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COVER RATING Edgy, raw and sexy Cat Mason has given us a book with the perfect amount of thrill, suspense and sexiness Sometimes justice requires bloodshed.If you love motorcycle club romances, sexy hot overprotective alpha males and kick ass heroines with hellish attitude, then this book is definitely for you I went into retaliation completely blind and at first had no idea what to expect but gladly this book did not disappoint meThank GodI was completely sucked into this book from it s very first page It kept me on the edge the entire time Retaliation was full of twists and suspense, I was just unable to predict what was going to happen and it left me so frustrated that I wanted to smash my head into the wall Ok, Smashing my head part is a bit exaggerated but yeah it left me uneasy, I don t like to be kept in the dark Retaliation revolves around the lives of Roanne Frazier and Jensen stone The story starts with roanne whose life is turned upside down after she witnesses her father s car erupting into flames The whole incident leaves her utterly shaken and bewildered.Enters Jensen stone and like a knight in the shinning armor, he rescues her from the shackles of the irritating detectives and feds.But wait it doesn t end here, they also have a history together Let s go into the flashback Roanne s and Jensen s fathers were best friends so they spent their childhood together and were inseparable but everything changed the moment Jensen left Roanne and joined twisted mayhem MC So now Roanne hates Jensen for leaving her but Jensen has his way with her and he knows how to handle the bitchy attitude of his duchess Roanne.As the story continues secrets are revealed and roanne realizes that her entire life has been a lie As the truth unfolds, Roanne becomes prone to danger but Jensen would do anything to keep the love of his life safe This was one hell of a roller coaster ride, full of action and gunfights and smuttiness.Retaliation left me with conflicted emotions At one moment I was cursing and tearing my hair out in frustration and at another moment I was laughing my ass out and questioning my sanity.So all in all this was a great read for me and I do recommend this book I am sure Retaliation won t disappoint you.CharactersJensen I loved him, he was controlled, a perfect alpha male, dirty talker and hot as hell He wore confidence as his second skin I protect what I love Plain and fuckin simple The list isn t long, but babe, you ve been at the top of it since I was eight years old.Roanne I loved her as well She was not a weak, crying sitting in the corner types heroine She was strong and embraced what life threw at her He has killed for me I ll gladly die for him.Supporting Characters Every character in this book was amazing I loved Schrader the most He was the most charming character with an easy going attitude He solely contributed in adding humor to the story The scene in which he took a bullet to his ass was damn funny and the way he reacted towards the serious situations was just insane.Favorite SceneUmm, my favorite scene here was the proposal scene I loved how Jensen confessed his undying love for Roanne in the middle of their fight They were just arguing and he dropped the love bomb and Roanne was like Are you serious , duh And as mentioned above the scene when Schrader took a bullet to his ass and decided to get it framed because it was his first time getting shot at made me laugh out loud.General RatingsJensen 4.5 StarsRoanne 4.5 StarsSchrader 5 StarsSupporting characters 4 StarsVillains 4.5 StarsPlot 4 StarsStorytelling 4.5 StarsRomance 3.5 StarsHumor 5 StarsSexual tension 4.5 StarsSexual scenes 5 StarsStory ending 4.5 StarsWould I recommend this book YESWould I read other books from this author YESDid I enjoy this read YESIs it worth reading YES Follow me on Blog Retaliation is the story of Roanne and Jensen Stone They d known and loved each other since being small children, but hadn t spoken to each other for years after he walked away with no explanation When her father s car is blown up as he drives away from her, Stone quickly sweeps in and whisks Ro away to the Twisted Mayhem clubhouse where he is the President Fast paced, action packed, drama filled and full of twists and turns, the story is about finding out who and why the car was blown, and just what s going to happen next once a pushy Fed gets involved Plus of course the sexy times that happen as Stone and Ro get reacquainted with each other I really enjoyed this book I d never read Cat Mason before, but I like her style of writing and will be readingfrom her Although it ends with a slight cliffy, it sof a lead in to book two rather than an OMG how can you leave it like that moment I give Retaliation 5 stars. Imagine seeing something no person should have to see.Imagine seeing someone you haven t seen in years.That someone is a guy you grew up.He takes you in for protection and all hell breaks loose from there.Stone is the President of an MC club.Roanne doesn t want to be there.Violence, hot, secrets, lies The list is endless.This book marveled me It s my first Cat Mason book and I couldn t get enough of it.She ripped me up, tore me down and sank her MC claws into me.I m praising Retaliation from the rooftops. Omg This has to be one of the best MC books I have read for a long time It has so many twist and turns you never see the surprises coming until they hit you square in the face The character are all brilliant and the dynamic if the club is great I was completely engrossed in the wonderful and dangerous world of The Twisted Mayhem MC.The book is the start of what looks to be a great series There are so many characters that deserve their own book but this one was that of crazy relationship of Jensen the president of the club and his childhood sweetheart Roanne, who s heart he broke I can not tell you just how much I enjoyed this book It made a change that not everyone lives to tell the tale and the great night doesny always save the day And that is all good for me It made it seemreal A Huge recommend from me. I am a die hard MC fan If it s MC, I m in This Jensen Stone is going to become one of the great MC alpha s, I m saying right now I am almost embarrassed to admit that this is my very first Cat Mason read This book was suggested to me by an author, who read it fell hard and told