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~DOWNLOAD ☸ Shameless (Black Brothers Trilogy, #3) ⚕ It Started As A Deception To Catch A Killer It Turned Into A Game Of Seduction Will It End When A Shocking Secret Threatens To Tear Them Apart Sheltered Good Girl Victoria Raine Has Always Wanted To Be A Little Bad Tired Of Living Life Safely On The Sidelines, She Summons The Courage To Forge A New Path For Herself And Applies To The FBI, Looking For Adventure And Something To Fulfill Her Vague Longing For Something She Gets Than She Bargained For With Her First Undercover Assignment Posing As The Girlfriend Of Country Music S Bad Boy, Drake Maddox, A Lone Wolf With A Reputation For Having Singularly Erotic Tastes Hoping To Catch A Serial Killer That S Targeting Women Close To Drake, Tori S Job Is To Convince The Public, And The Killer, That She And The Wickedly Handsome Superstar Are An ItemAlthough Their Relationship Is A Sham, There S Nothing Fake About The Hidden Desires The Sexy As Sin Cowboy Awakens In Tori As The Killer Draws Closer, Tori Finds Herself Falling For The One Man She Can T Have I may be a little biased This one is my favorite out of the series Drake he s a naughty boy that doesn t care what others think about him, last night you kissed me like you wanted me to eff you senseless, and today you brush me off like you can barely stand for me to touch you He likes to shop for his woman s underthings, nothing weird in that, except the boy won t be surprised with what s on underneath his woman s clothes, he runs his hand possessively over my butt and gives it a squeeze Something that showcases her hot little a but still leaves a little to the imagination He likes to have his girl close, he pats the seat next to him and I slide across the bench until my hip is pressed next to his He smiles at me, deliberately placing his hand on my bare thigh That s better, he drawls with satisfaction He s a possessive S.O.B he doesn t want others to have what s his, I wouldn t have traded a second of your submission for all the money and fame in the world, he says gruffly I m not about to let another man take what s mine I enjoyed this book, I loved Drake I couldn t ask for. This is the third and final installment in this series and boy was it an a maz ing three books Each book centers on a continued story through out, but each book is also about each brother and finding love The Black brothers are a trio of hot, alpha, dominant bad ass men, who love hard and strong with each other, family and the strong feisty independent women they fall for This is a very interesting and unigue story rolled into the best romantic, erotic, slightly suspenseful read I have found in a long time These three books have everything I enjoy about reading.Romance 5 starsSuperior story 5 starsErotic sexy time 5 starsContinued characters 5starsHEA 5 starsNo cliffhanger just continuation of an amazing story of the Black family.Highly recommend reading, I can not stress enough how great these books are and how sad you ll be if you never experience them one click buy all three In Brynley Bush s first installment of the Black Brothers trilogy, Fearless, we met oldest brother Beckett Black Matchless introduced us to Griffin, the Navy SEAL middle brother Now, with Shameless, Bush brings us youngest brother, country music star Drake And this book, faithful readers, in many ways is the strongest of the trilogy.Drake made his first appearance in a most memorable way in Matchless, and he does not disappoint here He s being targeted by a crazed fan, and the FBI has been called in to suss out the culprit New to the agency is Tori Raine, who is cast to play Drake s fake girlfriend because the crazed fan is going after Drake s romantic liaisons.Of course it doesn t take long before Drake and Tori blur the lines between business and pleasure.And thank goodness for that, because Brynley Bush can write the hell out of a sex scene Strap on your vibrators, girls, because you will make quick and thorough use of them as you read this book In fact, Drake gives Tori a particular toy that you will wish you had when you read that scene Drake has charisma that oozes out of him, much like his sex appeal Given that both Beckett and Griffin are men who like to take control during the sexy times, you can correctly assume that their baby brother fills that niche as well Drake and Tori get to know each other intimately, both physically and emotionally.Meanwhile, we have the mystery who is behind these attacks on Drake s lady friends Much like Mila in Matchless, Tori is a savant of sorts, able to suss out whodunit with far greater speed and skill than the seasoned agents around her That, along with Tori s rapid descent into unprofessionalism no sacrifice too demanding for the job, you know , requires you to suspend disbelief a bit, otherwise you might find the premise absurd.What sets this book apart from its trilogy compatriots is the lack of time spent on the mystery My chief complaints about Fearless and, to a far greater degree, Matchless centered around the time Bush