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And Conn Iggulden, king of the historical novel, has done it again with his second foray into the fantasy genre under the name C F Iggulden.Following on from the excellent first book Darien, Shiang carries on the story in the wonderful world, the Empire Of Salt This time we begin away from the Darien in the faraway and distant city of Shiang, a Asian inspired place and a complete contrast from Darien, although eventually we find do find ourselves back within the walls of Darien itself There are a lot of new characters introduced from Shiang but yet we do get to meet than a few of standout characters from before and in particular we get to learn an awful lot about Tellius, the Mazer master, this time around It s a different feeling book to the last one but shares it s brilliance nonetheless and is a truly dramatic, bloodthirtsy and yet totally convincing installment in Iggulden s new world. This exciting book is the 2nd part of the Empire of Salt trilogy.It s something quite different from what I was used to from this author, but still this is an amazing fantasy tale.As always storytelling from this author is of a superb quality, and all his characters come vividly to life within this astounding fantasy adventure.The set up of this book is in two parts, and it is really a fantastic story, because it will grip you right from the beginning till the very end.The story begins with the City of Shiang and its young King who rules without dissent, but still the people are feeling safe in this place where its walls are manned with men on watch and alert, until this same King is suddenly overthrown and blood is spilled to return Shiang back into terrible darkness.Far to the west four Shiang masters and their entourage are approaching the city walls of Darien, with the intention to bring home, to Shiang, an old man, for treason and punishment, and those four men are determined to succeed in their mission, meaning that in their endeavour not even the whole city of Darien can stand in their way.What will follow is an entertaining fantasy adventure where the rivalry between Darien and Shiang will play an important role, but importantly it is the powerful magic spells from various stones that will play the most significant part within this delightful tale.Very much recommended, for this is a tremendous fantasy adventure from a highly acclaimed author, and one that I would like to call as A Truly Remarkable Sequel 5 10A disappointing follow up to what was a decent enough opening novel to the series Admittedly, I didn t remember a great deal from the first book, Darien, but I remember enjoying it enough to request this one as soon as I saw it This one didn t grab my attention at all and was weak in comparison The layout in style was similar, differing viewpoints per chapter with enough characters in shades of grey to make you not trust anyone at face value There were some interesting ideas but the execution didn t work One of the most interesting ideas was underdeveloped too which would have been an interesting concept on its own Similar to the last novel, there was a lot of build up to a final battle but it felt overdrawn and repetitive without any real care for the main characters I wasn t bothered whether they lived or died.I know that in a couple of weeks this novel will have completely faded from my memory and I wasn t bothered for the majority of it anyway so, whereas previously I would have, I won t be carrying on with the series Thanks to NetGalley for the advanced copy for review C F Iggulden continues the story he began in Darien, although as a trilogy, the book does not pick up where one might expect In fact, many of the characters featured in book one are missing while others take a back seat to a new cast Like the first book, Shiang can be read as a standalone.Truthfully, this is a difficult book to review There is so much going on that it would take pages to give even a brief overview, and Mr Iggulden takes us on a journey that involves many characters although not so many that the reader becomes lost in a sea of names Tellius returns from book one, although in a much different role Vic Deeds appears in a cameo role, and some of the heads of the Darien houses also play a part.The stories in this book, however, follow a different path Gabriel and his men, soldiers turned mages, head from Shiang to Darien, bent on subjecting the world to their wills A second group also takes the same road, though revenge is the force behind their orders Other characters have their roles to play, leading everyone to Darien for a fateful climax.I enjoyed all the new characters, and the plot was inventive and thus fun to read For me, the ending seemed obvious and perhaps took too many steps into the realm of the fantastic Even so, I could forgive this as the characters made the book entertaining, and the final battle scene was extremely well written and exciting Four stars.My thanks to NetGalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for an advance complimentary ebook of this title. A definite improvement on the last Darien Fast paced and creative However the final battle got a bit silly. Although it is sequel to Darien , it is some way into this novel that the links with the previous novel really start to appear The first fifth is partly scene setting, establishing the city of Shiang, where expert swordsmen are hugely valued, and paving the way for an attempt to bring back the elderly uncle of the king of Shiang for vengeance The story line is largely predictable, and the characters are fairly two dimensional, and I am afraid I found it hard to remain engaged in the book.With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me have an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Shiang is an interesting sequel to Darien that leaves me eager to see