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An interesting read that uses an established couple to discuss some serious issues. [[ Ebook ]] ☔ Playing House (Dropping Anchor #3) ☘ College Sweethearts Frank And Warner Have Been Together For Sixteen Years, Married For Eleven Having Grown Up In A Freewheeling Hippie Environment, Frank Thinks Their Structured Life Is Great, Although Lately He And Warner Have Fallen Into A Rut Frank Isn T Concerned It S What Happens To Old Marrieds Frank S Blindsided, Though, When He Finds Warner Looking Into Adopting, And Frank Realizes Just How Not Okay Things Really Are Frank Doesn T Want Kids They Bring Chaos And Unpredictability He Had Enough Of That Growing Up Trying To Salvage Their Relationship, Frank And Warner Reach Out For Help In The Process Of Marriage Counseling And Working Through Their Differences, Frank Discovers His Rigid Adherence To Schedules, Anxiety Attacks, And Host Of Personality Quirks Are Actually Markers For Asperger Syndrome With The Help Of A Psychologist, Frank S Life Gets Easier, And He Realizes A Future With Children Isn T As Unfathomable As He Once Thought Through It All, Frank Is Stunned By How Much Making A Family With Warner Has Boosted The Intimacy Between Them It S Taken Thirty Five Years, But He S Finally Got A Handle On Life, And The Future Looks Even Better I enjoyed it I love reading the different layers of a character I think Bru Baker did a fabulous job with the character building and story arc Lovely story The only problem I had was, I didn t read the first two books so I get confused with the relationship with their friends from the first two books. Lovely well written story about love, anxiety and family As being plagued with anxiety for half my life I really connected with Frank and I learned things about anxiety related issues I didn t know The ending beautiful. 3rd and last in a series of 3 I enjoyed them all They take place in the islands and Seattle great MC s, not quite what I was expecting, some interesting twists that kept the whole series sexy, fun and entertaining. Strong writing and character development I like this author s work. Playing House by Bru Baker Very interesting read I enjoyed it immensely I like the author s writing style.