devoted to spelling out The Great Guanabana Caper It became tiresome in its detail Here, though, she dispatches with that back story in a few pages.It s far pleasant.You can read this one without having read its predecessors, but why would you want to do that The sex scenes, faithful readers, are not to be missed I thought Griffin s interlude with Mila on the island was well played, but Drake Oh, Drake takes everything to a new, delicious level And Tori embraces everything Drake wants to try, going so far as to ask him to educate her, in a manner of speaking, in how to be one of Those Girls he typically dates.Drake, by the way, should offer tutoring services as a side gig He could teach even Christian Grey a thing or two about a thing or two.Anyone who has read the first two books knows immediately who is behind the crimes committed, just as you will know that Drake and Tori will wind up together The good news is that, despite these obvious plot points, Brynley Bush takes you on a wild, hot ride that is fun and oh so hot to read.Tori is delightful, and while much of her work as an FBI agent seems implausible, she is adorable and engaging Drake is dark, brooding, demanding, and impressively skilled when it comes to all things headboard rocking And bless him for being so.So pull up a chair or a day bed, or a couch, or better yet just lie in bed and read this one Read all three But remember, a release will build, so have a lover or a vibrator on standby.Published on VoxLibris.net VoxLibris I was gifted a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review It s like I wished on a star and found out he holds the constellations in his hands Mmmthose utterly delicious Black brothers are back Brynley Bush has done it again I loved Matchless and Fearless, but I do believe that Drake Maddox sang me a love song and stole my heart I may look sweet and innocent, but I m an FBI agent I m a card carrying badass Tori is a new agent and has many hopes and aspirations of moving up in ranks It is a great surprise to her when she is called for her first undercover job She is briefed on the fine points of the case and Drake Maddox, the country singer superstar She will be acting as his love interest to try and expose the person who is threatening him and causing women around him to disappear She has recently broken up with her longtime boyfriend, Kyle, but has no qualms taking on the assignment of a fake lover, as Kyle was a bit consumed with himself and overlooked her need to thrive in her own career We are also introduced to Tori s mentor, Kate, who is strong, capable, and ready to help Tori take on the world That man is hotter than a car in Texas in August Drake Maddox is the country singer superstar that is about to unknowingly overwhelm Tori and take her to places she never imagined He wants to catch the person who has been trying to manipulate him and has killed and hurt women, but doesn t realize that in the process, he may gain than he thought possible.A team is soon assembled and we are whisked away to the home of Drake Maddox where our two main characters first meet What we observe can t be explained as love at first sight, but a heavy lust is present At their first meeting a dialogue is opened to speak and a challenge issued Brynley Bush then gives us the opportunity get to know each of these characters Through playful questioning, unabashed flirting, and common talk we find out their loves and losses in life Sparks fly But, there are some games played in life that have impenetrable rules We find that, according to Tori, this is one of them Time is everything with a killer on the lose and she won t give up the assignment or Drake So she begins digging for all things Drake and we can feel her determination to make this case have a positive outcome Despite my assertions that I would be immune to the sensual charm of Drake Maddox and the certain knowledge that he s the poster child for smart women making bad choices, I have to admit it s intoxicating being in his arms Welcome to the first turning point in the game It s clear to see that after an unexpected visit and chat with Tori, Drake is now the master of the game, owns the bank, and controls the dice He will have her and possess her, even if just for a while Tori is ready for this challenge in her life and wants to see where the road will take her We watch as her limits are pushed and lines crossed, but marvel at the pleasure she allows herself to give and receive I want you to make love to me than I ve ever wanted anything before Every taste, lick, suck, nip, kiss, touch, caress and thrust ratchet up the hotness level, until we find ourselves in the midst of a five alarm fire Soon, Tori and Drake s escapades are splashed throughout the news Their desire for one another is tangible and brings us to another level of want and hunger The glimpse of tenderness we receive from Drake, and the wanton element in Tori is heady He is her guide into finding herself like never before And she is his kryptonite, taking the very life from him that he thinks holds him together Every