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This is a really great program that can remind people w OCD that they are not alone, and give them tools steps to resist and conquer OCD This book program is geared toward OCD in children teenagers. This book is a must read for any parent guiding a child through treatment. Well, this was very cute I think it d be a wonderful tool for any parent with an OCD kid, and it s certainly a good source of helpful techniques for anyone with OCD, whether they be 7 or 77.Here were the reading notes I took Obsessive compulsive disorder OCD is a brain illness Kids and teenagers with OCD have mental hiccups obsessions that make them feel anxious or uncomfortable, and their illness tricjs them into trying to eliminate that feeling by performing certain rituals over and over compulsions 1 They advocate that the child be in charge of controlling the urges A shift in perspective works wonders OCD is not about good or bad behavior When you understand that OCD is a true brain illness, you realize that having it is not a matter of choice and resolving it is not a matter of willpower, tough it does require good intentions 9 Children have incredible powers of imagination, and fantasizing is a critical tool they use to understand and adapt ot a large and sometimes scary world 12 They identify OCD as an imposter and moustache twirling villain 19 If you don t play with OCD, it gets bored and goes away, but only if you don t play with it 20 Classifications of OCD 30 1 Washing2 Checking3 ordering arranging symmetry4 counting repeating5 scrupulosity intrusive sexual thoughts or urges, excessive religious or moral doubt, a need to tell, ask, confess 6 hoarding Thinking of OCD as being triggered by something like someone pushing over the first domino in a row is a helpful way to undersand the way OCD works 40 Believe it or not, hundreds of years ago OCD was thought to be the result of demonic possession, to be cured by some type of exorcism or by repenting one s sins 50 Think of yourself as the point guard, the captain, the quarterback, the admiral, the pilot, or whatever appeals to you 87 They describe a mental toolkit, including a map for OCDThey suggest giving OCD a funny nickname This book changed my life and my relationship with OCD It contains fantastic coping techniques and creative ideas for dealing with obsessions. Excellent resource for families dealing with OCD I actually only read to page 158 because the second half of the book is a workbook for the individual dealing with OCD and I was slogging through it and gave up on finishing. A fantastic resource for parents, kids, teachers and mental health workers Usable, realistic strategies combined with attainable goals. |Free E-pub ♼ Talking Back to OCD: The Program That Helps Kids and Teens Say "No Way" -- and Parents Say "Way to Go" ☦ No One Wants To Get Rid Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Than Someone Who Has It That S Why Talking Back To OCD Puts Kids And Teens In Charge Dr John March S Eight Step Program Has Already Helped Thousands Of Young People Show The Disorder That It Doesn T Call The Shots They Do This Uniquely Designed Volume Is Really Two Books In One Each Chapter Begins With A Section That Helps Kids And Teens Zero In On Specific Problems And Develop Skills They Can Use To Tune Out Obsessions And Resist Compulsions The Pages That Follow Show Parents How To Be Supportive Without Getting In The Way The Next Time OCD Butts In, Your Family Will Be Prepared To Boss Back And Show An Unwelcome Visitor To The Door Association For Behavioral And Cognitive Therapies ABCT Self Help Book Of Merit Helped us immensely to understand OCD and how to approach dealing with it It was a game changer for my daughter. Very helpful, clear and concise program for helping parents of children and teens with OCD. Great book for parents and children with OCD Very useful