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I can be patient if you can be honestI don t want to sound like a broken record, butI can t believe this series is Jen Davis writing debut I stumbled upon the first book in the Cooper Construction series because the cover was so stunning I had to read the synopsis that went with it I was intrigued and decided to give her a try Best decision ever She s so damn talented and I can t get enough of her stories Her words are smooth as silk and the dialogue is so real it makes me feel like I m in the room with the characters Even when they make me blushsigh.Robby had my heart in the first story He s adorable and irresistible His nerdiness and sweetness won me over I had no idea the secrets he was hiding behind his Oxford shirts and his clipboard.Matt was a loner, he didn t talk or share himself with his coworkers Everyone at the construction site was aware of Robby s crush but him. I was so excited as I turned each page, waiting for him to finally see Robby and become aware of him beyond his clipboard I was also very curious to learn about his life and what made him so quiet.Yeah, I was also very excited to spend time with Brick Kane I fell hard for those two as well They are such funny alpha assholes now that their women have softened them The banter among thechosen familyis very entertaining.The author did a beautiful job of pulling my heartstrings and giving me the feels as I got to know Robby She led me into places I wasn t expecting to visit and opened my eyes to a painful past that I wasn t prepared for I m crushing on him even harder now that I know what hishopeful hearthas survived.I m not sure what the author has in store for me next, but I ll follow her wherever she leads hopefully to Xander. The line forms here I ve loved and adored every single book in this series but Robby had my heart from the beginning He was so obviously a little bit broken but extremely sweet He befriended Brick and Kane, surrounding himself with friends, but needed that special loved one too.I had no idea how Matt was ever going to be good enough for my darling Robby.Luckily, Davis brought the goods In this story, we see them bonding over video games and a shared sense of humour They were so right for each other, and their love ease fix the damage each carried from their previous lives Did I mention that Matt was a single father I LOVE single fathers Robby had a long way to go to love himself after the horrendous events he suffered Fair warning, this is dark romance But he got there and this has a lovely HEA. Ever since I started this series, I was suuuuper curious about Robby Not only did I love his character he s the sweetest person EVER , but I wanted to know about him, about his past After finishing his book, all I can say is wow I don t really read m m romances hardly EVER in fact, I ve only read like 2 , but I could NOT pass on Robbie s story As always, Jen Davis has an undeniable talent with words He stories flow smoothly and perfectly Everything reads as if you were literally having the conversations yourself inner dialogue included Robby had a horrible and definitely traumatizing past that left him scarred in many ways So to say my heart broke for him would be an understatement All the feeeeellllsss A complete loner, Matt didn t really know who he was In fact, he was completely clueless to everything, including Robby s crush on him We didn t really know much about him, other than he had issues with his ex, a kid, and worked on the construction crew with the rest of the guys we ve come to love Which brings me to Brick and Kane I absolutely LOVE these two and I loved even how they cared about Robby and his happiness and how they always included him and Matt in everything, like family dinners It was than a treat seeing of these two characters and their stories Robby was a story that went beyond being a romance It was about two people healing and finding their way, not just in life, but together Even if you don t read m m books, give this one a try Robby and Matt s story will definitely pull on your heartstrings.Five stars The latest installment of Davis Cooper Construction Series completely pulled me in I ve been intrigued by Robby since we first met him in Brick and I was eager to learn about him I was so excited to find out that he was getting his book and couldn t wait to dive into it.From the beginning, I ve loved Robby He s so sweet and caring, he s what really holds the group together Even with all of that, it was clear there was there, underneath, and I needed to find out what Add in all that Matt brought to the story and we had quite a bit going on There was pain, heartache, confusion, excitement, passion, and so much Their lives were messy and things weren t easy but nothing good ever is I couldn t put this down, I had to see if they felt the same.I enjoyed getting to spend time with the rest of the characters, too It was fun seeing where they were in their lives and relationships I m really enjoying this series and I m excited for. I ve been wondering how long it would take for this lady to finish this book I loved her first two and I knew that this would be a bomb Not everyone has an open mind about this subject but love is love, right Jen Davis has given me two epic books and I know that her next ones will be just as amazing Her writing is raw and wild, forbidden and intense, beautiful