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If you re a reader of diverse books and want to know what representations this book offers, find the diversity tags here CHINESE INSPIRED FANTASY WITH A REFRESHING TAKE ON WELL LOVED TROPESFor the first few chapters, I found the characters to be a little too trope y, namely, tough cookie female and arrogant love interest However, as I continued reading, I began to see them in a new,positive light The little complexities in their characters, particularly their individual motivations and desires, allowed them to break out of their trope y molds, which I really appreciated.INCREDIBLY UNIQUE WORLD BUILDING ENDLESSLY FASCINATING ELEMENTS FT MECHANICAL DRAGONS ANGRY SWORD WIELDING BRIDES I am also extremely happy to note that Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is a brave and thoughtful commentary on poverty, privilege, social issues, and corruption With a heroine hailing from a poor village that s often overlooked by its government, this book portrays poverty in a nuanced way that leaves no room for romanticization or glamorization More importantly, it depicts harsh truths that need to be addressed the helplessness of poor communities e.g their inability to bite the hand that feeds them , literacy and education as inaccessible privileges, and how politics and the self interests of those in power contribute to class oppression.Moreover, the story carefully delves into filial piety, tradition, duty and obligation themes that are inherently significant to Chinese culture, as well as to some other Asian cultures I particularly loved the strong family themes and the complexities that come with them.I don t think I m really exaggerating when I say that the steampunk and fantasy elements in this book totally blew me away, and I still haven t fully recovered Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon features pure spiritual beings yueshen , cursed spirit abominations ligui , demons from literal Hell, cyborg soldiers, and mechanical dragons and I loved how these creatures were incorporated into this fantastical world Absolutely brilliant is all I can say, to be honest.BRILLIANT SUBVERSION OF THE TRADITIONAL HERO S JOURNEYAt its heart, the plot is about an unlikely hero embarking on a dangerous quest in this case, literal Hell for a noble cause However, it s also so muchthan that As a whole, Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is a brilliantly written subversion of the traditional hero s journey It is a heartfelt ode to family and to valuing one s roots which are typical aspects of a hero s journey , but it also sparks a thoughtful discourse regarding fighting in the name of nobility and pursuing a cause for the sake of glory It follows the adventure a hero undergoes to singlehandedly save his loved ones, but it also depicts the necessity of overthrowing a powerful, corrupted system through collective efforts Most importantly, it is about encouraging women to reclaim their stories and to lead their own adventures.RECOMMENDED With a wildly imaginative world where steampunk technology and magic collide and a complex plot that will keep you guessing, Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon certainly makes for a challenging read but with that challenge comes a truly rewarding experience 4 stars Read the rest of this review in my natural habitat [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ↡ Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon ⇟ When A Powerful Viceroy Arrives With A Fleet Of Mechanical Dragons And Stops An Attack On Anlei S Village, The Villagers See Him As A Godsend They Agree To Give Him Their Sacred, Enchanted River Pearl In Exchange For Permanent Protection If He Ll Marry One Of The Village Girls To Solidify The Alliance Anlei Is Appalled When The Viceroy Selects Her As A Bride, But With The Fate Of Her People At Stake, She Sees No Choice But To Consent Anlei S Noble Plans Are Sent Into A Tailspin, However, When A Young Thief Steals The River Pearl For HimselfKnowing The Viceroy Won T Protect Her Village Without The Jewel, She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands But Once She Catches The Thief, She Discovers He Needs The Pearl Just As Much As She Does The Two Embark On An Epic Quest Across The Land And Into The Courts Of Hell, Taking Anlei On A Journey That Reveals Is At Stake Than She Could Have Ever ImaginedWith Incredibly Vivid World Building And Fast Paced Storytelling, Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon Is Great For Readers Who Are Looking For Something Fresh In Epic Fantasy Woot woot Just got an ARC of this and I am thrilled This cover is beautiful and the synopsis is SO GOOD. Check outreviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzDRAGONS Plus its set in an Asian world And Mary Fan seems like a popular author So when my favorite topics came up I knew I had to give it a go And I have to say that it annoys me when a title and cover don t really relate to the story The bronze dragons are incidental world building in the story, which was quite disappointing to me And a bronze dragon didn t even figure into the story enough for anything or any one to be stronger than it The cover does give you a general feel for the Chinese story but could have been so much betterThe PremiseStronger Than a Bronze Dragon is really about deadly martial ghosts Not bronze dragons Not magical pearls, though one is featured Anlei wants to be a warrior like her dead father and is prepared to protect her village with the rest of the guards A visiting viceroy, a powerful government official, sets her on a totally different path Right into a thief who threatens the deal she s made Tai has his own angst over his future but plans on doing something about it How can Anlei pass up this opportunity to screw off before heading off into matrimony There is some really great foundation here in Qing dynasty China It s spun with fantasy and mythology without being too heavy handed about it The quick thinking and the teamwork really wowed even though the pace was a mess I appreciated the plot once it was revealed and even though the twists were a little