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THIS NOVELLA IS MORE LIKE INTERCONNECTED SHORT STORIES IT TAKES PLACE ON THE HILL COUNTRY ON THE PACIFIC COAST OF CALIFORNIA ELLIS AND PABLO ARE SURFERS AND HAVE KNOWN EACH OTHER SINCE GRADE SCHOOL BOTH LOST THEIR PARENTS AT A YOUNG AGE ELLIS LIVES ON THE BLUFF OVERLOOKING THE SURF BEACH SHE SOLD OFF SOME OF HER INHERITED PROPERTY AND MADE A KILLING ENOUGHT TO SUPPORT HERSELF.PABLO, SELLS DRUGS TO THE RICH WOMEN ON THE BEACH AND HAS MILLIONS STASHED AWAY HE DOES NOT DEAL WITH SUPPLIERS OR GROW HIS OWN POT, HE STEALS IT FROM PUBLIC LANDS WHERE THE MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS HAVE SET OUT CROPS SINCE 9 11, IT IS SAFER TO GROW IN THE USA HE ONLY STEALS FROM THE EDGES OF THE FIELDS, AND NOT ENOUGH TO GET CAUGHT.FRANK AND JANICE LIVE IN A MANSION FRANK IS A SELF SERVING RICH GUY WHO HAS PLANTED HIMSELF A WINERY HE IS HAVING AN AFAIR WITH ELLIS JANICE IS BOARD SHE LEAVES THE KIDS WITH THE NANNY AND GETS HIGH AND IS HAVING AN AFAIR WITH PABLO.FELIX LIVED IN A RURAL VILLAGE IN MEXICO HIS FAMILY HAS STRUGGLED SINCE HIS FATHER DIED HE IS THE OLDEST CHILD HIS COUSIN DRAFTS HIM TO TEND THE POT CROPS IN CALIFORNIA.A FIRE BREAKS OUT AND THE SANTA ANA WINDS TURN IT INTO ONE OF THE WORSE FIRES IN CALIF HISTORY. (((Read Pdf))) ⇞ Point Dume ☔ Two Years Ago Overlook Published Her Sopho Effort, The Wentworths, A Searing Portrait Of A Wealthy Westside, Los Angeles, Family This Too Was A Fixture On Bestseller Lists And Earned Her A Wider AudienceWith Point Dume She Has Produced Her Most Remarkable Novel To DateA Fast Moving Page Turner, With Insights That Arnoldi Has Gleaned From Years Of On The Ground Research, This Is A Timely Novel That Seems Timeless Point Dume is less about marijuana growing on public lands than about the personal conflicts and problems of people living in a changing California ocean community That s unfortunate because I thought the pot growing aspect of the book was far interesting than the lives of the US based characters I felt like I d already met them in books and movies past The book read quickly and easily, perhaps in part because everything felt so familiar, but it would have felt much satisfying if Arnoldi hadn t spent so many of her pages on back story The last quarter or third of the book is the most compelling, when the plot focuses less on soapy and satirical stuff and on various aspects of survival Like some other readers, I thought the most interesting character, an illegal Mexican worker who gets lonely tending cartel pot plants, got short shrift Overlook provided me with a copy of the book I wrote about Point Dume on my blog, here. After disliking The Wentworths so intensely, I didn t know what to expect from Point Dume It combines the strengths of Chemical Pink interesting characters, excellent sense of voice with one of the major weaknesses of The Wentworths a sluggish, barely there plot into an overall terrific package.I found myself so invested in the characters that I didn t mind much that, at best, the characters inch forward on their lives journeys Arnoldi does an excellent job of creating characters representing archetypes of rural central southern California, while giving them enough flesh to feel real Each character, in one way or another, is connected to the marijuana trade, but that s the closest Arnoldi comes to crafting something resembling a story Those who read for tight plotting will not be satisfied, but it works very well as a character driven slice of life. A short read, light on plot, with an interesting setting that the author does not really take advantage of Since 9 11 and the crackdown on our borders, the drug cartels have been growing pot on public land in the US national parks, and in this book, the hills of Malibu. I blame joan didion She blurbed arnoldi s first book Ack It was like reading a season of that tv show weeds, but no bright colors, and the text had yet to be proofread But still I read it, but you probably don t need to. She s a hell of a writer. The reason I read this book is because it was the book to read for the book club at the Kaufman public library in Brentwood I am staying in Brentwood, Los Angeles for an extended visit at my adult son s home, so I thought I would give the book club a try Actually, I met