where Iggulden takes this world in the next book.We start, as we did in Darien, with a number of disparate characters who eventually come together They are fewer in number this time, with the soldiers Taeshin and Gabriel, sword saint Hondo, the slave Marias, and old Tellius returning from the first book Much of the book follows Taeshin, Hondo, and Tellius with minimal support from others, which was a shame as I loved the wider cast of characters in Darien Still, it was good to see Tellius in a new role, and there was a lot happening with the others so I was certainly never bored The plot sort of carries on from the ending of Darien, only two years later Darien is changing as a result of the violence of the first book, a welcome change for Tellius, but you can see the nerves of the nobles as they gear up against an unspecified threat from the east That threat is from Shiang, and it s fairly terrifying to witness the rise to power of an adversary who has nothing to lose.The plot follows a similar structure to the first book, once again culminating in an all out battle in Darien, though of very different proportions Once again, Iggulden has managed to write an enormous battle in an engaging way, giving viewpoints from multiple angles to allow the reader to know exactly what s happening It s an approach I really enjoy, which is saying a lot because I generally get bored reading battles.Once again, Darien s magical artifacts are wheeled out in this battle, to spectacular effect We see the ones missing from the first book in this, and I wasn t disappointed It s these artifacts and the accompanying stones that are the real story in the Empire of Salt books What the heck are they Where did they come from Why are they so powerful This book gives us information but still leaves so many questions I really want to know the answer to The only shortcoming with this book is that is isn t quite as clever as its predecessor which was rather clever, so it s not that big a deal The plot was far linear and fairly unsurprising, though still satisfying.If Darien is filled with cunning characters, Shiang is filled with determined characters and that s fine by me I suspect the next book will bring them both together and hopefully bring us some answers on what magics lie behind these two cities and ultimately what dangers they present I m looking forward to it Thanks to the good folks at NetGalley and Penguin UK for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Shiang is the second of a fantasy trilogy by C F Iggulden It doesn t carry on immediately from the events of the first book, at least not with the same characters Rather than beginning with the city of Darien, we start in the city of Shiang, with swordsmen, strange magic and betrayal In fact it takes about a third of the book to find familiar characters again For me, it made it rather hard to get into the book I kept picking it up and reading a page here, a page there, and barely holding the characters together in my mind.Saying that, once I got to that third in, the story began to get hold of me I began to see a clearer picture of the plot the people of Darien waking up an emerging threat, the good heroes from Shiang coming to get Tellius, the bad almost supernatural soldiers travelling in search of powerful stones and willing to do anything to get them.There were no great surprises and I did wish the slave girl Marias had agency or to do in the book I kept waiting for her moment But overall I enjoyed it and will pick up the last book, particularly to find out what the overarching plot is For example Gabriel mentioned Rome and Spain so does that mean it s set in our world or was that just a throwaway line Will we find out why the stones are so powerful and what will happen to the forever boy king {Free} ⚤ Shiang Ý Popular EPub, Shiang By C.F Iggulden This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Shiang , Essay By C.F Iggulden Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You So this is the second in this series of books by Conn Iggulden Shiang and Darien are ancient cities separated by many miles of rough, mountainous landscapes So why anyone would want to make the journey across the mountains, especially in winter, must be for something important.There are two groups making this journey, Hondo and his group are journeying to bring back a traitor, a man who disgraced the royal family in Darien, he now resides in Shiang The other group is led by Gabriel and they are a fearsome band, they are drawn to Shiang seeking power.This is very much an action and well paced story, there are descriptions and histories that are filled in as the story unfolds The journeys made by the two groups are interesting and the reasons for the trek was one that intrigued me.This book gave me a chance to learn about the ruling families and also how they rule Also the way they use the power they posses.Even though I did enjoy this story I found I was at a bit of a loss to find the links I would have expected between the first and second book It did confuse me as I didn t seem to have any memory of any of the key characters, once I kind of shrugged that off and decided to read it in the mindset of being of a stand alone novel then I could enjoy the story It was quite a long way in before I came across a character I could remember from the first book, he only makes a fleeting appearance.So this book leaves me in a bit of a quandary, as part of a series I kind of expect characters to come back to me in the few chapters at least, but this wasn t the case, this essentially left it as a book that had of a stand alone feel.I did enjoy the story and found it descriptive, it is full of action, a fair bit of blood, death and destruction, it also has magic, swordsmanship, warriors and honour It is a book that I would recommend and I am still looking forward to the next in the series.