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Normally when I m forced to take days between reading I have to go back and refresh my memory That didn t happen with Relentless Every chance I had between moving and everything else going on I picked it up and just continued on Very engaging and if you re in the mood for an edge of your seat kind of read, pick up Relentless You won t regret it. Review also posted on Book Lovin MamasAre you a rodeo lover Do you love books that are based in Texas Do you love a book that has romantic and suspense elements to it Have I gotten your attention yet Relentless is the first book in Winter Austin s Degrees of Darkness Series and I definitely look forward to reading the second one after reading this one.The Rodeo Sweetheart killer is back and women with red hair are being targeted in Dallas and homicide detective, Remy LeBeau is on the case to find out who it is Remy wants to figure out why the killer is targeting certain women and also find out if the previous detectives are hiding something that happened before He has Cody Lewis that actually finds one of the women s bodies in her horse trailer Now Cody is in danger of becoming a victim of herself since she fits the killer s victim s descriptions Remy is not supposed to be getting attached to Cody due to what happened in his past Unfortunately, Remy finds something about Cody that is intriguing She s a stubborn, strong willed woman who will do at anything to have her dream come true in being the top professional barrel racer in the nation.The killer though has other plans and it is up to Remy and his partner to crack the case before the killer kills someone else, particularly, Cody.Winter Austin takes you on a chase to find the Rodeo Sweetheart Killer before it is too late Once the killer is discovered, you ll be in shock like I was who it actually was.Be prepared for twists and turns in Relentless and once you do read Relentless you ll understand why it was named that title exactly.Remy was not always my favorite character due to his reluctance of showing his feelings toward Cody and Cody was difficult also She has her dreams though to conquer, while Remy was hiding secrets Remy was even losing trust from his partner as well due to hiding his past.I definitely recommend this book to romantic suspense and thriller readers There is suspense though in this novel than romance, but you ll be focused on cracking the case along with Remy than dealing with what Remy and Cody were trying to hide.I was provided a copy of the book from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This book has everything romantic suspense readers love, and a whole lot Cajun detective Remy LeBeau is the alpha hero most women swoon over, and he meets his match in sassy barrel racer Cody Lewis.A twisted killer is on the loose in Dallas, and Cody Lewis fits the victim profile Her stubbornness chips away at the wall Remy LeBeau erected years ago to protect the ones he loves The Rodeo Sweethearts case brings a cold case to life again and puts Remy exactly where he doesn t want to be in the spotlight.Winter s knowledge of police procedure and the professional rodeo world shines through on every page Sparks fly immediately between Cody and Remy and the romance between them keeps the pages turning as fast as the killer stalking them An amazing cast of secondary characters flesh out the story and leave you wanting to know about them.The pace of the mystery is, to borrow the title, relentless Nor does she make it easy to figure out who the killer is To me, this is the hallmark of a truly well crafted suspense The listed genre may be romantic suspense, but it reads like a thriller Always a good thing in my book Dallas police detective Remy LeBeau is a man with a dangerous past Hand picked by his boss to investigate the death of a young red headed cowgirl, he knows he needs to maintain a low profile to keep that past from catching up with him When the medical examiner ties this girl s murder to the infamous Rodeo Sweethearts killer, LeBeau must tread carefully as he opens cold case files to find the murderer The deeper he delves into the case the exposed he and his only witness become a witness that bears an unmistakable resemblance to the murdered women.Cody Lewis is a rising star in the world of professional barrel racing She only needs a few wins to secure a position at the National Finals Rodeo When she finds the murdered girl in her horse trailer, she is all too aware of her own ties to the killer that terrorized the Dallas rodeo circuit five years before Determined to hold on to her dream, she isn t going to let fear or the gorgeous Cajun detective interfere.This first offering by Crimson Romance debut author, Winter Austin, has all the elements of a great high stakes romantic suspense Both main characters are fighting their own demons and an irresistible attraction to each other while trying to stay alive The heroine is a strong female who stands on her own two feet I love strong female leads The age of the little woman waiting for the big, strong hero to ride in and rescue her is over Cody Lewis is one tough lady Remy LeBeau is a smokin mix of tough cop and sexy Cajun He makes my toes tingle when he talks I love his knight in shining armor tendencies tempered by respect for the strength of the woman he wants to protect.I was unable to put this book down and when I was forced to, the characters stayed in my head urging me to drop everything and curl back up to finish their story They have stayed with me ever since I did Thankfully, Relentless is Book I in the Degrees of Darkness Series Book II, Retribution, is due out June 10, 2013 I am counting the days This is a griping Romantic suspense Cody, the heroine, is a tenacious and feisty woman Remy, the hero, is a suave homicide dective Together the sparks fly Cody has found a dead woman in her horse trailer who has similar coloring to her There s a serial killer haunting the