me to get on it.This is a non stop story, you get a glimpse of Jensen and Roanne s past , without it dragging on It was enough that you understand the connection, without beating it down our throats, I appreciate that so much Roanne is such an awesome leading lady She is a princess of sorts, but watch out when she gets riled up She will absolutely not back down and will do her best to best Jensen This is an action packed story that takes you for a wild ride Never expecting who is going to show up or what is going to happen next The supporting cast of characters has me so excited for the books to come.Schrader and Cheyenne have my interests peaked As well as Colt and Henley I am so looking forward to what is next Roanne and Jensen s chemistry is, for me up there with some of my favorite MC couples, Deuce and Eva, Tack and Tyra, Grizz and Ginny the greats as I like to call them This is a sexy sexy story They argue and then take out on each other in just the absolute best wayI will tell you that there is a good amount of violence in this story, but helloit is called Retaliation and boy does it live up to its name.I am such a fan of this book and the ones yet to come I received an ARC for an honest review.This was my first book by Cat Mason and I would definitely read another There were some things about this book that I loved and some things about this book that left me wantingThe book starts out with a bang, literally, and kind of goes hyperspeed from there There is a lot going on in this story, most of it kept me enthralled There was the story of Jensen s parents and what happened to them, Roanne s dad and what revolved around him, and Roanne and Jensen getting to know each other again after being apart for a while It had some humor with some of the other Twisted Mayhem MC guys Schrader was full of comic relief I like that Roanne was a strong woman but almost to a fault You know the type In danger, and wants to move full force into that danger, and everyone knows that is not always smart Thinking she can do everything on her own, and that never turns out well.Jensen and Roanne grew up together Their father s owned a company together Jensen was in love with Roanne and left her life a while ago What I wanted to know was, he said he always loved her, watched her after he left Why did she not askquestions about that I understand, kind of why he left, but if he loved her, why not stay or let her know or make sure she knew that he was around, making sure she was safe Overall, I would give the book about 3.5 stars and am looking forward to Schrader s book Cat did a good job on her first try at an MC book and I think that they will only get better Do you love hot, hard and pulse pounding MC books I have a book for you Are you not a huge of MC club books for some reason or another I have a book for you I m not a huge fan of MC Club books BUUUUUTTTTT THIS BOOK well this book is the exception I LOVE this book It s hot It s hard It s riddled with alpha male hotness It s got plot twists coming out its ears I swear just when you think whew and sit back off the edge of your seat your pulled right back to the edge with your pulse pounding in your ears Page after page of twists and turns Steam floating off it s pages pulling you into a whirly world of Mayhem Twisted Mayhem Where nothing is what it seems, and the guy, the Pres. well he can rock your world and blow it up all at the same time Cat Mason has made methe cynic of all thing MC club related, me Witchy Richey, love a motorcycle club book My first book by this author and it was phenomenal This book has everything you want in an MC Series Bad ass hero, Stone, the president of Twisted Mayhem MC, and a sassy, smart mouth heroine, Ro I read this book in one sitting It has suspense, drama, funny banter, hot sex and 2 people who love each other deeply Stone and Ro grew up as best friends but a family death forced Stone to leave When Ro s dad was killed in an accident, Stone comes back into Ro s life to protect her They discover that they never stopped loving each other I loved the secondary characters such as Schrader Cant wait for his book Get this book as soon as you can. {READ DOWNLOAD} ⚢ Retaliation ¸ When Roanne Frazier Is Thrown Into A Dangerous World She Knows Nothing About, The Only One She Can Count On Is The Only Person Who Has Ever Let Her Down Blood And Bullets Are Part Of The Game For Jensen Stone Being President Of The Twisted Mayhem MC Means Sometimes Business Requires Bloodshed And Stone Has No Problem Getting His Hands Dirty Known For Being Fearless And Ruthless In His Tactics, His Main Goal Is Doing All He Can To Better His Club And His Town Though It Is Easy To Be Reckless When You Have Nothing To Lose The World As They Know It Is About To Be Turned Upside Down The Pain Of Their Pasts Collide With The Chaos Of The Present And Sends The Tension Building Between Them Into Overdrive, Proving That Some Things Don T Fizzle Out With Time Secrets Are Revealed, Lives Are Changed, And The Small Town Of Legion Falls, Tennessee Will Never Be The Same Will Ro And Stone Find A Way To Hold Onto Each Other While Everything Comes Crashing Down Around Them Or Will They Be Torn Apart For Good By Their Need For Retaliation Warning This Book Contains Adult Subject Matter And Steamy Sexual Content This Book Is Meant As A Work Of Fiction And Meant To Entertain, Not To Depict Any Real Life Motorcycle Club Or Real Life Events Five kick a Stars Absolutely wonderful I love Cat Mason s writing and when I saw that she was giving a go with MC, I was thinking hell yeah And she nailed it Retaliation is actually what you re looking for in an MC book Danger, thrills, sex and hot alpha bikers Roanne and Stone have known each other their whole lives, when he joined an MC they drifted apart Now her father is in danger and Stone shows up to save the day Can she get past the hurt of him leaving Will he convince her to stay I am totally in love with these characters Their story and the excitement of it We are introduced to a band of brothers who already have my heart and I can t wait to readabout them Retaliation is a wonderful exciting read that is a total must read Yes it does end with words we sometimes hate seeing to be continued but there is so much to this story that I m just thankful we are gettingCat s writing as always is phenomenal and I so can t wait for the next book I m hooked