If Only Trisha Got Along With Christina S Controlling Boyfriend Tucker, Who Is Trying To Convince Christina Not To Go Away For College But Suddenly Their Lives Change One Night When Tucker Is Driving The Four Home From An Away Basketball Game When His Car Hits A Patch Of Black Ice And Overturns, Tucker Walks Away With Barely A Scratch, But Trisha Is Injured, Cody Is In A Coma, And Christina Is Dead Those Left Behind Must Learn That It Takes Time For Their Scars Both Visible And Not To Heal And They Must Find The Courage To Move On With Their Lives Telling Christina Goodbye, by Lurlene McDaniel, is a book filled with a lot of emotion, adventure, and frustration It all starts, when Cody, Tucker, Trisha, and Christina are at the basket ball game When Cody tries to keep Tucker from getting into a fight, he is Trisha s boyfriend, and he gets kicked out They all go running after him Tucker goes to the car, and the rest of them follow, Tucker and Christina are together The road is very icy, and Tucker is driving really fast, trying to get in front of another car, and they hit a patch of ice, and the car flips over Cody is in a comma, Trisha, has a busted lip and knee, Tucker barely has a scratch, but Christina dies Trisha and Tucker are the only ones who no what really happened They are trying to deal with the fact that her best friend and his girlfriend are gone When the police come Trisha can not remember all the details, but when she dose it is to late, the court has already ruled that it was an accident, Tucker got off She has to move on with her life, everything changes just in one night Life will never be the same again, because of one mistake The reason the Lurlen McDaniel wrote this book, was for her son In the back of the book it explains how her son has a disease, and this lets her show her understanding and get out her sadness and pain Another reason that she wrote this book is to help people who have lost people in their lives that were important, and to help them deal with moving on, with that person, or people not there The book is really about moving on and letting the person go You can still remember all of the good and bad times you had together, but you also have to realize that they are no longer with you physically, buut always in your heart.