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Program One A Phenomenology of Technics is the core chapter of the book and the one that has withstood time s test Description of embodiment, hermeneutic, alterity, and background relations are worth reading. I loved the theories brought up here, but a handful of pretzels would have made him less dry I also felt he had the tendency to beat a dead horse with his examples just a switch of topic each chapter.Though I must say he wanted to make sure his audience got him It s always refreshing to see a philosopher actually try and reach out to his audience rather than think he s on an intellectual pedestal He definitely brought up some stuff I had never dwelt upon before That s always cool.The book made me want to watch 2001 A Space Odyssey So I did. Ihde s philosophy is refreshingly easy to read, with a usually straightforward presentation of his ideas with some nice personal asides thrown in, even if those can sometimes be odd and maybe even a bit too personal Here, Ihde takes on the project of describing how technology is changing the relationship between people and the earth itself, i.e their relationships with science, nature, and the environment that supports both To a large extent this may be seen as an environmentalist tract, but it s really farsubtle than that Ihde points out that critique is not an inherently negative practice, but rather one that intends to bring both the positive and negative of a situation into balance if at all possible I would say that Ihde accomplishes this rather well, for the most part I could always go forof his direct phenomenological explorations as seen in Experimental Phenomenology and Bodies in Technology, for instance , but I appreciated this other insight into Ihde as a cultural philosopher as well. To be fair, I was mining this for gems relating to the impact of mindless adoption of technology After how much a previous author liked and referred to this work, I thought I d like it better, but found it fairly repetitive and dense Still, interesting to see how prescient some of his comments about digital technology were way back in 1990 And his conclusion for a worldwide conservation ethic is jiving with calls from other authors I m reading namely Wendell Berry, who insists we don t incorporate the concept of return or waste handling or aftermath when considering the impact of various industries Interesting that he flirts with animism as a remedy for detachment from nature, but doesn t endorse it because he views it as superstitious throwback. don ihde adalah seorang heideggerian.ini perlu disebut dulu.hampir semua tulisan dia umumnya tentang teknologi dan ekologi berkisar dari pemikiran heidegger ini bertolak dari gagasan tentang techne yang dilacak ulang oleh heidegger sehingga ketika gagasan dasar itu ditemukan maka gagasan dasar tadi jadi inspiratif, untuk melakukan kritik atas perkembangan teknologi modern serta konsekuensinya pada lingkungan hidup.memang,sumbernya dari esai pendek questions concerning technology tapi, oleh ihde hal pendek tadi bisa ke mana manahe..he. lalu, siapa yang hebat nek gini ini .Download Book ☪ Technology and the Lifeworld: From Garden to Earth (Indiana Series in Philosophy of Technology) ♢ Dr Ihde Brings An Enlightening And Deeply Humanistic Perspective To Major Technological Developments, Both Past And Present Science Books Films Don Ihde Is A Pleasure To Read The Material Is Full Of Nice Suggestions And Details, Empirical Materials, Fun Variations Which Engage The Reader In The Work The Overall Points Almost Sneak Up On You, They Are So Gently And Gradually Offered John Compton A Sophisticated Celebration Of Cultural Diversity And Of Its Enabling Technologies Perhaps The Best Single Volume Relating The Philosophical Tradition To The Broad Issues Raised By Contemporary Technologies Choice Important And Challenging Review Of Metaphysics A Range Of Rich Historical, Cultural, Philosophical, And Psychological Insights, Woven Together In An Intriguing And Clear Exposition The Book Is Really A Pleasure To Read, For Its Style, Immense Learning And Sanity Teaching PhilosophyThe Role Of Tools And Instruments In Our Relation To The Earth And The Ways In Which Technologies Are Culturally Embedded Provide The Foci Of This Thought Provoking Book