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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♗ Sacred Sins ♸ In The Lazy Days Of Summer, A Merciless Heat Wave Is The Biggest Story In Washington, DC But The Weather Is Knocked Off The Front Pages When A Young Woman Is Found Strangled To Death A Note Left Behind Reads Her Sins Are Forgiven HerTwo Victims Soon Follow, And Suddenly Every Headline Is Devoted To The Killer The Press Has Dubbed The Priest When The Police Ask Top Notch Psychiatrist Dr Tess Court To Help With Their Investigation, She Comes Up With A Disturbing Portrait Of A Twisted SoulDetective Ben Paris Doesn T Give A Damn About The Killer S Psyche What He Can T Easily Dismiss Is Tess Tall, Dark, And Good Looking, Ben Has A Legendary Reputation With Women, But The Coolly Elegant Tess Doesn T React To Him Like Other Women He S Known And He Finds The Challenge Enticing This sounds super good and it s on sale atfor 2.99 I see it s the 1st in a series and I really don t want to get hooked into another series right now Does this work as a stand alone novel or is the plot ongoing throughout the series I read this for Romance Book Bingo 2017 Headless Woman square I vaguely recall reading this book when I was a teenager I re read it because I was totally light on details I think I ended up getting bored with it and never finishing it though If the book didn t have a cover with a woman half out of a dress with Fabio and his flowing mane of hair I tended to not sneak those from my mom Sacred Sins is a pretty good procedural by Roberts There was some romance, and the two leads didn t annoy me to death like in the sequel you can read that review later You can see some elements that will follow Roberts later on in her In Death books later on Heck, I see the heroine in this one, Tess Court, being really similar to Doctor Charlotte Mira The set up is that psychiatrist Tess Court is asked to help out the DC police when they suspect a serial killer is in their midst Tess is reluctant to take the case, however, the MO of the killer has her wondering about whether this killer is as evil as the police portray him to be Her ability to look at the gray in something that looks totally black and white sets her up for constant fighting with D.C detective Ben Paris Ben has a lot of feelings about psychiatrists none of them good and thinks in the end all Tess is going to do is give out some sob story about the serial killer when he is eventually captured I have to say, that I really enjoyed Tess I think it s honestly because of the fact she comes across as sensible She doesn t go around disparaging any of her patients with mental issues She even clues into the fact that perhaps the serial killer may be schizophrenic based on his writing, what he is doing to the victims after they die, and even what he is telling her once he seeks her out I don t know if I could have been able to keep my head like Tess does or be able to be so neutral when she gets involved with this case Her ability to fight to get her patients what care they need in order to live full lives is what really made me like her.The character of Ben was a little harder to take I think it s because Roberts sets him up as a ladies man Which is okay, but I just wasn t seeing it His annoyance at feeling attraction for the good doctor and him fighting against it felt very true too The issues with him not wanting to see the bad in the world though got a bit old I liked that Tess pushed back on him wanting her to be separate from his work He s a cop, they are seeing each other, she wants to be part of that too The secondary characters really work for this one too Ben s partner Ed Jackson is a straight up hippie I am still trying to wrap my head around anyone in DC in the late 1980s this was originally published in 1987 would be all about not eating meat, not smoking, and eating berries every five minutes I also liked that we get some insight into a Catholic priest who also has a degree in psychiatry who is able to give some insights into the serial killersreligious meanings behind these deaths One of Tess s patients is also included as a secondary character, and my heart broke with that whole story line Roberts does a great job writing a teenage boy who feels lost and alone The romance between the two of them really works for me Though I have to say, I was not a fan of Ben being handsy with Tess without permission A few times Roberts notes that he reaches out and takes some of her hair and winds it or plays with it Umm this is before they even are physical with each other Then again, I am a black woman, do not touch my hair without permission.The writing is pretty good I thought Roberts does a great job setting up the overall plot We get POVs from Ben, Tess, and the serial killer We also get a couple of what I thought were funny moments I also loved how Roberts shows how Tess is affected by what happens to her patients, though she does her best to not let it overwhelm