#Pdf í Ruler and Compass: Practical Geometric Constructions ó eBook or E-pub free

An excellent guide to the largely unappreciated art of compass and straightedge geometry It has 177 mathematically described constructions #Pdf ⚠ Ruler and Compass: Practical Geometric Constructions ì Since The Earliest Times, Mankind Has Employed The Primary Geometric Forms Of Straight Line And Circle, In Art, Architecture, And Mathematics Originally Marked Out By Eye And Later By Use Of A Stretched Cord, In Time These Forms Came To Be Made With The Simple Tools Of Ruler And CompassThis Small Book Introduces The Origins And Basic Principles Of Geometric Constructions Using These Ancient Tools, Before Going On To Cover Dozens Of Geometric Forms, From Practical Fundamentals To Challenging Constructions Got out my ruler and compass, and when I can keep them away from Sam am really enjoying constructing some geometry This really could serve as a jumping point for higher math and geometry for a visually or hands on oriented child, OR adult Fun stuff. Don t bother with this cute novelty item There s nothing of use in it This very small book is full of geometric drawings with no description of how to get from one point to the next Also, the tiny font is printed against a grey background pattern, which makes it very difficult to read If you re looking for instructions or hoping to deepen your understanding of geometry, find another book. Ruler Compass is a nice but short book full of amazing geometry tricks from dividing a rectangle with a harmonic series to producing a golden spiral golden section I enjoyed learning the techniques for producing all manner of geometric shapes using only a ruler compass and was surprised to learn that it is impossible to produce a seven pointed star with only those two tools.