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Debbie Sue and her ex husband Buddy, the town s sheriff, still love each other, even 3 years after the divorce When one of the local bigwigs is found murdered, Debbie Sue decides to investigate for herself so she can claim the reward money and get herself out of debt and snag Buddy back along the way.This is my first book by Ms Cash, and to be honest, I don t know if I d go back forAt first I thought it was because, due to a hectic week, I could only pick up the book in small doses then I realised that no, it actually WAS quite slow going to begin with I had read almost a quarter of the book before it hooked me, and even then it seemed a very light hold For once, I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what it was about the book that didn t grab me It wasn t that I didn t like the book, but it seemed like an amateur attempt, somewhat disjointed There were a few moments if brilliant humour, where I literally laughed out loud, but they were interspersed with some incredibly bad dialogue and the plot felt aimless at times, as if the author herself didn t know where the story was going I have nothing against writers just writing, and letting the characters and plot reveal themselves, but this felt like I was watching a bad impromptu skit, so that although it had funny moments, the overall effect felt quite 2 dimensional, with characters who, though likable and amusing, seemed as confused as the author Maybe I m being overly harsh Will have to find out for sure, but it felt like it might have been her early work. Would be interested to know how her recent work is rated reviewed As for this book, it s not one I would ever read again or recommend, but if I do find out this was a debut, I might be interested in trying one of Ms Cash s latest novels to see how the writing style may have improved maybe. Cons dropped plot lines, offensive portrayal of homosexuals, the mystery itselfPros the title Cute start to a mystery series with a lot of humor and a touch of romance set in West Texas It s reminiscent of the Stephanie Plum series with quirky characters that only work in that setting and humorous off beat situations As the story opens, we meet Debbie Sue, still carrying a torch for her ex husband Sheriff Buddy Overstreet, and her friends Ed short for Edwina and CJ Carol Jean They are drawn into solving the murder of the wife of a wealthy businessman, in part to save Debbie Sue s beauty salon There are some fun side characters to provide comic relief.It s cute, mindless fun and the title The titles because there arein this series comes from Debbie Sue s mom who s an aspiring country music writer and comes up with titles that are guaranteed hits It s not intense but it s just right for a little diversion while sipping some iced tea on the back porch on a summer afternoon. It s not very often that I abandon a book I ve started reading, but this one falls into that category I expected this to be full of humorous quips typical of Texas accents and lifestyles, but other than the title and maybe one or two other little things, I found it was not to be Yes, there is a murder in the town which appears at first to be a suicide, but in the first 45 minutes or so that I listened to out of the 10 hours of narration, the action and thoughts of the characters center around sex and sour relationships By that, I refer to the main character who is divorced, but apparently still in love with her ex and extremely jealous of his interest in other females, which is portrayed in such as way as to make one think the woman is a 16 year old rather than thirty something All of the characters presented in the initial 45 minutes were completely superficial and I saw no hope of redeeming qualities There was not enough focus on the mystery to entice me to continue Although the audiobook only cost me 4.95, I regret the waste of money. I picked this book up at a book sale simply because of the title I mean, could you really have a better title I was immediately taken with the story telling and the candid back history of the main characters I came to really feel as if I was apart of the ladies families I also loved this book simply because the dialogue was soooo funny and witty I was laughing on the first page how many times does that truly happen Debbie Sue, who was left by husband, Sheriff Buddy, three years ago shortly after the death of their premature son, still loves him and it its obvious that he feels the same way, even though he is dating a teacher from Odessa After their divorce DS opened a salon called the Styling Station on the former gas station property once owned by Buddy s parents When they had to clean up the site, DS fell deep into debt, even though Buddy sold nearly everything he had to help her out It would have been expensive to remove the gas pumps, so DS and her friend Edwina Ed decide to dress them up in seasonally appropriate clothing and leave them When the self centered and unfaithful wife of a rich man is murdered, the husband offers a reward of 50,000 to find the killer DS really needs this money to pay down her debts, so she and Ed set out to find the killer A rich rodeo star, Quint, is interested in DS, and even offers her a job where she would be travelling all over the country with him first class all the way DS would love to be around the rodeo circuit again and leaving tiny Salt Lick, in west Texas, has great appeal Buddy is jealous and this leads to a hilarious incident where he runs into the couple in an out of town restaurant, encourages them to drink too much, then drives them back to DS s place When they wake up from their drunken stupor, they find Buddy has glued Quint s zipper closed and he has to cut off part of his expensive pants to pee He uses a pink clothes pin to keep his pants on and DS thinks it resembles a tiny, pink penis sticking out This book is LOL funny and it makes us feel like we are living in small town Texas After a satisfying ending in this book, where everyone is happy, i look forward to reading the second book to see where the storyline takes our characters. This has got to have one of the best titles in fiction history, but it is not really related to the story, unless the murder victim in this romance mystery is the trash, but I don t think the authors are that clever.This is the story of Debbie Sue, a hairstylist in Salt Lick, Texas great town name whose life has taken a turn for the worst Her marriage has failed, she in debt upto her eyeballs and her best customer has turned up dead as a result of an apparent suicide Debbie Sue knows that given the work that Pearl Ann Carruthers had just had done to her hair and nails, she would never kill herself, especially witha bullet to the head So Debbie Sue sets out to prove that her client was murdered Of couorse, the 50,000 reward doesn t hurt her motivation.This novel is funny and silly at times, but the authors a sister team can t seem to decide if this is a mystery, a romance or a comedic novel Those genres have been better blended in other works Had the authors done a better job, this book would have been a keeper As it is, it is a throwaway peice of brain candy. Debbie Sue and Edwina are two best friend that run a beauty shop out in Saltlick, Texas Sheriff Buddy Overstreet is Debbie Sue s ex husband whom she s still very much in love with So when Debbie Sue s best customer, or should I say richest, is found murdered, she and Edwina set out to find the culprit This putting Buddy right back in the middle of her life.I really truly enjoyed all of the characters in this book Every one of them seemed to have their own unique personalities that made it seem to come to life There was a lot of dry wit that keeps you laughing and very strange Southern sayings I thought with my being from Texas, I would have heard a lotof them.I listened to the audio book version and the narrator took some getting used to, with her doing an over the top Texas accent But once I did, I loved it I had never read Dixie Cash before this book, and what drew me to it was the comments that if you enjoyed Mary Kay Andrews you would love Dixie Cash And I did I will definitely be continuing the Domestic Equalizers series. (READ E-PUB) ⚜ Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash ì The Strongest, Sexiest, And Sassiest Debut Contemporary Romance We Ve Seen Since Rachel Gibson The Quality Of Dixie S Writing Combined With The Pure Romance Of The Story Guarantees That Avon Romance Has Just Acquired A New StarDebbie Sue Overstreet Is Still The Best Looking Gal In Saltlick, TX And Her Ex Husband Buddy Is Still The Best Looking Sheriff Thanks To A Thriving Gossip Mill Also Known As Debbie S Hair Salon , There Isn T A Thing In Saltlick That She Doesn T Know About Before Anyone Else That Is, Until Somebody Offs Snooty Pearl Ann Carruthers With Buddy On The Case, The Woman Who Has To Know Everything Is Stumped By Not Just One, But Two Questions First, Who Killed Pearl Ann And Why, And Second, How On Earth Did She Ever Let Buddy Overstreet Get Away Lucky For Saltlick And Buddy Both, She Means To Find Out The Answers, No Matter What It Takes My mom would have liked this book.