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What a GREAT SERIES I can hardly wait for Renegade Dawn.When I was browsing to find a good SciFi author to read I stumbled across J N Chaney I read the description of Renegade Star and was hooked After reading the 1st one I bought all the rest and read them consecutively, and waited for the next And Now I have to wait again for the Dawn.but I know it will be worth it. While I was waiting for Renegade Earth I read the Variant Saga so the wait was hardly felt Now that I have read all J N Chaneys books, I ll have to go back to Mysteries until July when Renegade Dawn come out Damn Just the very fact that I take the effort to indicate that this isca very good book, under the current very hot climatic circumstances no air conditioning in our Scandinavian houses, should convince you to buy this great book Renegade Captain Jace Hughes and his crew are hunted fugitives the most wanted criminals in the galaxy They are preventing the capture of a young girl named Lex An eternal, a small girl with capabilities far beyond any human A nun named Abey kidnapped her from a medical facility where she was being held for research purposes Their end goal to reach the planet of stories, possibly a myth, Earth Battles and non stop action throughout their journey which ends with them finding and landing their ship and crew on Earth A tremendous read I enjoyed the crew of the Renegade Star reaching Earth and discovering it was now a blank canvas ready to be made into whatever sort of planet and cities mankind chooses to build, but it will be difficult as there are no people to re colonize our home planet How will the recruiting of colonists go How will the crew of the Star be able to week out the bad apples and criminal elements from any group of colonists they recruit *FREE DOWNLOAD ☙ Renegade Earth: An Intergalactic Space Opera Adventure (Renegade Star Book 6) (English Edition) ☛ Three Empires CollideCaptain Jace Hughes And His Band Of Rebels Have Managed To Outrun The Union At Every Turn, Barely Escaping With Their Lives What Started As A Simple Transport Job Has Escalated Into A War Between Empires, All For The Sake Of A ChildBut A Renegade Never Backs DownWith Titan, A Fleet Of Strike Ships, And A Newly Transformed Sigmond, The Crew Of The Renegade Star Will Need To Pull Out Everything They Have In Order To Make Their Final StandSuit Up, Renegades The Battle For Earth Has Finally BegunExperience A Sprawling Galactic Tale In This Sixth Entry To The Renegade Star Series If Youre A Fan Of Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Or Leviathan Wakes, Youll Love This Epic, Space Opera Thriller