and carnal It s amazing and you should read her work Robby is her latest release and it s the third book from the Cooper Construction series This new book explores the lives of Robby and Matt Robby didn t have an easy life No one could imagine the things he endured behind that sweet face, a bit awkward and shy attitude Matt wants to do his job and mind his own business He s a wild wolf that wants peace and quiet How can you truly see what s right in front of you if you refuse to pay attention I m speechless I m stunned I m overwhelmed Dayum Who could have thought that only one book could have this effect in me How can people be so cruel just because things are not the normal Amazing plot, super engaging and so freaking intense This book is surrounded by darkness, drama, past demons as well as true love, friendship, family bonds How can the person who s supposed to love you unconditionally ditch you just because you re not what he expects you to be Why can t gay people have a normal life and acceptance Well, this book will give you an insight into how they live through this and fight to their happiness Oh, Jen This book is perfect and I m so in love right now I m stunned, that s for sure, but so happy as well What s next I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book 3.5 StarsThis is a sweet , sad and hot , MM romance with a satisfying HEA It a story with a lot of subplots lots is happening to our heroes Robby and Matt as both of them have a lot of baggage due to a life full of challenges.Be aware, deals with topics that will be uncomfortable for some addiction , abuse self harm.I did not know that this book is part of a series But don t feel it affected in me, liking of the story.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. |Epub ⚐ Robby (Cooper Construction, #3) ⚉ No One Knows Me Not The True Me Shaped By My Sordid Past I Cover The Scars On My Soul As Well As I Hide The Ones On My SkinI M Living Proof That Only The Strongest Survive On These Streets But I Paid A Heavy Price For My SurvivalNow I M Ready To Move On, To Forget My Past In My Dreams, I Do It With Matt I Ve Had My Eye On Him Ever Since He Joined Cooper Construction Like Me, He Keeps His True Self Hidden, Locked Inside A Shy And Silent ShellSomehow, I Break Through Touch The Untouchable But When Love Strips Us Both Naked, The Truths We Reveal May End Up Tearing Us Apart Robby had secrets he couldn t share with anyone, horrible shameful secrets One thing that isn t secret is the way he feels about Matt, his coworker.I loved Robby and to a lesser extent Matt Robby was everything I like in a hero Strong in spite of his past , caring even though he mostly had to learn that on his own , hopeful there again, never really given a reason to hope , and loving he loved with his whole body and mind.Matt had issues of his own I got that he needed to put his sons needs over the man he was falling in love with but it still felt like he let Robby down when he needed him the most.I mostly read M M so I haven t read the other books in the series but Kane and Brick were funny and sweet and gave Robby the family he so desperately needed Supporting him in every way, no judgement, basically what everyone wants from a good friend turned family.This book had it all Angst, slow burn, friends to lovers, chosen family, and lots of love I enjoyed it.Review Copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads. This was darker than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed the story and it had sweet and funny parts to balance it out Robby has been through than any person should have to, but he pulled himself out and is now pretty happy and successful Matt is struggling to keep afloat, paying for his son s necessities and helping his mom with her bills They had a cute relationship and I liked that they both helped each other be stronger and fulfilled My favorite aspect of the story was the family aspect, the idea that even if your birth family sucks, you can make a family with people who love you as you are I haven t read the first two books in the series, but I loved Kane and Brick and their protectiveness over Robby I will definitely be checking out their books as soon as I can Review by Jennifer 4 stars In the first two books of this series, we see Robby and how sweet he is with his crush on Matt Unfortunately that crush is one sided, as Matt is pretty much oblivious to that crush Robby came from nothing and has worked hard to get where he is, even though the loneliness is crushing sometimes Matt lives for his son, a son that was conceived after one time and one time only Matt has no interest in being in a relationship, no matter how hard he tried to make some kind of connection work with his ex, there just wasn t one Now, for the first time ever Matt has feelings of desire for someone, not just someone, Robby Both are in uncharted waters with this attraction, Robby has never been in a relationship and Matt has never had these feelings Can the two figure out how to make something work out of this or are they too broken Robby finally gets his story told and it was amazing I really liked everything about this story From the drama, to the steamy naughty bits, and everything in between kept me quite entertained I loved that we got to see the other two couples from the previous books and somewhat got to see what they are up to Matt and Robby get 4 stars from me