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This is probably now my favorite of what is one of my favorite series Just when you wonder what Christopher Fowler can do with his lead characters, Bryant May, he moves in unexpected directions and keeps the reader moving forward with him At the start, continuing from the last book, the ravages of age are catching up with Arthur Bryant, but, naturally, not in any normal fashion As he deals with his changing mind, which is still an invaluable tool and full of arcane knowledge of London, the PCU has a new, puzzling case to solve Once again the unit s existence is on the line How can they function without a fully functioning Arthur London and the Thames are very important to the story and, as always, the past becomes a part of the present At first, I wondered where this all might be going But never fearthe reader is, as ever, in Christopher Fowler s so capable hands If you have been reading this series, you will definitely not want to miss this episode No further details coming from me You will have to read this for yourselves.A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review. As usual, the latest Bryant May is equal parts frustration and fascination The detectives themselves are if anything better than ever, with May s romantic streak coming to the fore again Meanwhile Bryant, who has always been erratic and prone to distraction by London s secret history, finds that as his senses fail he is coming unstuck in time, literally wandering into Victorian times or the Blitz And their case this time takes them down to London s artery, the Thames, with plenty of strange old facts for Bryant to get his false teeth into and a wonderfully enigmatic first crime which not for the first time in this series takes place somewhere I used to wander on work lunch breaks Even the sledgehammer politics aren t as irksome as they can sometimes be, precisely because the riverside is an area where capital s crimes are so unsubtle, with new developments illicitly blocking off sections of the riverbank yet seemingly facing no consequences.However There remains the undigested research, which I can stomach when it s Bryant holding forth but less so when it s two migrants in a rickety Mediterranean boat carefully exchanging facts That the book is set in November this year yet includes a scene in BHS is one thing you can t fault an author for not being precognitive in SF, let alone other genres that the BHS in question should seem so plush, rather than the sad and shabby place that chain had been for years, ispuzzling References to the Mayor seemed to me to imply Boris, whose term was always going to be over by now Then there s the odd idea that from its new skyscrapers London looks like any city not a chance , or the puzzling reference to the UK as an island Perhaps strangest of all, having spent the past few books building up the other staff of the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Fowler now sidelines many of them Colin, Meera and Fraternity rate barely a mention until the book is halfway done And compared to The Burning Man, where Bryant s mental decline was quite affecting, here somehow one knows that it can t really be the end for him perhaps because there are so many clues to the nature of the problem And yet, for all those complaints, this is the 14th Bryant May book I ve read And in some ways, in its fascination with London s rivers, maybe the closest to the one where I first met them, The Water Room They keep me coming back, and evenso now Bryant can ramble through the city s past as well as its haunted present Like me, perhaps like Fowler, they re always on the edge of finally falling out of love with London, yet ultimately unable to think of anywhere to rival it We re all the city s people. I have previously read two other Bryant and May titles which I enjoyed 4 star reviews I love their quirkiness and, in particular, Arthur Bryant s disordered mind and convoluted thought processes However this is a strange book, and one I could not get drawn into There is a smattering of gems, and I learnt a lot of things I never knew, but largely the book was confusing rather than entertaining By the time I was two thirds of the way through I was skimming large tracts and felt relieved, if unenlightened, at the end.A young pregnant woman is found chained to a post in a tidal part of the Thames river, with only her own footprints leading to the place of her death Soon the Thames is delivering up other bodies, all dead in peculiar circumstances The Peculiar Crimes Unit is called to investigate But they are hampered by Arthur Bryant being diagnosed with a variety of Alzheimer s Disease, and seen as a risk to himself and the other team members, he is confined to his home and the office.And this is where I think the book failed With Arthur s limited involvement it just seemed to stall Reading it can be compared to being in a tumble dryer the plot was all over the place.2 1 2 stars from me for this read the extra half star for increasing my knowledge I do recommend the Bryant and May series, just not this particular book.Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 3.5 starsI made a rookie mistake and started a series right in the middle without any background at all in my defence audible lured me into it as this one was on special shame on me I enjoyed it but I know I missed out on so much character input it s quirky and funny and I loved the Miss Marple with a modern edge vibe Actually probably a bitPoirot as Bryant is bonkers.Will it stop me reading the one after this that I also got in the salenope I clearly feel no shame It s my own fault if I don t like it as much as if I was following the series but at least I know a bitnow and I know I like it.I will then start from the beginning ha I am fully expecting this star rating to rise. Kind of a mixed mind on this one Bryant and May are always entertaining It s been hard watching Bryant and May the last few books battling Bryant s mental issues Fortunately, the issue was finally resolved Bryant delivered his usual witty zingers against his boss I feel like I increase my vocabulary every time I also get incredible history lessons about London The problem I had was with the plot Because of Bryant s issues it felt like it dragged the story down while the other characters skinned their wheels trying to figure out who murdered a woman along the edge of the Thames. First Sentence Nothing gave Arthur Bryant greater satisfaction than making his first blotch on a fresh white page.The body of a woman chained to a stone and left to drown by the Thames isn t that unusual a crime But finding only one set of footprints which lead one direction does make itunusual Asbodies are found, and Arthur Bryant s mind becomes less stable leaving the team floundering, could this be the end of the Peculiar Crimes Unit Not every contemporary mystery opens with Celtic Queen Boddica sitting on a wall eating a candy bar But then, this is Christopher Fowler who has taught readers to expect the unexpected His use of a staff memo to the PUC is a wonderful way to introduce readers to both the characters and their functions.Switching gears to two men trying to escape Libya for England, is a perfect example of Fowler s ability to change from humor to the horror often experienced by refugees It is both terrible and compelling Many of the passengers had already been made frail by hunger and thirst, and the sea began to swallow them They slipped silently beneath the surface like players forfeiting a game We are also given a lesson in how quickly and easily identity theft can take place The history lessons one receives are fascinating and add to the story s strong sense of place There are excellent observations on the wastefulness of Westerners where time and money are concerned But it s the detailed information of London and the Thames that add to the delightful experience of the reader Fowler s voice is such a delight to read Longbright and May seated themselves in the cavernous living room opposite Cooper, keeping a distant cordiality, a double act they had finessed over the years until it reached the level of a top notch production of Waiting for Godot He also really knows how to construct a plot One can never predict where he is going to take one next.Counting this, over the past three books, Bryant s physical and mental health have been a major plot point Bryant released himself back into the vibrancy of the city with relief, for he had come to understand that in the midst of winter there was within him an invincible summer The realization of its cause is brilliant and a bit embarrassing once one realizes the clues have been there all along.The book is not all cerebral, however It is filled with excellent plot twists, a very exciting chase scene, and lots of suspects of various crimes Bryant May Strange Tide doesn t disappoint It has an excellent building of danger and suspense, a wonderful ending, and some of the best characters written today.BRYANT MAY STRANGE TIDE Pol Proc Bryant May London Contemp Ex Fowler, Christopher 13th in series Bantum Dec 2016 |Free Book ♁ Strange Tide (Bryant & May #13) ⚒ The River Thames Is London S Most Important Yet Neglected Artery When A Young Woman Is Found Chained To A Post In The Tide, No One Can Understand How She Came To Be Drowned There At The Peculiar Crimes Unit, Arthur Bryant And John May Find Themselves Dealing With An Impossible Crime Committed In A Very Public Place Soon They Discover That The River Is Giving Up Other Victims, But As The Investigation Extends From The Coast Of Libya To The Nightclubs Of North London, It Proves As Murkily Sinister As The Thames Itself That S Only Part Of The Problem Bryant S Rapidly Deteriorating Condition Prevents Him From Handling The Case, And He Is Confined To Home To Make Matters Worse, May Makes A Fatal Error Of Judgement That Knocks Him Out Of Action And Places Everyone At RiskWith The PCU Staff Baffled As Much By Their Own Detectives As The Case, The Only People Who Can Help Now Are The Battery Of