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[[ DOWNLOAD EBOOK ]] ☞ Peron: A Biography ↙ Latin America Has Produced Noremarkable Or Enduring Political Figure Than Juan Peron Born To Modest Circumstances InAnd Trained In The Military, He Rose To Power During A Period Of Political Uncertainty In Argentina A Shrewd Opportunist Who Understood The Needs And Aspirations Of The Country S Workers, Peron Rode Their Votes To The Presidency And Then Increased Their Share Of The Nation S Wealth But He Also Destroyed The Independence Of Their Unions And Suppressed Dissent Ousted In A Coup In , He Wandered About Latin America And Finally Settled In Spain, Where He Masterminded An Astonishing Political Comeback That Climaxed In His Reelection As President InJoseph Page S Engrossing Biography Is Based Upon Interviews OnContinents, Never Before Inspected Argentine And US Government Documents And Exhaustive Research, Page S Book Spans Peron S Formative Years His Arrest And Dramatic Rescue By The Descamisados Workers InHis Relationship With The Now Mythic Evita The Violence And Mysterious Murders That Punctuated His Career His Tragic Legacy, Personified By His Third Wife, Isabel, Who Assumed The Presidency After His Death Under The Influence Of A Rasputin Like Astrologer And The Continuing Appeal Of Peronism In Argentina Page S Study Of Argentine American Relations Is Particularly Penetrating, Esp In Its Description Of The Struggle Between Peron And US Ambassador Spruille Braden