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I call my sister The Goose , so of course I had to read this Filled with great one liners One of my favorites how utterlyduckish. Skylar leads the pond geese on the adventure of their lives as they search for themselves on their quest to return the heron to Lost Pond Beautifully told story of danger, hardship, bravery and friendship with information about the migratory habits of geese seamlessly interspersed A good classroom read aloud, reminiscent of Gooseberry Park. Beautifully written older children s book. A sweet short book Skylar is a pond goose that had a traumatic first migration and becomes part of a domesticated estate pond community In helping out a fellow bird, he is forced to try migration again I like how the author gently shows how much negative influence humans have on the lives of animals. A story of courage and adventure, of overcoming fear, leaving the comfort zone, taking a leap of faith, and discovering one s true self with the help of others along the way this story about a flock of geese was well written and contained many beautiful descriptions of nature and wilderness. I read this to a first and second grade class while doing a bird study There s life lessons in this little story and also some information about Canada geese, migration and herons There s some sadness here too and a sense of accomplishment Great for conversation someone said it s like Charlotte s Web I agree Filled with great one liners, such as how utterlyduckish. Well done and a good story about 5 poond geese.Emphasis on doing what you dream, being brave and sharing responsibility. The book jacket says with delightful black and white illustrations and hints of Charlotte s Web and The Tale of Despereaux, this is a book in the tradition of fine children s literature I don t know if I d go that far There is just enough dialogue and action to bring a child along on the adventure with Skylar and his friends as they escort Who on the heron to the Lost Pond in the Adirondack Mountains but the book left me searching for . ^Download Book ☃ Skylar ☂ When The Wild Geese Migrate Over The Little Pond With Its Pink Flamingos And Clipped Grass, Skylar And The Others Watch With Envy They Like Their Pond, But There Is Something Elegant And Brave About Being A Real Wild Goose But They Ve Never Flown Before, And Besides, There S Never Been A Reason To Go Then A Lost Heron Wants The Pond Geese To Take Him To Lost Pond, And Skylar Thinks It S Time For This Motley Crew To Spread Their Wings And Try Out The Great Blue Yonder Adventure Awaits But, As They Ll Soon Find Out, So Does Great DangerAt Once Charming And Funny, Full Of Friendship, Hardship, And Bravery, This Is A Beautifully Told Story About Leaving Home To Experience The World With Delightful Black And White Illustrations, And Hints Of Charlotte S Web And The Tale Of Despereaux, This Is A Book In The Tradition Of Fine Children S Literature