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Picture Book 2Published June 2018This is a bright and funny take on the struggles of a family reunion Russell comes from a long line of professional wrestlers, but being small himself, family reunions can be rough This year starts out no differently until Russell figures out he has some cool wrestling moves of his own, like the Slippery Sidewinder and the Wiggle Worm that gets him out of the crushing grip of his relatives, from Uncle Iron Arm to Grammy Dorothy the Dropper The illustrations are bright and fun and depict a multiethnic extended family who all have extravagant, ridiculous wrestling names The silliness of this book will draw in young readers, even those who are still not quite sold on sitting for a story It also pulls incomplex sentences and words, all while being humorous For instance, Russell fears the humongous hugs and Herculean handshakes that await him at his family reunion By includingcomplex words and structure, the children are able to expand their vocabulary even , all while giggling to imagine their own Grammy as Dorothy the Dropper.Literacy App Monkey WordSchool Adventure is a fun app for the young child who is learning to read It has 6 games that help teach letter and sight word recognition as well as allowing them to practice writing As they progress it gives them the prizes of insects for their digital terrarium as an incentive to keep playing and sneakily learning It introduces different concepts such as irregular vowels that children need to learn as they begin to read on their own It has bright graphics and is made to be extremely easy for kids to use Behind the scenes, it works to adjust to the child s skill level so that the games are challenging, but not frustratingly so The app can be found at Woohoo a picture book for kids who love wrestling #FREE DOWNLOAD õ Russell Wrestles the Relatives ¹ Everyone Loves Family Reunions Well Everyone Except Russell, Whose Family Of Big, Brawny, And Boisterous Wrestlers Has Him On The Run In This Vibrant Celebration Of What It Means To Be A Family When The Relatives Came Meets Wrestlemania In Debut Author Cindy Chambers Johnson S Rollicking Picture Book About A Family Reunion With A Most Colorful Cast Of Characters From Lorry And Tory The Twin Tornadoes To Cousin Cora The Cleaner To Uncle El Monstruo MarcoyFamily Reunions Mean Lots Of Hugging, Handshaking, And Hair Tousling And Russell S Relatives Well, They Are Enthusiastic Than Most BIGGER Than Most BRAWNIER Than Most They Re Wrestlers Skinny And Scrawny Russell Will Have To Meet, Greet, And Defeat This Clan With Some Spectacular Moves Of His Own Russell is not the biggest or the toughest member of his brawny wrestling family When the family reunion begins, Russell discovers that he has moves of his own that take even the most formidable members of his family by surprise A cute story about rolling with the punches and finding your own way review from an advanced reader s copy. In this book Russell is super anxious about the family reunion when he s going to be pinched, squeezed, kicked and thwacked by a bunch of relatives who he doesn t want to touch him Instead of discussing consent, Russell triumphs by learning how to slither, duck, shout, etc Which is one sort of victory I guess The ideas in this book are dated AF, which is a shame because the illustrations are cute Not recommended. Cindy Chambers Johnson s Russell Wrestles the Relatives is a cute picture book perfect for those family reunions when everyone wants to hug and kiss the kids Russell feels scrawny compared to his humongous relatives and their strong grasps, but Russell has a move that outsmarts them all Readers will enjoy Cindy s action packed text and Daniel Duncan s fun illustrations. This book is adorable Very cute story about Russell and his wrestling family, great for fans of the wrestling world but good for all kids. First sentence There was only one day left until Russell s family reunion Everyone was excited Everyone except Russell Family reunions meant lots of hugging, hand shaking, and hair tousling And Russell s relatives Well, they were a bit enthusiastic than most.Premise plot Russell is WORRIED He comes from a long line of WRESTLERS Everyone in his extended family is a wrestler, and, well, Russell doesn t have the moves at least not yet How can he survive all the hugging and affection when everyone is so big, and so strong Russell needs a plan Will Russell survive his family reunion without injury My thoughts This one was very playful I really loved the narrative The language in this one is just fun and joyful Russell s granddaddy was the Texas Tickler He d been perfecting his famous Texas Ticklehold for the better part of a century The only wrestler who could beat him was Russell s grammy, Dorothy the Dropper, with her Kansas Crusher Everyone of Russell s aunts, uncles, and cousins was a wrestler They were sure to greet him with humongous hugs and Herculean handshakes I loved the text I wasn t as thrilled with the illustrations But overall I really liked this oneso muchthan I thought I would Text 5 out of 5Illustrations 3 out of 5Total 8 out of 10 What a clever bookfrom the title to all the wordplayand the terrific ending, this debut picture book is a winner