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[Ebook] ☳ Science of Homeopathy ♃ Homeopathy, The Energy Medicine Is A Branch Of Medical Science Based On The Principle That Disease Can Be Cured By Strengthening The Body S Defense Mechanism With Substances Selected For Their Energy Giving Properties In This Book, Vithoulkas Has Compiled A Clear And Comprehensive Text Outlining Both The Theory And Practice Of This Important Medicine George Vithoulkas with generosity of heart is sharing his homeopathic wisdom presenting with clarity the basic theoretical homeopathic notions like Vital Force, the Laws of Cure, the Proving of Remedies as well as the Eliciting of Symptoms and Cases descriptions encountered in his Homeopathic Practice.In this book we find the construct of the hierarchy of Organs based on their importance to the human body helping us recognize the direction of the progression of illness.An well organised and clear presentation of homeopathic practice with graphs describing the 22nd possible scenarios the unfolding of homeopathic cases. I read this as pre reading for my homeopathy course and it s brilliant If you re an interested observer or just want to knowabout homeopathy I cannot recommend this highly enough i am new exploring the site