Eccentrics Bryant Keeps Listed In His Diary, But Will Their Arcane Knowledge Save The Day Or Make Matters Even Worse Soon There S A Clear Suspect In Everyone S Sights The Only Thing That S Missing Is Any Scrap Of EvidenceAs The Detectives Disastrous Investigation Comes Unstuck, The Whole Team Gets Involved In Some Serious Messing About On The River In An Adventure That S As Twisting As The River Upon Which It S Set, Will There Be Anything Left Of The Peculiar Crimes Unit When It S Over Long live the PCU Saved from an ignominious end, the cast and crew of the Peculiar Crimes Unit are back from the brink yet again at the close of this book and Christopher Fowler promises there will be at least oneadventure to come.The last several books have been increasingly melancholy in tone as our beloved Arthur Bryant seems to be facing a rare strain of Alzheimer s which would inevitably be the end of the Peculiar Crimes Unit We see clearly in this case the PCU cannot survive and thrive without him, and when his longtime partner John May makes a catastrophic error in judgment that takes him off the case temporarily, things truly fall apart It s always been obvious the partners are the heart and soul of the unit but this case makes it clear that Janice Longbright and the rest of the crew cannot function without them at the helm This harsh truth brings about some personnel changes by the end, but they are understandably explained and I eagerly await the next book.Meanwhile in this mystery, Fowler serves up the convoluted, multi layered puzzle fans have come to expect and love it allows Bryant to wander about in this case, escape his keepers as he sees it and investigate Thames River lore with the usual cast of cranks and academics It s all good fun but underlaid with a deep sadness as Bryant faces hallucinations and blackout related to his condition until a rather miraculous turn in events leads him to a possible cure No spoilers, but it is credible and makes sense, I ve read of such unwitting environmental poisoning so I was comfortable with the plot twist and thrilled to have him back in harness The plotting is rather chaotic and meandering and I got tired of the Ali Cassie POV but I knew Fowler would bring it all together in the end, and he never fails to deliver All in all, a fun and satisfying outing with the PCU, can t wait for the next one It is so easy for me to love a Bryant and May novel They give me the things I want most when I pick up a mystery novel This one has an explanation for what has been ailing Arthur Bryant author Christopher Fowler says he has been giving us clues through the last three books but I have to confess to not being eagle eyed enough to pick up on them so now I m happy again that Arthur and John are actually investigating normally without Arthur s health issues intruding to such a large extent Well, as normal as the Peculiar Crimes Unit can ever get By the way, have you ever wondered what happens with the phone calls the two Daves take when everybody else is too busy to answer the calls Because the mind just boggles This novel uses the tides of the River Thames as the means for solving the mysterious deaths which happen on this one small stretch of beach along the river And let s not forget the human appendage that s involved which seems to simply muddy everything up but in reality provides a lot of answers It was an accumulation of historical knowledge and modern sleuthing which, once again, provided the solution to the crimes I enjoyed catching up with the continuing cast, was sorry to be losing one of the cast, and still feel so sorry for Raymond Land Probably, in the long run, he s the most normal and sane one of the bunch.Great fun for readers who like their fictional characters to be loaded with quirks and personalities, but who also want a serious puzzle to solve right along with the police I suppose there isn t any reason not to begin reading the series here, but if you do you will not enjoy the questions and tensions the author had built up over the welfare of Arthur Bryant through the previous three novels Just go ahead and read them all, but remember the first word in the name of their crime unit is peculiar and a peculiar group they are. Quite good fun.My View Wacky and bizarre, this episode is full of eccentricities and over the top behaviours by our beloved Arthur Bryant and for a short while Bryant is convinced that he is developing a type of dementia or the like read the clues scattered like crumbs and you will draw your own conclusion.This is another enjoyable episode in the life of The Peculiar Crimes Unit I love the trip down memory lane and the weaving of past and present stories to create this new mystery Fun, whacky, the images of false teeth, funky smelling sandwiches in coat pockets, etc slightly gross, there is an almost slapstick comedic manner about the writing mixed with a serious mystery, an entertaining read I have an image in my head of an actor who I think would play this part well wish I could remember his name it will come to me.