sexual command he gives her brings arousal and makes our heartbeats escalate to an unsafe rhythm But, as surreal as this is, it begs us to question if it is too good to be true After being able to experience Drake the sex god, we now have a chance to know him as the singer It is through Tori s eyes that we view his sweet and sexy country voice and the way that he owns the stage We then find ourselves traveling to Drake s childhood home where we see familiar and endearing faces At this moment in the story, the game gets even hotter, this time taking us on a journey into the sun Everything I did was supposed to send you running to safety But then I didn t want you to run I wanted you to stay and give me everything And I wanted to give you everything in return Nearing the end of the story I found myself becoming overly anxious It was the moment of truth for our county star and FBI butt kicker I needed a bag to breathe into and a stiff drink Tori s sudden clarity in her desire for Drake made me feel excited and all warm and gooey inside As if I could not have any further visceral reactions, Drake surprises Tori during his show, and zip, just like that, I went from liquid to a vapor, only to be sucked up by the clouds and turned into rain, ruining my happy parade I can feel ever piece of Tori s shattering heart as it cracks and splinters into pieces The revisiting of New York City had me in a tailspin and tied me in knots as I wondered when they would finally acknowledge the obvious Verging on a near panic attack, I listened as Tori learned facts about Drake and I knew in my knower what was happening Suddenly I had the need to choke someone and bury the body Coming through the most intense moments of Shameless, my fury was quieted and in its place the most beautiful feeling of bliss.One of my favorite small elements of the story was when Tori and Drake were talking and she explained the meaning of her tattoo What a beautiful saying It was like the vanilla in a cake batter, you could do without it, but adding that special spice made it even better I also thought that Brynley Bush used ingenious symbolism when Drake and Tori had their five minute war of the wills What I read in that tug of war was the same in their emotional battle with each other One would tug, then the other, but neither would give in Other heart warming moments that bound me to this story were the Tiffany bracelets, Drake s tattoo, and bed in guitar lessons just mop me up off the floor Shameless was the perfect intoxicating mix of infatuation, uncontrollable cravings, desire, transformation, release, and devotion.One of Tori s thoughts at an exceptionally erotic moment in the book that reflects how I positively lost myself in Shameless Ka thunk I m a goner. Victoria Raine shook up her sedate, expected life to become an FBI agent She couldn t believe she was already going to be the lead in an undercover assignment Country music star Drake Maddox is being threatened while female fans are going missing She doesn t really care for country music, but this city girl is drawn to Drake s charm right away Posing as his girlfriend, Victoria struggles to make things look natural between them in public while privately the chemistry between them is explosive Drake is not so sure he wants Tori to be in the line of fire but is certainly doing his part as the devoted boyfriend Why are you being so sweet So you know this side of me, so you remember this when I f ck you like I m not This is the final book in the trilogy which focuses on Drake s story while seeking to answer the lingering questions surrounding a cancer research breakthrough and all the drama that has ensued The last of the Black brothers to find romance, he and Tori will be key to solving the ongoing issues around his father s research, as well as getting to the bottom of the current threats Drake faces Once again, the author has created a story mixed with equal parts suspense, intrigue, and panty melting romance Drake is a dominant, like his brothers, and is coaxing his new girlfriend out of her shell to recognize the sensual nature she didn t realize she had The sex scenes are explosive yet the overtones of love and caring, and humor even, make them even intense Mix those, again, with intrigue that is getting dangerous and you have a story that is fast paced and riveting from beginning to end I m sorry to see the trilogy end but the stories and characters will linger I will be keeping my eye out for by this author Diane, 4 stars This trilogy has really won my heart These three brothers with such different jobs, but a love for family that surpasses so much than that Drake Maddox Black has been mentioned in the other two books, but this book is all about him He s a country music superstar who I imagine to be like Brantley Gilbert Victoria Raine is an FBI agent with about six months on the job She graduated top of her class and is beautiful to boot She s excited about her first undercover assignment despite not knowing anything about her new boyfriend This story starts with drama and kept me on the edge