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For the most part, I had no problem with the translation and found the novel intriguing I was interested in the authors portrayal of her mother s knitting and sewing as a contribution to her overall mental state Being a knitter, I of course didn t share the same points of view, but other than the knitting I found the mother s character to be undeveloped and flat I would have liked to learn a bit about her back story or her opinions, or at least see her communicate in a way that wasn t accusing, full of hate The only trouble with the translation and I can t seem to let it go is at the end of the book when Mira s father is describing the tundra to her, and mentions that there are only birch trees which grow up there, so dense that you can walk over them There are definitely no birch trees in the high arctic They are spruce, most likely, and this one little error which would have only taken a minute of research sort of made me lose faith in the translation and the novel itself Too bad [[ Kindle ]] ↟ La liberté? Connais pas... ↾ Mirabelle S Art Teacher Tells Her She Has Talent, But What Good Is It Doing Her Almost Fifteen And Friendless, Mira Is Plagued By Dark Thoughts Her Body Seems To Be Changing Daily Her Mother Is Domineering And Half Crazy And Her Father Well, He S Her Ex Father, Mostly Out Of Mira S Life And Awkward When He S AroundThen She Meets Free Spirited, Confident Catherine, A Knockout Who Makes The Boys Jaws Drop Not Only Is Catherine Good At Art Like Mira, She Also Knows About Kissing Boys Mira Has Never Kissed Anyone And Doesn T Understand The Hungry Way Boys Are Beginning To Look At HerNow That Mira S Finally Found Someone She Can Talk To, Her Dark Thoughts Are Vanishing But As Her Friend Encourages Her To Come Out Of Her Shell, Mira Finds That Her New Found Confidence Can Still Be Shattered In An Instant Only After Mira Faces A Betrayal And A Tragedy Can She Begin To Put The Fragmented Pieces Of Herself Together This slim novel offers an eloquent explanation of the loneliness of Mirabella, a teen raised by an oppressive mother who struggles with mental illness Mira, the name she prefers, is close to being swallowed by her loneliness until she meets Cath and her world begins to gain color, laughter, and life A piece at a time, Mira reveals who she is and how she gotten here The reader will watch as she begins to spread her wings and find her own way forward, despite tragedy. Did you know that Pieces of Me was initially published in Canada in French under the title La Liberte Connais pas and it won the Governor General s Literary Award Me neither I don t normally come across books written in another language first, but I definitely will be looking for foreign books in the future Mirabelle has such a unique outlook on life and her words are poetic Hailing from a small town with a half crazy mom portrayed perfectly and a father who left when she was young, Mira is figuring out who she is and gathering the pieces of herself Through heartwarming experiences, like having Cath as a friend and expressing herself through her art, we see Mira s world through her intelligent, yet lonely eyes I loved reading this book It was as if I could feel Mira s loneliness and desperation for a friend filling me up like a balloon She eventually overcomes her loneliness and comes to grip with her life after she goes to therapy and tells her secrets to a blind woman whom she helped on her first day Each action by Mira is clear, and yet there s subtle undertones that create depth to her life and meaning Her relationship with the birdman is interesting He s her art teacher, and she views him as than a teacher, but as a potential serious love interest, which I thought was a bit bizarre Don t get me wrong, there s plenty of stories out there that have the teacher student relationship so that aspect is believable, but I guess it was a bit weird for me to read through it There were a small few loose ends that I would ve liked to have been tied up, but in reality it s all good Overall, I enjoyed reading this book The imagery was beautiful and the characters were unique Rating 4 5 The narrative of this lovely, lyrical novel unfolds in short vignettes, like a delicate bird skimming just over the water, dipping now and then to leave deepening ripples on the surface.Fifteen year old Mirabelle is like a wounded young bird who can t break loose from the nest Abandoned by her father who couldn t cope with her mentally ill mother, Mira s loneliness and desire to escape are palpable from the opening pages, garnering immediate empathy from the reader, who will feel her anguish and silently cheer when Mira finally begins to test her wings Her tentative friendship with Cath, the new girl in her art class, coaxes Mira from her shell Wearing a color other than black, eating French fries after school in a caf , and being acknowledged as a top student in art class are rich triumphs.Just when things are looking up, Cath unwittingly betrays Mira In quick succession, Mira is devastated by three males in her life Her sensitive art teacher nicknamed the birdman by Mira because he rehabilitates birds is the one who sees how fragile Mira