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We live in a world where technology is exponentially growing, at a faster pace than we would have been able to register possible just ten years ago This book explores the negative effects of the proliferation of electric radio waves emitted by cell phone towers, WiFi routers, and everything else digital The book is backed up by lots of research and scientific studies, pointing to how these fields emitted by these devices impact our health on a subtle level I also found it fascinating to learn that the Earth has a magnetic field of energy that harmonizes with our own rhythms And when we re disconnected from this magnetic energy, we begin to suffer immensely Ever been in an office building and wanted to go out for a walk for a fresh air Well, there s lots of evidence pointing towards the fact that the buildings we work in, disconnect us from the natural magnetic field of the earth because of the heavy steel and insulation Here are five steps I take to avoid the influence of EMF fields in my life 1 EMF Neutralizer plugged in my home 40 value 2 EMF Neutralizing stickers stuck on my phone and laptop 20 value 3 EMF Blocking Necklace 60 value 4 Taking a walk and leaving the house every morning Free 5 Staying on the computer for a maximum of 90 minutes in one goHere are my favorite quotes from this book To be updated soon (((READ EPUB))) ↠ PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health ☂ You Probably Know That Food, Water, Sunlight, And Oxygen Are Required For Life, But There Is A Fifth Element Of Health That Is Equally Vital And Often Overlooked The Earth S Magnetic Field And Its Corresponding PEMFs Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields The Two Main Components Of Earth S PEMFs, The Schumann And Geomagnetic Frequencies, Are So Essential That NASA And The Russian Space Program Equip Their Spacecrafts With Devices That Replicate These Frequencies These Frequencies Are Absolutely Necessary For The Human Body S Circadian Rhythms, Energy Production, And Even Keeping The Body Free From Pain But There Is A Big Problem On Planet Earth Right Now, Rather, A Twofold Problem, As To Why We Are No Longer Getting These Life Nurturing Energies Of The Earth In This Book We Ll Explore The Current Problem And How The New Science Of PEMF Therapy A Branch Of Energy Medicine , Based On Modern Quantum Field Theory, Is The Solution To This Problem, With The Many Benefits Listed Below Eliminate Pain And Inflammation Naturally Get Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep Increase Your Energy And Vitality Feel Younger, Stronger, And Flexible Keep Your Bones Strong And Healthy Help Your Body With Healing And Regeneration Improve Circulation And Heart Health Plus Many Benefits This book is a great reminder of the condition of the world and how we should be taking better care of our bodies It s on point and is definitely a great source of information on the powers of natural healing, the best way to help your body and mind stay healthy Gets a little bit repetitive on the point but does cover an astonishingly large amount of ground with regard to innate health and well being. Interesting look at how the Earth s magnetic field operates and how that might effect our physiology. Excellent book giving you the basics of PEMF therapy. Good information about PEMF and the science behind it. Loved everything about this book.I learned from this book about the body, then all the time I was in college High school students should read this book before gradation thank you to the author for the enlightenment about my body and plant.