over worked they were fun and gave the book a campy feel So many popular little details were crammed into this one little standalone Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon felt like a homage to Asian fantasy, steampunk, mythology, thieves, kickass warrior girls, birth secrets and Chinese culture.My ExperienceI absolutely adore steampunk worlds And those writers who choose them for a setting typically love them as much as I do Plus right Because they know just what to cram into the story to make it epic Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon combines steampunk with a Qing dynasty China It s interesting but only has the most basic of steampunk details In that way its quite disappointing I did enjoy the twist to do with the bronze dragons and other war machines but the story wasn t really a steampunk read.And then there was the odd balance the world had, partially old fashioned and partially modern On one hand Anlei is being sent off to be married to save her village On the other hand she s been allowed to train and fight the attacking spirits The way the world viewed women didn t really have any rhyme or reason It just randomly did whatever to suit what the story needed Which is contrived I did enjoy many details of the modern side of the world, like her sister, the machines, the acrobats, the dyslexia And I found the old fashioned plot points quite dull and predictable, even though I did like what mythology there was in the story.I really enjoyed Tai and Anlei s snark toward each other and how their partnership worked But it also was like a speeding bullet There were very few obstacles to the big plot points And their relationship built too fast and was sort of instalove as a result Hate to love has to have time for events to happen to shift each person s thinking about the other They have to have bonding moments This was too swift for that And that is what Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon did to me I would love some aspect of the story and HATE another It made me feel quite conflicted about my rating In the end I enjoyed the action and the snark even if the world building failed on some levels.Why Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon may hit all the right buttons for YOU Spirits A fascinating supernatural being with a neat history Steampunk machines Loved the battle at the end with all the war machines you could want Banter The snark between our leads is quite cute Adventure They cross a lot of ground and delve into all sorts of magical secrets Family I happen to love when family is all embroiled in different ways.Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is a light and fun standalone It s a homage to the things we love Asian fantasy, steampunk, mythology, thieves, kickass warrior girls, birth secrets and Chinese culture The twists may or may not surprise you but they will certainly take you on a reading journey you won t regret with its cute banter Authenticity Writing Style Plot Pacing World BuildingC Cover Title grade Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinions.You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer Read my special perspective under the typewriter on my reviews Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton i totally forgot every single dynasty i studied in chinese history class, but hello chinese warrior girls HOLD THE HECK UP WHEN DID THIS COVER REVEAL AND WHY DID MY ASIAN SIXTH SENSE NOT KICK IN I think I will forever be in love with Asian fantasy okayMaybe it s because there is just SO MUCH complicated history to pull inspiration from Maybe it s because katanas always gave me heart eyes as a wee child Maybe it s because I first saw Mulan and thought finally a girl I really connect with Either way, pretty much anything Asian centric or inspired usually has my entire heart and soul And while this book didn t get the entirety of that from me like I had hoped, it got pretty close B U TFor some reason I thought this was part of a series So when there came a point that I thought the book would be winding up for a cliffhanger finale, I kept getting confused by the end of one plot arc leading into another Also, while this was intense and epic and like a classic Asian saga featuring much travel and monstersit kinda felt a bit too long in some areas I kept wanting a few scenes tightened or possibly even skipped as they kind of felt out of place in the overall story It was these few pacing plot issues that kept me from fully loving this book.Also there is a sad, sad lack of any food in here For some reason, the majority of the Asian fantasies I read usually have at least ONE lavishly described meal that I can drool over and dream of crisp roasted duck and ginger noodlesand then just face reality and hit up my local Chinese take out for dumplings So the lack of food descriptions, or really the lack of the characters actually EATING, during their long, crazy adventure made this feel a bit flat Also, there is a great lack of bronze dragons, especially for a book that literally has them mentioned in the title .And now some bullet points because I am lazy and forgetful Anlei is fiercebut at some times I found her a little too fierce Lighten up, girl Tai was pretty much the right blend of suave and mysterious and sassy Did I find this a bit cliche at times Oh, yes Did I really care Nah, son I guess this is meant to be steampunk but all the mentions of mechanics seemed a bit awkward honestly the whole arranged marriage plot arc could have not existed cause it was weird I am a little grumpy about plot decisions view spoiler mkay just let me be salty a bit about the Yushuen demons halflings thing which honestly felt a bit forced and, I dunno, not good enough oh I love Tai and thought the reveal that he was a halfling was EPICbut also still not enough maybe it s because he was so light hearted most of the time and sassy instead of moody and super mysterious haha B U T also the thing about Kang revealed as his father Saith whaaaaaaat Eh, it just felt like too much but also definitely not enough, either PLease someone save me from craving such high quality material ahahahaha xD