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~EPUB ⚇ Someday Is Now ☪ Not Only Does This Book Highlight An Important Civil Rights Activist, It Can Serve As An Introduction To Child Activism As Well As The Movement Itself Valuable Kirkus Reviews Starred Review Relatable And Meaningful A Top Addition To Nonfiction Collections School Library Journal Starred ReviewMore Than A Year Before The Greensboro Sit Ins, A Teacher Named Clara Luper Led A Group Of Young People To Protest The Segregated Katz Drugstore By Sitting At Its Lunch Counter With Simple, Elegant Art, Someday Is Now Tells The Inspirational Story Of This Unsung Hero Of The Civil Rights Movement As A Child, Clara Luper Saw How Segregation Affected Her Life When She Grew Up, Clara Led The Movement To Desegregate Oklahoma Stores And Restaurants That Were Closed To African Americans With Courage And Conviction, She Led Young People To Do What Had To Be Done Perfect For Early Elementary Age Kids In Encouraging Them To Do What Is Right And Stand Up For What Is Right, Even At Great Cost, This Is A Powerful Story About The Power Of Nonviolent Activism Someday Is Now Challenges Young People To Ask How They Will Stand Up Against Something They Know Is Wrong Kids Are Inspired To Follow The Lessons Of Bravery Taught By Civil Rights Pioneers Like Clara Luper This Moving Title Includes Additional Information On Clara Luper S Extraordinary Life, Her Lessons Of Nonviolent Resistance, And A Glossary Of Key Civil Rights People And Terms Someday is Now is a children s book about the life of Clara Luper, a young black woman from Oklahoma City who would unwittingly spark a string of lunch counter sit ins that would help to break up segregation in the South As a little girl, Clara dreamed of the day when segregation would be no , when she could fully participate in society the way that white folks could As an adult, she pursued her education and became a teacher that empowered and encouraged her students to actively, but nonviolently, assert their rights After a class trip to the desegregated North, her students were further impassioned to take action, and after trying other avenues and failing, opted to sit in at a lunch counter, ordering and refusing to go outside as was expected Instead, they sat in the Whites Only section, despite being yelled at, called horrible names, even having food thrown at them They stayed and studied and returned the next day And the next And the next Until the business owner finally broke down and made all of his locations fully accessible to people of all colors Clara and her students then moved onto the next business, and the next, for years, making strides towards desegregation one business at a time, and inspiring others to do the same What a powerful story about the power of nonviolent activism, as well as the power that even the smallest of us have to change the world While I wasn t crazy about the illustrations usually an important factor for me when it comes to children s books , the history and the message in this book are priceless I m very much looking forward to reading it with my children Note I received this book from the publisher via Edelweiss I pride myself on writing fair and honest reviews. Clara Luper is another unsung hero of the Civil Rights movement After a field trip to New York City where there was no segregation, Luper and her students return to Oklahoma City and cannot make peace with the unjust laws that forced them to take their food outside Then Clara Luper taught them about investigation, negotiation, education, and demonstration With these four steps of nonviolence, the students were prepared to make sacrifices for justice This led them to organize sit ins at Katz drugstore.and the rest is history. 60 years ago, Clara Luper and a group of students led the first sit in at an Oklahoma City business, Katz Drug store.They simply wanted to enjoy their milkshakes like any other kid while feeling all grown up sitting at the counter.Instead of just enjoying a meal, Clara led a group of students to learn the 4 steps of peaceful resistance InvestigationNegotiationEducationDemonstrationClara will inspire kids from pre school to high school to make sacrifices for justice one small act at a time Thank you to author and illustrator for making sure stories about black women and children don t go ignored or untold.I received a copy of this book from the publisher All opinions, of course, are my own. Someday is Now Clara Luper and the 1958 Oklahoma City Sit Ins by Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich, illustrated by Jade Johnson PICTURE BOOK NON FICTION Sea Grass Quarto , 2018 18 9781633224988BUYING ADVISORY EL ADVISABLEAUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGEIn 1958 Clara Luper, as an adult leader of an NAACP youth group, sat with her students, ages 6 17, as they held a sit in at a segregated lunch counter in a Oklahoma City drugstore possibly the first in the country.Clara s history leading up to the sit in and her life after is a great read Rhuday Perkovich does a good job of distilling the lessons of Luper s life and showing the quiet power of non violent demonstration We needandbooks reminding people of all ages and races to not sit there on your constitutional rights.Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLShttps kissthebookjr.blogspot.com 20 Often youngsters and the adults in their lives may feel powerless and frustrated by the inequities they see all around them This picture book biography provides tips for how to resist in nonviolent ways while telling the story of Clara Luper A teacher and civil rights activist, Luper had grown up hearing her father speak of the changes that were to come eventually But change surely did seem slow in coming After she and her students traveled to New York City at the behest of the NAACP to perform a play she had written, the youngsters had the chance to see that there were places where segregation did not exist Once they returned to Oklahoma City, their home, they successfully integrated one store s lunch counter It s pretty amazing that this took place back in 1958 and that youngsters were the activists The illustrations are quite interesting as is the back matter that tellsabout Luper and her efforts and contains some archival photographs Clearly, this woman was mover and shaker, and it is wonderfully encouraging to have her story available There will be youngsters who will follow her lead in working for change now After all, they may wonder just long they are expected to be patient while others try to sort things out or ignore them How courageous those children must have been Wowjust wow Oklahoma s own hero of civil rights has her own book Clara Luper was raised to believe that someday she and other African Americans could go to integrated schools, and drink out of the clean water fountains..she waited She became a teacher and inspired her students to write and produce a play that got noticed by NAACPthey went to NYC and they saw what integration should look likeparks for all, Arlington Cemetery for all veterans.She and her children returned to OKC with the resolve that someday is now The book tells the story of the sit ins at Katz, and how Clara and her children changed the world Inspiring and very accessible for youngsters Perfect for early elementary age kids in encouraging them to do what is right and stand up for what is right, even at great cost One of my favorite parts is on page 16, the halfway turning point of the book, which shares the four steps of nonviolence investigationnegotiation,education,and demonstration More about these steps are in the end notes, page 33 The story of Clara Luper is told in this wonderful book our children need true role models nowthan ever Love the simple yet elegant art. Yes Someday is NOW An inspirational read Pair with The Youngest Marcher.