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Take a Chance by Melissa Mayhue is her first book in a new series Take a Chance is a contemporary romance, which is a new genre for Melissa The story takes place in Chance, a small town in Colorado Allison Allie is our heroine, whom we meet as a teenager, 8 years before present time Allie has always had a secret crush on her brother s friend, Logan But Logan doesn t even know Allie exists, especially since only sees her as his friend s little sister At her prom, she is with Ryan, Logan s brother, and he finds out that she has been using him to be able to meet Logan With her best friend betraying her, and her embarrassment for doing that to her friend, Ryan, Allie leaves town soonafter The story picks up 8 years later, as Allie s brother Matt, has been injured while stationed oversees, and with her mother ill, Allie decides to go home with Matt and help take care of both of them Having caught her current boyfriend having an affair, made it easier for Allie to go home again, something she swore she would never do No matter how much she tries to avoid some people, she does come face to face with Logan, the boy she crushed over 8 years earlier This time Logan notices the beautiful young woman, whom he does not really know.This is a sweet romance that has such a nice hometown feel I loved Allie and Logan together, as they took their time to build this romance At first, Allie shied away from Logan, thinking he knew the story of why she left town But no one cares what happened years earlier, especially when she was just a teenager Melissa Mayhue has created some wonderful characters that make this story so good I loved the cousins, Desi and Dulcie, and their coffee shop I want to go there and taste their fabulous cakes and great coffee It is the cousins who help Allie settle in Chance, to build her own life I also loved Logan s brash sister, Katy, and Logan s friend Tanner, a hot hot fireman I can foresee a budding romance with Katy and Tanner Melissa also gives us a glimpse at some new characters that we can be sure will have their own story.If you enjoy a pure romance a small town atmosphere a wonderful couple great secondary characters then this book is perfect for you Take a Chance is a new genre for Melissa Mayhue, but no matter what she does, she is a fabulous writer Being a big fan of Melissa, it is no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed Take a Chance I wholly recommend that you also Take a Chance BarbThe Reading Cafe Review coming soon. I fell in love with Chance from the very beginning It is the quintessential small town with a main street shopping area and surrounding residential areas I ve always loved Colorado stories, be the set in fictional towns or real ones Though Chance is fictional, it fits right into the exiting Colorado landscape This is very much a story about letting go and coming home Allie leaves town as soon as she s able after being humiliated at her senior prom by her supposed best friend She believes the town never forgot her humiliation and refuses to go back When her mother gets sick, and her matchmaking grandmother interferes, Allie is forced to come home Once there she realizes that the defining moment in her life is inconsequential to the town They have forgotten all about her humiliation and are just glad to have her back.Where Allie can t wait to leave, Logan is the quintessential hometown boy Unlike his two best friends who joined the military right out of high school, Logan opted for college in a nearby town Once finished he returned home to become a local firefighter He is an integral part of the town and can t imagine being anywhere else Allie has loved Logan since she was a kid She originally dated his younger brother in efforts to get to know Logan better Several years older, Logan only ever saw Allie as a friend of his brother Both are gun shy when it comes to relationships Logan is wary because of his high school girlfriend who wasinterested in the status of being married to him than him Allie s latest boyfriend doesn t believe faithful is a requirement Allie and Logan are understandably wary around each other at the beginning However, the sparks are palatable Despite some setbacks, they are both able to overcome their past and find their way to a HEA of their own. 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[ Free Pdf ] ♴ Take a Chance (Chance, Colorado, #1) ⚈ Award Winning Author Melissa Mayhue Returns With A Brand New Series In A Brand New Genre Join Her In Chance, Colorado Where Love Gets A Second ChanceAllison Flynn Has Spent The Last Eight Years Struggling To Build The Life Of Her Dreams But A Cheating Boyfriend, The Loss Of Her Beloved Job, And Her Mother S Illness Have All Conspired To Bring Her Back Home Again, Shutting The Door On Those Dreams Logan O Connor Is A Man Driven By Guilt And Haunted By The What Ifs Of His Choices In Life Betrayed By The Woman He D Thought He Loved, He S Given Up Any Dream Of The Happy Ever After He D Once Assumed His Life Would Have And Devoted Himself To His Work When Allie And Logan Cross Paths, They Ll Need To Risk Their Hearts Once To Have Any Chance At Finding What They Really Want Sometimes You Have To Take A Chance To Make Your Dreams Come True