hide spoiler 3.5 starsThe Characters Anlei is undoubtedly one of the most badass heroine I ve ever encountered She s strong not just physically, she s also strong willed She s focus and really want to achieve what she s trying to achieve not only for herself, but for her town and family And by family, it includes avenging her father s death because of the Ligui the ghost monsters that antagonize them I even forgive Anlei for her wishes for the Ligui to attack just so she can have her revenge The girl lost her father so that s forgivable even though it s a bit foolish because she knew they can t really defeat their enemies That s why they needed help from Viceroy Kang.Speaking of Viceroy Kang, I can t say much about him without giving away too much of the plot and maybe twists All I can say is that he s typical I ve read so much about him in other novels, only with different names and maybe different physical appearance but as a character, he s too familiar Tai, the young thief, though isinteresting I instantly like Tai the moment he showed and got me interesting in the coming scenes with him and Anlei.Aside from these three, I applaud the Chinese warrior girls including Anlei, of course that really stood out in this novel I think the author really did a good job at handling and showing all the badassness of her warriors You know, without being over the top It s just perfect.WORLD Duh PERFECT So vivid.The Plot and Writing The plot is a big the reason of my 3 star rating, in a good way This book is actually only 2 stars if I didn t like the plot This novel has without a doubt a very solid story Like I can see the author pouring her everything and herself on plotting the whole thing She made the complex easy to follow Besides what s not to like Chinese rep, Mythology, Steampunk, dragons, ghost monsters I love all of these stuff But then I got a problem with the writing.Maybe you re thinking, isn t the plot a product of the writing Yes it is If it has a good plot then probably the writing is good But what I m saying is, all the elements of the plot is amazing and interesting Like everything made me want to read the whole freakin book even at times I felt bored And there were those times, I tell you It s because the way the story is told seems to be lacking something and I couldn t figure out what it is at first.It was bugging me that something is wrong and I couldn t let it go So I read reviews on Goodreads and then found something from Amanda and it clicked The writing is too clunky and it affected the building and the mood of the story What does that mean I m no expert I haven t published anything But as a reader, when we read, there s this thing inside us that made us read till the end Like we don t want to put down the book because we don t want that thing inside us subside Call it what you want excitement or whatever but that thing is lacking in this book It s like in every scene, my emotion have to go back to zero and build up again only to start building again in the next scene Of course there should be a breathing in the storytelling which is the purpose of chapters but there should be something that s embedded inside the reader so the excitement never dies even though we get to breathe after a chapter So we keep reading and caring.This book lacks that element that supports the building of the whole story Obviously, I m not doing a great job at explaining this but I tried guys It s like so many little things have been cut out in the story that it didn t get deep in my reader s heart It s like the book only included the most important parts of the story, it cut out the parts that truly make a story comes alive It has all the parts that a novel should have from introduction to resolution and everything in between but it s lacking on building the connection to the reader I don t blame this to the author, let me clear that up There are many factors that affected this in the editing I m pretty sure of that.Like I said in my one sentence review, I read a book, I didn t live in it It is a book with a good, solid story but it wasn t alive so the experience is not complete.Finally, THE ROMANCE It is okay.I really hope this book is at least a duology and not a standalone By the way guys, TAKE MY REVIEW WITH A GRAIN OF SALT Kindly read this book and hopefully we can talk about your experience I was provided a copy by the publisher author via Netgalley Thank you. 3.5 stars, rounded to four because dragonsAnlei s village is under attack from strange ghost monsters and all seems well when the viceroy swoops in and saves them with his fleet of mechanical dragons Until he demands the village s famed and worthless River Pearl as tribute and one of the villagers to take as his bride No one issurprised than Anlei when he chooses her, and she s dragged to the province s capital to be wed All bets are off, however, when a mysterious thief steals the River Pearl Anlei decides to save her village and capture the thief and the Pearl except the thief has a good reason to steal itAside from the Chinese based world, this is a pretty standard YA fare Only the Chinese influenced world building and the steampunk nature of automatons, mechanical dragons and flying ships distinguish this one from the scores of YA fantasies with painfully similar plots.This is literally the plot spoilers removed super special girl is special and Not Like Other Girls because she is a warrior and wants to fight and be free from societal obligations placed on women Her village is attack and she saves them, then is forced to marry the Powerful Man for reasons She goes on a quest, meets The Boi, and they have adventures and must save the entire world from Evil There is a giant plot twist view spoiler Where Bad Man is revealed to be Bad after all and behind everything wrong in the empire hide spoiler Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon, which is maybe the best book title ever, is another powerhouse from Mary Fan, one of the best YA authors out there today This book s got romance, vivid descriptions, an amazing heroine, and some totally badass action sequences you won t soon forget A great book from a great writer Loved it.