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This is really a set of cd s This helps me to help my kids in their studies at school. Mnemonics are real Like most people, I tinkered with them in school but I certainly never studied the skill of using mnemonics.Most of the methods are simple to describe but difficult to apply In a field where there is a lot of peddling, O Brien, a memory champion, does a good job of introducing readers to a wide range of basic mnemonic skills This audiobook is like a workshop with activities The author was engaging and pleasant My major complaint is the same for most material in this genre We need varied, real life examples I don t care about memorizing shopping lists, or 5,000 digits, or all the disney songs I want to memorize complex and abstract ideas O Brien, like most mnemonists gives these applications a nod and then teaches you how to memorize easy concrete things Nonetheless, I m willing to wade through a bunch of fluff for the gold. #DOWNLOAD PDF ⛓ Quantum Memory Power: Learn to Improve Your Memory with the World Memory Champion! Õ Dominic O Brien, The Time World Memory Champion Shares His Ultimate Tools For Developing The Perfect Memory Quantum Memory Power Tells You How To Harness And Unleash Your Memory Power So You Will Have Unlimited Capacity Quantum Memory Power Provides Practical Applications And Exercises To Test And Strengthen Your Abilities By Engaging Your Imagination And Creative Powers You Will Gain Speed, Accuracy And Poise In The Development Of Your Quantum Memory Powers You Will Learn How Your Brain OperatesTo Improve Your Decision Making PowersTo Develop Laser Sharp ConcentrationTo Build A Mental Fact FileTo Increase Your Self Confidence This is a practical course in memory techniques O Brian was, at the time of writing, World Memory Champion, and had been for many years He shares his techniques for great memory and runs you through several practical exercises He talks about how he developed his own memory, little tricks for the things that always give you trouble, like the spelling of certain words, and the cool thing is that he techniques really work.I listened to this on my morning commute, so once we hit the advanced exercises, I was a bit lost had to keep safe in trafic, after all , but even the early exercises I was able to do helped significantly.The book is well written, and he s an excellent reader always iffy when the auhor reads I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving their memory. This is by far the best book I have read on memory and focus concentration techniques There are a lot of actual skill builders which one can use for recall or to build your own mind castle of information The author has done a great job in systemically laying out the information to make it understandable and accessible to readers. This audio program is one of the best in its field of memory training for its comprehensiveness, simplicity, progression and professionalism I benefited greatly from it and I highly recommend anyone seeking to learn and adopt memory enhancement to read it listen to it and apply its methods carefully to get the best results. Was fine I liked You Can Have an Amazing Memory Learn Life Changing Techniques and Tips from the Memory Maestro Stunning book Exceptional and yet practical strategies Must read and re read and implement. I ve read many of the biggest memory related books over the past three decades and certainly have my favorites among them I ve long heard that Dominic O Brien s Quantum Memory Power Learn to Improve Your Memory with the World Memory Champion audiobook was fairly good, and decided that I d finally take a peek having known for a while about O Brien and his eponymous Dominic System.General MethodsOverall, I was fairly impressed with his layout and positive teaching style, though I don t particularly need some of the treacly motivation that he provided and which is primarily aimed at the complete novice While I appreciate that for some, hearing this material may be the most beneficial, I would have preferred to have some of it presented visually In general, I wouldn t recommend this as a something to listen to on a commute as he frequently admonishes against doing some of the exercises he outlines while driving or operating heavy machinery.Given the prevalence of and growth of memory systems from the mid 20th century onwards, I personally find it difficult to believe all of his personal story about rediscovering many of the memory methods he outlines, or at least to the extent to which he tempts the reader to believe.Differences from Other SystemsBased on past experience, I really appreciate his methods for better remembering names with faces as his conceptualizations for doing this seemed better to me than the methods outlined by Bruno Furst I do however, much prefer the major mnemonic system s method for numbers over the Dominic system for it s logical and complete conversion of consonant sounds for most languages The links between the letters and numbers in the major system are also much easier to remember and don t require as much work to remember them I also appreciate the major system for its deeper historical roots as well as for its precise overlap with the Gregg Shorthand method The poorer structure of the Dominic system is the only evidence I can find to indicate that he seems to have separately re discovered some of his memory methods.I appreciated that most of his focus was on practical tasks like to do lists, personal appointments, names and faces, but wish he d spent some additional time walking through general knowledge examples like he did for the list of the world s oceans and seas.While I appreciated his outlining the ability to calculate what day of the week any particular date falls on something that most memory books don t touch upon , he failed to completely specify the entire method He also used a somewhat non standard method for coding both the days of the week and the months of the year, though mathematically all of these systems are equivalent I did appreciate his trying to encode a set up for individual years, which will certainly help many cut down on the mental mathematics, particularly as it relates to the dread many have for long division Unfortunately, he didn t go far enough and this is where he also failed to finish supplying the full details for all of the special cases for the years He also failed to mention the discontinuities with the Gregorian versus the Julian calendar making his method historically universal For those interested, Wikipedia outlines some of the familiar mathematical methods for determining the day of the week that a particular date would fall on.Instead of having spent the time outlining the calendar, which is inherently difficult to do in audio format compared to printed format, he may have been better off having spent the time going into depth memorizing poetry or prose as an extension of his small aside on memorizing quotes and presenting speeches.I could have done without the bulk of the final disk which comprised mostly of tests for the material previously presented The complete beginner may get out of these exercises however The final portion of the disk was interesting as he did provide some philosophy on how memory systems engage both lobes of the brain within the right brained left brained conceptualizations from neuropsychology.While O Brien doesn t completely draw out his entire system, to many this may be a strong benefit as it forces individuals to create their own system within his framework This is bound to help many to create stronger personalized links between their numbers and their images The drawback the beginner may find for this is that they may find themselves ever tinkering with their own customized system, or even likely rebuilding things from scratch when they discover the list of online resources from others that rely on people having a standardized system.O Brien also provides emphasis on creativity and visualization than some books, which will be very beneficial to many beginners.Overall, while I d generally recommend this to the average mnemonist, I d recommend they approach it after having delved in a bit and learned the major system from somewhere else. A fantastic memory set O Brien s pretty damn charming and the tips are incredible As with any memory system, it only works if you practice A great system.