of my seat while reading One of my favorite things that doesn t always happen in books, is having a great best friend Kate is Tori s best friend and colleague and this one line in the book was all I needed to really fall in love with her Whatever you did with that man, no matter how depraved or shameless, is perfectly justifiable, Kate breathes God, he s sexy I read this trilogy back to back and that could be why it felt a little repetitive in this book Drake is a lot like his brothers in that he likes total control in and out of the bedroom He does take it a step further than the others, but it s still AlphaMale at it s best The author does a great job of using words to really help me visualize and enjoy the relationship as much as Drake and Tori are We re an island of two in a sea of dancers, and I can feel the heat radiate off his skin, the hardness of his body next to mine It s like I wished on a star and found out he holds the constellations in his hands I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys Alpha males and just enough action to keep you reading And the sex scenes are pretty hot, too. Hotness Rating 5 out of 5 My first 5 star read of 2015 This book is amazing Shameless is the 3rd and final book of the Black Brothers Trilogy by Brynley Bush Cue the crying and feelings of loss I really thought I was a fan after the first two books I really, really liked them Shameless blew them away Imagine my surprise I seriously didn t think the singing cowboy brother would be my favorite After all he couldn t stack up to the uber dominant physician brother or the hot as hell Navy SEAL brother, right Wrong Drake Maddox is every bit as sexy and alpha as his brothers, but he s so much.Drake Maddox is the country music singer that causes women s panties to melt just by flashing that sexy bad boy smile their way However, being a fan of Drake s is becoming dangerous lately Several women have disappeared or have been found dead after his concerts He refuses to risk the life of his fans and will agree to anything to find the killer even if it means working with the FBI Victoria Raine has always done what would make her dad proud But, there just came a time when she had to put herself first and that was when she decided to sign up for the FBI Single Best Decision Ever She s finished her training and excelled Now, she just has to prove herself to her superiors and she s just been handed the perfect opportunity Playing the new girlfriend of country star Drake Maddox is the dream job For most people it would be In Victoria s case it s just another day at the office She doesn t even follow Drake s career, but a quick Google search gave her than enough information about his music and his sexual practices It doesn t take long for Victoria to realize that she needs Drake as much as he needs her if she is going to keep her job and prove to herself and her dad that she made the right decision In a hail Mary attempt she throws herself at Drake s mercy practically begging him to teach her to be the kind of woman that he usually goes for that way she can be a convincing girlfriend Wow, the sparks that fly when this couple gets going are explosive Drake s reputation may be a little inflated, but when he decides to live up to said reputation he jumps in with both feet He s a natural His dominance is off the charts sexy Victoria never could have imagined that being a sub could do it for her in such a big way Or maybe it s just Drake Either way her life will never be the same This book is smart, sexy, fun, smoking hot and so bittersweet since it s all over now I highly recommend this series and can not wait for hot stories from this amazing author.You can find this review and others at www.riverinaromantics.com and www.everybodyneedsalittleromance.com. Review of Shameless Black Brothers Trilogy 3 by Brynley BushReview done for Hooked on Books4 out of 5 starsVictoria Raine has always tried to make her father happy She did well in school and even dated the right men.Now she has decided that she is going to live her life how she wants She becomes an FBI agent.Her first undercover assignment is to pretend to be the girlfriend of a famous country singer, Drake Maddox Tori is sure this is her chance to prove herself to everyone and she won t let anything stand in her way.Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because her biggest obstacle is Drake, the super hot, gorgeous sex god Drake doesn t do relationships, but when the gorgeous and feisty FBI agent assigned to his case shows up, his plans are going to change.Drake is another Black brother who is domineering and bossy in the bedroom and out Tori is swept up in the pleasure that Drake gives her and she is quickly falling for him, making her job a whole lot difficult.I loved this book It continues on with the story of the Black family The author does an excellent job of changing up the plot in each book Each brother is unique but their stories are intertwined.This is definitely one of the best series I have read and I recommend them all to read You will not be disappointed