the author, Katie Arnoldi at the book club meeting and our group had a first hand account of how and why she told this story.The story involves characters in the Malibu area dysfunctional locals who grew up in a beachside blue collar community and who are displaced by the new landowners with big mansions and vineyards these residents who are then in turn threatened by the environmental destructive activities resulting from the clandestine marijuana gardens grown on the public lands by the Mexican drug cartels Themes throughout the story the destruction brought by greed men who control women and women who are affected the marijuana growing on public lands which is a huge problem the exploitation of the poor disaffected Mexican migrant.I thought it was powerful writing in a fast punchy style It is very obvious in the short chapters about the white Anglo characters Katie acknowledged that she spent time writing about the Mexican farmer migrant, Felix, because she was unfamiliar with the character s background and spent time developing it on paper.Katie said her stories grow organically out of her brain, literally characters developing and jumping out and talking in the first person or third person So the story develops like a mix of viewpoints shared by the mix of characters.It is a very interesting experience discussing a book from the author s point of view I enjoyed it. Ellis Gardner is a wild child She makes her own rules One thing Ellis loves is catching a wave or two.Pablo Schwartz is a good friend of Ellis s He has known her since he was about twelve years old This is the same time he was first introduced to the world of illegal marijuana growing It was from here that Pablo realized that there was a lot of money to be made in growing and selling marijuana Frank Joseph Bane III is married Though this has now stopped him from having an affair with Ellis He is also the owner of a vine yard Janice Bane admits that it has been a long time since she has gone a day where she wasn t high Come see how these four characters lives intertwine with each other Author, Katie Arnoldi brings to light the harsh reality of illegal marijuana growing, all across the United States Like Mrs Arnoldi, I was clueless in regards to this subject matter I knew of what marijuana and how it can make people act but nothing in regards to the process from start to finish on the growing process I thought that Mrs Arnoldi did a wonderful job show casing this problem the United States faces It is a huge problem One that I did not realize was so massive The characters were real They feel the same things we do love, loss, scared, and pride While I did enjoy this book and the picture Point Dume painted, I didn t really connect with all the characters I found Janie to be depressing and like an empty shell Frank was kind of one note Ellis showed some glimmer of hope but the stand out character to me was Pablo He has a story to tell and he brought you into his world Point Dume smells like a winner I read this book on my Kindle Fire I was attracted to it because of the title Pt Dume was one of my very favorite ocean spots when I was a young child It is located south of Malibu and I guess it is a state recreational area now at least some parts are but worse than the invasive plant species marijuana being grown in the canyons in the area, I think the Hollywood clique has ruined the area with all the pollution, overbuilding, and general devastation of the beauty of this once gorgeous area I remember it as it was, and I feel lucky to have those memories others have not been so fortunate It is true that the Santa Ana winds blow every year, and often times they cause wildfires I don t think this was a problem before the area was basically ruined by humans and their lust for the good life Wildfires are a natural phenomenon which occur on a regular basis around the planet When humans come in and over populate the area, over build and destroy the surrounding environment, is it any wonder that there are mud slides and tragedies every year besides the mudslides from normal rains Marijuana may be an invasive species here, but I suspect that Homo sapiens is the worst invasive species from the beginning After all, there would have been no marijuana growing without the people who planted the plants.