rodeo and Cody could be next.Remy is reserved because of his past and doesn t show his true emotions easily Cody is determined to win the rodeo putting aside her fears of the killer, etc.Austin does a wonderful job creating suspense and bringing in clues, but still make you wonder who did it There are twists and turns, but well thought out which will leave you craving.End the end I still had questions and wanted to see development of Cody Remy s romance However, I believe this is the first book and will look for the sequel I recommend this book to anyone who loves romantic suspense murder mysteries.I was given a copy of Relentless from the Author in exchange for an honest review. Relentless is Book 1 in the Degrees of Darkness Series I read this story because I am hosting the author for her blog tour on June 27th for book 2, Retribution And though I was told book 2 can stand on it s own, I still need to read a story in order of the series Call me OCD but that s just me.WellI am so glad I can t shake my quirks Retribution is a fabulous read The story was action packed from the start and my adrenaline was pumping at every twist and turn Then there s Remy LeBeau.Oh Remy A Cajun who has secrets than the CIA and is just swoon worthy in his darkness, mysterious and tragic past, tenderness, hard ways, soft feelings, and Cajun words and drawl He was engaging from the start A really great character and definitely my new book boyfriend.And then we have Cody Lewis Barrel racer and Remy s love interest Cody has a dark and hurtful past as well, and rivals Remy in the secret keeping market Remy and Cody had lot s of chemistry but if I had to classify Relentless, I would say it was a Romance Suspense Mystery genre.Though I enjoyed the 1 step forward, 6 steps back of the budding romance, I completely loved the suspense and mystery of the story.Suspenseful to the point I was sitting on the edge of the couch from 60% on And the endingnot in a zillion years would I have figured it out Really a great mystery A very intense read.Well written Fast moving page turner Characters were rounded with such a depth that you grew to know them like you would a friend Loved the authors writing style.Fangirling the author and super excited to start Retribution. Relentless gave me what I expected and wanted from Winter Austin A killer, a mystery and some great chemistry between a hero and heroine.But it also gave me Right from page one, Relentless grabs the reader and throws you into a world filled with passion, evil and suspense that keep you turning the pages Better yet, the characters points of view are deep and realistic Of course, LeBeau, the Cajun cop and male protagonist, steams up every page he s on Great guy with great attitude, and a solid dose of sexy thrown in As for Cody She s multi faceted and complex Like other female protagonists I ve read in other books, she s got history and baggage to muddle through But Austin deftly balances Cody s personal challenges without making them feeling forced with romantic tension that begs for release and a serial killer who ups the ante with every dead body left behind.The result A solid mystery and a sizzling romance. *DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⇧ Relentless ⇛ Dallas Homicide Detective Remy LeBeau Trusts No One He Hides From A Past That Could Kill Him And Anyone Involved With Him What He S Not Prepared For Is The Return Of An Elusive Serial Killer And An Unwanted Desire To Protect A Witness At All CostsProfessional Barrel Racer Cody Lewis S Dream Of Being Top In The Nation Is Within Reach Until She Discovers A Murdered Woman In Her Horse Trailer The Event Pulls Her Into The Sickening World Of The Rodeo Sweethearts Serial Killer A Madman Who Terrorized Dallas S Rodeo Circuit Five Years Prior And Is Now Back For But What S Worse Is That Cody Fits The Profile Of The Rodeo Sweetheart Victims As Remy Dives Into The Investigation, He Uncovers Secrets Of A Botched Investigation And A Tight Lipped Boss, While Attracting Unwanted Attention From The Killer Battling His Partner, His Attraction To Cody, And The Demons Of His Past, Catching The Killer Could Cost Remy Everything Even Cody S Life When Cody Lewis, a barrel racing champion, discovers a body in her horse trailer, she finds herself unwillingly attracted to the investigating detective, Remy LeBeau, even though he warns her that she fits the description of female victims targeted by the Rodeo Sweethearts serial killer The Cajun detective is equally attracted to Cody, even though he knows he needs to avoid her because of his own troubled past As events spiral out of control and the bodies begin to stack up, Remy and Cody can no longer deny their attraction, but they also know nothing can ever come of their love until the Rodeo Sweethearts killer is put out of commission forever.Relentless provides a behind the scenes look at professional rodeo and those who love it Cody and Remy are real people, with dreams and plans and actions that ring true to their callings, so much so that we hope to meet them again in the near future I enjoyed every minute of this book. From the start to the heart pounding finish, Winter Austin serves up a story that ropes you and and doesn t let go Remy is a cop with a past that haunts him and a cocky attitude to hide it all Cody is a cowgirl living with the pain and guilt of her past with a sassy attitude and a sharp tongue Mix all that up with interesting secondary characters, a serial killer who suddenly starts up the killing spree again, and the attraction between the two main characters, and you have Relentless This book is listed as suspense romance, but this is, as another reviewer mentions of a thriller To be honest, I m not much of a romance reader, but this was a fun, adrenaline laced read, so if you re of a thriller reader, don t hesitate to pick it up as it won t disappoint.Now to wait for the next book as Relentless leaves off promising of to come for these characters.