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!Free ☫ Rebel Fist (Cloak Games, #3) ☪ Long Ago The Ruthless High Queen Of The Elves Conquered The Nations Of St Century Earth Centuries Later, Nadia Moran Is A Thief And A Wizard Bound In Service To The Cruel Elven Noble Morvilind, Forced To Use Her Skills And Her Spells To Steal Treasures For Him If She Does Not Do Morvilind S Bidding, Her Brother Will Die But There Are Dangers In The World Than Morvilind When Rebel Elves Launch An Assault Upon The High Queen, Nadia Moran Finds Herself Caught Between The Rebels And Morvilind S Implacable Demands One False Step, And She Will Die More great things from Mr Moeller.These stories are way too riviting The heroine is a sassy, smart and wonderful character The things she has to figure out are stunning, and her strength is building She makes the most interesting friends in her continuing journey.Read these books in order to get the most from each book. I m still finding the setting fresh and interesting High fantasy creatures elf, orcs etc invading and ruling future earth The writing is still smooth and the adventure is non stop action Nadia Moran his a great character and the world around her is interesting and well tough out Having a new heist as the main storyline in every books makes the structure of the story familiar but somehow never repetitive As a self proclaim pulp writer, Jonathan Moeller certainly hits every marks to qualify with flying colors. Cloak Games Rebel Fist ReviewDear Jonathan, the third book of the series was excellent and definitely interesting Nadia is excellent at getting in and out of trouble not her own doing Her life is not her own but makes an interesting and imaginative plot line Your imagination and creativity is wonderful and your characters are outstanding I highly recommend reading your stories to anyone interested in reading great stories Thanks for the entertainment. I love this whole series and cannot wait for the next one to come out Give it a go, not as sensual as the cover would lead you to believe.Surprisingly good read Well written and thoughtful plot Each book represents a heist Using the tutorage and spells given, our author has given us a delightful and compelling reason to read the entire series of our heroine Nadia. 3.5 stars Best one so far No secrets and all the main characters are together. Cloak Games book 3 Spoilers ahead This one ties back toof the events of the first than the second one did.It opens with Nadia taking her brother Russell to the mall She needs a break And Russell s foster father notices she has stayed with them a month, rather than a night or two, since the events in book 2.It s only an idle trip to the mall in their intention Things go badly It involves how Morviland wants to protect his possessions, historical novels, stealing a car, the history of the Shadowhunter she met in the first book, her resemblence to Russell, a theft she has mere hours to pull off, getting through flames, and . NO No Noooo It can t end so fast.I started reading it in the morning and by night I was finish Are the book getting shorter or this is the feeling with all good books I love the action, I love the posibility of what can happen in this book or in the next one I like books that have some romance in them too, but this one makes you feel like there is nothing missing I hope that the next one will come out at the start of next year and not later.