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I really like this cover How guy that is a good representation of the hero Interesting title work and good compostition.I enjoyed the previous book in the series so I was looking forward to digging into this one Alas, it just wasn t all that great for me.The writing was excellent This author has a very readable way of writing The pace was good as well and kept me turning the pages Nicole and Tank had some funny moments There wasn t any OW OM drama I wouldn t even say there was a lot of angst I LOVED Tank and his badass alpha ways, and it was nice mostly seeing the couples from the previous books.So what didn t work Practically EVERYONE in this book was either mean or acted like a bitch I didn t like Nicole AT ALL Yes, I get she had issues with bikers, but seriously she was just WAY too judgy twat considering her best friends were in love with bikers And let s talk about those friends shall we Jessica was AWFUL in this book I get she was supposed to be a bridezilla, but people needed to tell her to shut the f ck up I also wasn t a fan of the direction the author chose to go in concerning a particular pair That was a serious bummer, to say the least Lastly, the ending felt rushed So ya, a bit of a mixed bag I enjoy MC stories but dislike the ones that involve a lot of other women drama and wild parties where anything goes I know nothing about real life inside a club but I know what I like and Gillian Archer s True Brothers is what I like.Nicole has been judgmental about the relationship her friends have with members of the local motorcycle club She has a deep aversion to bikers and doesn t hide that fact from anyone, not even the bikers themselves So when things start to heat up between her and Tank, she decides to throw disdain to the side and enjoy him for one night It s just one night after all Tank struggles with memories of the war as well as the memory of his ex wife and what she tried to do to him He is not in a place, nor will he ever be, to settle down in a committed relationship again When Nicole suggests one night but with the warning that he not expect , he s shocked He s the one who has to do the warning, not the women he spends the night with This couple have both been damaged by their pasts but together they work through their struggles in an adult and realistic manner I loved that Nicole was sassy and snarky and that Tank fell for her, not in spite of it, but because of it There was a fine line with her character where I could have disliked her but having access to her thoughts showed me where she was coming from Tank is a wonderful protective alpha hero that isn t afraid to show his pain to her.This was a fast paced read that once started I could not stop Filled with humor, great characters, hot sex, and even some tears, I loved it all I am most curious to see which of the members will next have the honor of coming to life by Ms Archer s talented hands.ARC provided by NetgalleyDual POVSafePossible Triggers view spoiler Her father is abusive mentally and physically but it is all off page hide spoiler Zag has been my favorite but I think Tank has knocked him down to 2nd place I loved Tank I also love that the author is keeping this MC series a safe read for us readers who aren t a fan of cheating or mistreatment of women She did however, throw a wrench into this book Nothing against the main characters, but it still made me cry Besides that the only thing I didn t care for was the couples need to keep things from going serious at first They stayed loyal to each other, but was in complete denial for the first half of the book Once they got over that bull, I truly enjoyed this couple together I m glad the author gave us time with them together and happy instead of it being rushed at the end I can t decide who I want her to write about nextAxle or Bam Bam ARC provided by NetGalley. ARC received for reviewAuthor is now on my poop list Did you really have to do that Tank was big and all kinds of yummy and just perfect for Nicole Nicole had biker issues, but it sure did take awhile for her to reveal them Loved how their relationship evolved It was great seeing all the previous couples again Here s hoping the viking named Bam Bam is up next. ( DOWNLOAD EPUB ) ♈ Resilient (True Brothers MC, #3) ☤ Every Loner Needs A Family And A Heart To Call Home The Bad Boy Bikers Of The True Brothers MC Make Good As A Strong, Silent Type Shows The Right Woman That He Can Speak The Language Of Love With Her Lowlife Father In Prison For Manslaughter, Nicole Walker Keeps Her Distance From The Biker Scene Until She Meets The Stud Running Security At Her Best Friend S Wedding Tank Is Big, Mean, And Trouble From Every Direction Yet Nicole Can T Take Her Eyes Off His Chiseled Body, Or Deny The Pure Electricity She Feels When He Returns Her Gaze Guys Like Tank Are Supposed To Be A One Way Ride To Heartbreak So Why, After A Scorching Night In His Bed, Does Nicole Only Want From His Tour In The Marines To His Sister S Disastrous Marriage, Tank Has Seen The Worst That Life Has To Offer Ever Since His Father S Death, Tank S Been Fiercely Protective Of His Family And The True Brothers Have Always Had His Back But Nothing Could Prepare Him For A Woman Like Nicole, Who S Determined To Break Down The Walls Around His Heart When Violence Strikes, Placing Nicole In Harm S Way, Tank Digs Deep To Find The Courage To Keep Her Safe And The Strength To Love Without Limits This book in the series was like the first book in the series I took longer to read because I was pestered by my kids to stop reading and do something with them I really liked Tank He wasn t that picture perfect hero of the story He had his issues, but just had a really big heart I loved in the story how he just would say it like it is, but then just get all flustered with Nicole after He was hot sexy and sweet, but still the king of the castle My heart went out to him with his PTSD flashbacks I really didn t like Nicole at first, she based her view of people too much on her past and not just assume about the people in her present She comes off snooty, but she is big enough to see the error of her ways and change She definitely is a take no crap girl.Got to hear about the couples from the other two books There is lots of drama at the end for sure almost needed a tissue Good read enjoyed it.Received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley. ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review I love this author I love this book and this series I feel like it gets better and better with each book I had been looking forward to reading about Tank He doesn t want to get involved with Nicole because he feels that she is a forever type of girl with a hint of snooty and sees her disdain for his biker brothers However, he can t seem to stop thinking about her the he sees her Nicole ends up coming on to him and tells him they should hook upone and done They both seem to keep coming together until they finally realize they are in a relationship with each other I like how they both have pasts that make them fearful of love and how they both feel they don t deserve the other I enjoyed seeing the other characters from the previous books I can t wait to see who are the next MCs of the 4th book. I received a free advance review copy in exchange for an honest review I was so excited to dive into this book There were some pretty hilarious scenes That scene in the car When Tank and Nicole were taunting and teasing each other was like, the cutest thing ever I d say the book started off at the light side and then started becoming a little intense I loved the bad boy attitude with Tank He s a biker, could he be badass than that What I didn t find satisfying enough is the characters backgrounds We didn t get to actually meet Austin, for example And I think there are things that were left unsettled at the end We didn t get closure with Tank s sister, and I m a closure obsessed person here I loved the club, but it felt like when Nicole was there, especially at the end, the atmosphere was a little forced and awkward I honestly didn t find something extra special in Nicole and Tank s relationship It was all physical at first, and that was okay it was great Then it was your typical, wait, did I see something shift in his eyes or, ah the feels are hitting me, am I falling for him BUT I WANTED MOREEEE And it wasn t satisfying enough There was something missing, and I couldn t put my finger on it He treated her wellWoah that s it Like, seriously, I don t think there was anything beyond that When Nicole s mother would ask her Does he treat you right like it s the most important thing, like it s the only thing that matters And I know why she d think it s important, I do But there are many other factors I honestly didn t see, like, actual chemistry Beyond the physical attraction and all that I don t know I really wanted this book to become my next favorite I m certainly not giving up on bad boy bikers books just yet, though. 4 Stars 3 Flames OMG you guys If you have been a fan of this series, then hold on and strap yourself in because we get Tank ladies..TANK I ve been dying for ladies man Tank and considering the love interest in this story is none other than loud mouth, fly by the seat of her pants Nicole, I ve been chomping at the bit to get my hands on this one.Nicole is one of Jessica s BFF s Yes, THE Jessica from the first installment Jessica is getting married to Zeb and guess who s by her side helping her Yep, Nicole But there seems to be someone else too A shadow A bodyguard A protector And he s had his eye on Nicole for over a year now.Tank is the playa Yep, that guy The one that doesn t do relationships and is oh too happy to do em and leave em He absolutely has his past issues, but don t we all It s not until Nicole boldly makes the first move that Tank can let his guard down And what an amazing moment that becomes.Look I m not that person to completly spoil a story I m a firm believer in reading it for the first time , so this is going to be a really hard review for me to write LOL We get to learn about Nicole and her reasons behind who she really is and why Not even her besties truly know who she is and where she s come from To Nicole, it s a bit embarrassing But once Nicole lets Tank in to her life, it seems as though her past rears its ugly head and she s forced to face than she s been willing to.I seem to keep falling deeper and deeper in to this series Each one of these guys has a special place in my heart So much so that there were actual tears that fell down my face while reading this installment I can t believe it Where do we go from here Is this the end Please tell me there is.I NEED MORE I received this book from the Jeep Diva in exchange for my honest opinion. MC books aren t my usual fare but this one attracted my attention and I m glad it did Book 3 in the True Brothers MC.Nicole hasn t got thing one good to say about bikers despite the fact her best friends are either married to them or are going to be Nicole is a piece of work, I liked her snark especially with the men There s a reason for Nicole s often times brash behavior, which comes to light later in the book.Getting ready for Jessica s wedding, she and Nicole are being driven by the over the top Tank as he s known He s been a Marine, has a sister who has a crap marriage and a divorce that put him through hell We don t get the details here, but you can surmise He sees his driver duty that day as punishment, having to put up with the two women, Nicole who isn t exactly pleasant to him and Jess has turned into Bridezilla Nicole is no slouch, she s got a masters degree and works designing new computer gaming for the casinos Her mother lives in town, they moved to Reno after her father went to jail Nicole has some terrifying memories of her young life She and Tank get friendly the night of the rehearsal dinner and Nicole insists it s a one and done deal.She just can t resist Tank Tank is down for that, he s not interested in anything that resembles a relationship So one and done become s two and shoo and on they go Carefully but it s obvious they care about each other Meanwhile someone has torched the MC s cycle shop the night of the wedding This on the heels of several other incidents and they re leaning toward blaming a rival group of not so nice bikers They even look at their new recruits As things evolve on several fronts the story comes to a major pivot point that just made my jaw drop It ties up most of the questions in this story I loved Tank and Nicole together Stella his dog was a keeper I ll go back and read the first two books, I liked this well enough to do that Great book Worth the read arc from NetGalley and publisher in exchange for a fair review