her.The flow is a little slow here and there, but I am not going to complain about how Roberts sets the book up She does a good job of building everything up I did get a bit over the back and forth between Tess and Ben though regarding what are they doing and I was just waiting for Ben to catch up to the fact that he really cared about and was falling in love with Tess The setting of DC made me smile Roberts obviously knows the city layout and she is able to point out a few landmarks that I know Rock Creek Park, the Kennedy Center, etc and makes the city as much a part of the whole book as the characters The ending is the only part that I think really came out of left field It felt a little Lifetime Movie for me when you find out the serial killer is the ice cream delivery man that has been running around. I can see why the mixed reviews on this book On some levels the book is great, then again there are parts that you just want to skip entirely No one does character development like Nora Roberts The character development is continual throughout the book I really enjoy the way she slowly peels back the layers on her main characters There were some really good things about this book but other areas were just flat I am not especially fond of Tess, way too much of the martyr for me and Ben, I just am not feeling the sparks after their initial meeting Die hard NR fans will stick it out, but if you aren t a die hard fan, there are farsuperior books by her for you to read This book was written in 1987 NR had all the elements for a great RS book here, but it just didn t quite come together The NR of today would have taken this book and knocked it out of the park Someone is strangling women with a Priest s white silk amice and Ben, and his partner Ed, have no leads whatsoever Tess is a psychologist whose grandfather is a US Senator He persuades Tess to take on the job of profiling the killer She has a very demanding workload and doesn t want to get involved but she find herself drawn into the investigation and into Ben As Tess and Ben get to know each other they find there are depths to each of then that the other just did not expect Then the whole thing takes a dearly turn when the killer targets Tess 3 1 2 stars I don t usually read much of this author This book caught my attention though A little slow to start but it became very interesting I have to say she got me I never saw it coming at all.yay NR There is no black and white, not in religion, not in psychiatry, and certainly not in life Did God create us out of his goodness and generosity, and perhaps a sense of the ridiculousness Or did we invent God because we have a desperate, innate need to believe in something larger,powerful than ourselves When multiple female victims turn up dead by the hands of what seems to be an overly religious psychopath, the police force in Washington DC turn to the help of renowned psychiatrist Tess Court to help get into the mind of this killer Ben Paris has a severe prejudice against head doctors and he assumes that Tess is just a fraud like the rest of them But there is something about her warm and caring personality that draws him to her Something he just can t resist She admired someone who could be at ease with people, without worrying about impressions, opinions To be that way you first had to be at ease with yourself Somehow, content as she was with her life, she d never quite gotten there.I have to say that even though this is one of her older novels, it is definitely one of my favorites I liked the storyline, but eventhan that I was captivated by the characters, especially Tess I ll admit I was originally drawn to her because she is a psychiatrist and I am extremely interested in that profession, from a career perspective But I also grew to love how she was such a strong woman, yet was still such a caring and compassionate person at the same time I not only liked her as a character, but I really admired her as a woman Definitely a character I could look up to I was tempted to tag this as historical LolIt is wierd reading about a world without mobile phones and internet The mystery was good and the romance was ok I ve read much better books by NR.I ll read the next one in the series soon. 3,5 El planteamiento y el desarrollo en general me ha gustado, pero me ha faltado emoci n La parte rom ntica pasa sin pena ni gloria La trama policial s que me ha parecido interesante. Poco puedo decir de este libro, salvo que es una muy buena historia como Nora Roberts nos tiene acostumbrado Sin embargo, a mi parecer, esta novela se centra m s en el trabajo que ejerce ella, en la psiquiatr a y todo lo que eso conlleva, que en la parte rom ntica Es una novela dura, en la que vemos dos puntos de vista de una misma realidad tanto desde el punto de vista religioso como del cient fico al punto de vista del psiquiatra, que ve al enfermo, al del polic a, que solo ve al criminal. This was just okay for me Neither the mystery or the romance grabbed me.