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In Rocky Mountain Oasis by Lynnette Bonner, 18 year old Brooke Marie Baker has been sent west as a mail order bride As the stage nears Greer s Ferry, where she is to meet the man she s pledged to marry, she tries to swallow the lump of nervousness in her throat Can it be any worse than living with Uncle Jacksonor Hank All men are the same, aren t they But with her parents and sister dead, she has no choice.Sky Jordan, a rancher, holds a single, yellow daisy in his hand as he watches the ferry cross the river Ever since he d found out his surly cousin, Jason, had sent for a mail order bride, his mind and heart had been ill at ease No woman deserves to be left with the likes of Jason But now he questions his own plans to claim the bride for himself Why is he drawn to this woman he doesn t even know Lynnette does a wonderful job of capturing life in the Idaho Territory in 1885 I was drawn in from the start to the dangers that were a part of life for settlers a century ago Still, her characters struggles are easy to relate to in a modern context While the concept of a young woman being sold as a mail order bride is far from our contempory consciousness, we can relate to Brooke s feelings about her experience Does she dare let down her guard with her new husband, or should she steel herself against yet another abusive man As the relationship between Brooke and Sky deepens, the plot takes enough turns to keep us wondering if the two will even survive A menacing villain sets his sights on Brooke just as she begins to trust Sky Will Sky win her over to the Lord, or will she succomb to her own fear and the dangers that lurk in the darkness Brook mail order bride, was sold to Mr Jordan by Uncle Jackson, so she s off to Idaho to marry a stranger Brooke Baker s life changed forever after her family died in a buggy accident and she was sent to live with her physically and verbal abusive Uncle Brooke hoped for a better life in Idaho, away from her Uncle and abusive Fianc But deep down in her heart she knew men were all the same.Sky Jordan, rancher and a man after God s own heart, interrupts his cousin Jason s plans to marry a mail order bride Sky wasn t certain why he was drawn to a women he didn t know, but he just knew he couldn t let an innocent woman marry his drunk, violent tempered cousin He was bad news.Lynette pens a tender, heart warming, action adventure story based on real events in Idaho history Lynette creates believable characters that take the reader through a wide range of emotions Sky watched Brooke s reactions to situations and knew she had been mistreated He was determined to show her unconditional love Sky says this to Brooke after she flinched because she thinks he s about to hit her, I will not hurt you His voice was low and tender, I promise not to touch you until you say it s okay You have nothing to fear from me I will never hit or abuse you in anyway Brooke thought, the probability of his keeping his word is about as good as finding an oasis in the middle of a desert Hank her fianc had started out being nice to her too, and look how that turned out Sky and his family s faith in God touches the people around them and Brooke in a big way She hadn t known any Christians before Sky helps the sheriff track down the person responsible for murdering his friend things get tense and suspenseful as Lynnette describes how this town tried to capture the bad guys and how justice was done This is the first book in the Shepherd s Heart series I m looking forward to the next book in this series you will too.Disclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Nora St.LaurentThe Book Club Network www.bookfun.orgThe Book Club Network blog www.psalm516.blogspot.com Book Fun Magazine www.bookfunmagazine.com I really enjoyed this story I felt for Brooke and her painful past But Sky was the bomb I love his character for so many reasons How he wanted to do what was right even at a cost His love for his family and the people around him The way he took care of Brooke was touching I enjoyed the story as well I should have figured out of it sooner, but I didn t and that was okay It allowed me to just enjoy the story and the outcome I d give this story 4 stars. Christian romance that I got for free from Book Bub Loosely based on true events. I really enjoyed this book It is a story full of anger, hurt, hate, rage, hopelessness, beauty, hope, forgiveness, and love I enjoyed the way the author used mystery, suspense, drama, romance and comedy to tell the story Afterwards reading that some of it was based on a true story made it even better A well written easy read. This started out really good, meaty and full of emotion However the I read the preachy it became Its not that I do not appreciate the message but the way it was presented was overly pushy.DNF hard to put down *READ E-PUB ↞ Rocky Mountain Oasis ⇢ He S Different From Any Man She S Ever KnownHowever, She S Sworn Never To Risk Her Heart AgainBrooke Baker, Sold As A Mail Order Bride, Looks To Her Future With Dread But Firm Resolve If She Survived Uncle Jackson, She Can Survive AnyoneWhen Sky Jordan Hears That His Nefarious Cousin Has Sent For A Mail Order Bride, He Knows He Has To Prevent The Marriage No Woman Deserves To Be Left To That Fate Still, He S As Surprised As Anyone To Find Himself Standing Next To Her Before The MinisterBrooke S New Husband Turns Out To Be Kinder Than Any Man Has Ever Been But Then The Unthinkable Happens And She Holds The Key That Might Save Innocent Lives But Destroy Sky All In One Fell Swoop It S A Choice Too Unbearable To Contemplate But A Choice That Must Be MadeA Thirsty Soul Alluring Hope An Oasis Of LoveStep Into A Day When Outlaws Ran Free, The Land Was Wild, And Guns Blazed At The Drop Of A Hat I really enjoyed this Christian mail order bride story with a mystery I appreciated the character development and the faith element that was integral to the story The heroine s name, Brooke, which didn t become a popular girl s first name until long after the setting of this story, distracted me There were some other elements of the story that didn t seem to fit the time period. Brooke has been sent away as mail order bride by her uncle She has no choice and leaves the abusive life she knows, expecting a life of abuse with another man.Sky s cousin Jason has bought Brooke as mail order bride When Sky learns about this he wants to prevent the woman from a sorrowful life with Jason Jason is a drinker and takes no responsibility for whatsoever Sky comes up with a plan to buy Jason s intented Sight unseen, he marries Brooke as soon as she gets into town.Sky soon learns that Brooke has had a rough life and therefore distrusts men He must learn to win her trust Sky prays that she will get to know the Lord and will find healing of the wounds of her past.Besides a nicely written love story, there s also a murder mystery in this book Lynnette weaves the two stories nicely together The characters are well developed and easily loved The healing process of Brooke is very well done I admired Sky s patience with Brooke and how he trusted the Lord for deliverance Lynnette also puts Scripture to practice in this wonderful novel.I have read this book some time ago and reread it recently to review Normally I don t read books twice, but this book was a pleasure to read again I highly recommend it