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My review is currently for Seekers, The Last Oracle by Nikki Landis This was an enjoyable read that is filled with non stop action, adventure and lust Motok and Kerra couldn t be further apart but all it takes is one event to bring them together and on this roller coaster ride that will have you on the edge and turning the pages non stop Just when you think you ve figured out the storyline there s another turn that has you thinking so many other possible scenarios of what will happen next I can t wait to read what other stories are awaiting in this anthology. My review is for Seekers in Summer Solstice.Kerra felt like she had been followed for days and then was attacked by aliens Motok rescued her but then kidnapped her, believing her to be the Oracle, the only one who could save their worlds But the council has lied, and the truth is terrible There is much danger for Kerra and Motok s hearts are hers Will he be able to save her, and Earth as well Different and I loved it I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. My review is for Nikki Landis The Seekers This is a great adventure and a wonderful interstellar romance Kerry and Motok are two characters who literally can t communicate but find a way He s sent to save an Oracle, she s supposed to be that Oracle In typical Nikki Landis storytelling, there is so much to the tale, but it all works fabulously You can see each alien, and wonder how she comes up with all of these amazing characters I can t wait for the next story. I enjoyed this fun collection of fantasy and PNR reads Offering up a wide variety of characters and themes, I think there is something that should appeal to almost any romance fast I particularly liked Seeker by Nikki Landis It was an intense and exciting read Motok and Kerra had sizzling chemistry and the were so easy to root for during this action packed adventure Of my own accord I am posting a forthright review. Seekers Nikki LandisThis was a really great and interesting read I loved how it all played out The authors work keeps getting better and I would recommend this to all I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. My review is for Seekers The Last Oracle by Nikki Landis I was kind of leary when I first started this It took me a few days to actually get started, but once I did, I did not want to put it down It is not my normal type of read, I loved it Motok and Kerra have an instant attraction There story is filled with action and lust Recommend to all. For fifty two years Motok had been in command of the Braxthar Legion, in charge of training the military Now he s informed their planet is dying and he is being temporarily reassigned The long fabled Oracles are scattered throughout the Universe and he is to take five space ships and gather all that he can find, bringing them home What an interesting concept Nikki Landis has created The world building is awe inspiring and the cast and characters we re introduced to are so filled with personality they drew me in from the beginning This storyline has action, adventure, mystery, sexual chemistry, loyalty, fierce protectiveness, and above all, it has love There is a happy for now but the story was left open with the plot still in question This will absolutely be one that keeps me coming back for me By this representation of what s in the collection, I can only assume this will be a phenominal read that I m really looking forward to finishing I was provided with an ARC of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review. &E-PUB ⇬ Summer Solstice ↝ Fill Yourself With The Heat Of Summer With These Paranormal And Fantasy Reads From Shifters To Goddesses, Vampires To Aliens, There S Something For Everyone Within These Pages Look No Further For Sizzling Romances And Thrilling Adventures That Are Bound To Leave You Desperate For A Cool Down Featuring Stories By USA Today International Bestselling Author Nicole Morgan USA Today International Bestselling Author Laura Greenwood Laurie Treacy Candace Sams Two Time EPIC Award Winner, Bestselling Author Lesli Richardson Carly O Shea Award Winning And Bestselling Author Nikki Landis Kat Parrish Ashlee Nicole Bye International Bestselling Author Krista Ames Bestselling Author Deelylah Mullin Elana Brooks Brenda Sparks Katherine Kingston A Limited Edition Collection Of Fantasy Paranormal Romances Review for Seekers The Last Oracle Fascinating story This story was one interesting roller coaster ride There were so many twists and turns that will keep you entranced and on the edge of your seat A lot of action, suspense and intrigue all packed into this story I loved the dynamics of the main characters Motok is a fierce warrior who will protect Kerra no matter what Their interactions are intense and very steamy I really enjoyed this story and I can definitely see this becoming an amazing series There is definitely to come. This review is specifically for Seekers by Nikki Landis.I truly loved this story It was a short, engaging read I loved the darker elements woven throughout And the alien cultures were so interesting I d love to revisit this world, and find out a bit about all the different species.The two main characters were very different, but they were so sweet together Their story definitely pulled on my heartstrings