is and recommends counseling Paule, the blind but insightful school therapist, helps Mira begin to fit together the shattered pieces of her self.Literary allusions and symbolism abound Librarians will love Mira, because she is a reader and library user Teen girls will identify with Mira s struggle to form her identity, conflicts with her mother, and her curiosity about her budding sexuality.Originally published in French, there seems to be nothing lost in translation The English translation is all sparse, elegant prose and should be a definite contender for the Batchelder Award. I chose this book, because the cover really stuck out to me This book spoke to me in everyways, language or expressions Mirabelle is a girl that no one cares about, well thats what she thinks Not until a new girl, Cathrine Cath stepped into her life and became her friend They both interesting in art, Cath in fashion and Mira in nature lives Both of them was known as the best artist in the art class Cath and Mira started hanging out, but Mira realize Cath is betraying her and told that she was a thieve for taking what Mira ownes Cath was really sorry, but she still wanted to be Mira s friend Not sooner, Mira s father died Her father and mother was in a bad relationship, her mother always have an awkward emotion, sometimes really mad and sometimes really weak Her father was scared of her, so her father left Mira is mad that her father has abandon her, then now her mother has abandon her Everyone important to her has abandon her But throughout this story, she grew to understand what is the purpose behind everyone, to protect her I thought Mira was a really lucky person, because she got a natural talent to draw She is gifted, but nothing is perfect Her father was always there but no use, her mother is the one that is always there for her and stood up for her and her talents She wanted her daughter to be the best Her mother even letted Mira do something that would split them apart for a while just for the best of her future I am really proud of Mira for being able to doing something she really want to do. I picked up this book at our local library when I was there with my daughter The name of the book grabbed my attention and immediately had to know It is a book meant for 12 and up and 144 pages It was originally published in Canada in French language and now has been translated into English Mirabelle Mira is trying to piece together herself in this book She is young, lonely and not trusting person as her father left because he couldn t deal with her mentally ill mother so he only comes around once in awhile Mira could barley stand to be with her mother as she was always to be home right after school which is why she is pretty lonely without any friends and having to keep to herself for the most part The new girl Cath helps Mira kind of come out of her shell so to speak by trying to get her to dress different and meet for fries after school Mira learns to express herself with art and ends up having feelings of than friendship for someone whom she just shouldn t which later complicates things for her even especially since Cath had betrayed her earlier There really is so much emotion you can feel in this book and it s worth the read for any teen girl and up I enjoyed the read even though it did go kind of fast. For some reason this book reminds me a lot of My Tiki Girl I hate the fact that she never found someone her age to date, and still loves Birdman even though he s 30 40 It s disgusting Whatever I still liked how the ending didn t really seem like an ending, and seemed like a beginning, that way I felt like Mira is actually alive and has a bright future in front of her, instead of a fictional character who is only created with one purpose and once it s complete the character s story is over, and that nothing else interesting happened after that, in the character s entire life It filled me with determination. Pieces of Me is a very beautiful novel about a lonely teen girl, named Mira She doesn t have any friends Her mother, seems to be half paranoid, half obsessive compulsive, and can t handle being alone, so she forces Mira to come home directly after school and spend all her weekends with her Her father left years before and only shows up about once a month All of this stress seems to tear away at her sense of self, so she feels like a series of pieces rather than a whole person If you don t enjoy very fragmented novels, then you won t like this one However, for meall I can say is wow Mira is a character that will definitely stay with me for a long time. I had to read it, because it was a part of the New fiction at BPL s YA fiction wall Award winning, and reprinted in English, from French, I was interested to see exactly what it would be about, and why it was so well received I recommend this book as a gentle interlude to the young girl, stuck inside of her head, and afraid of what to do next Already half way through the novel, and you are still questioning the story, still interested in the plot, still invested in the child who seems lonely and on the verge of a breakthrough A great read when travelling, on long rides, in deep thought, and before you go to sleep at night.