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|READ DOWNLOAD ♂ Paris and London ⚕ Paris Hunter Could Have Any Man That She Wanted That Included Her Best Friend S Husband As Well As Long As She Got What She Wanted She Didn T Care Whose Feelings She Stepped On She Loved Sex And Hated Commitment She Was Happily Single And Didn T Have A Care In The World She Loved Her Life Until Dontae Walked Into It He Turned Her Life Upside Down And Even Tried To Kill Her London Hunter Was Happy With Shawn And She Was Happy With Her Life Her Life Wasn T As Crazy As Her Twin Sister Paris She Went To Work And Then Spent Time With Her Man Afterwards That S All She Knew That Was Her Life Shawn Was Her World Until He Showed Her Otherwise She Thought Her Life Was Over When Shawn Was Over No Longer Around But Cedric Came Into Her Life And Showed Her That Her Life Was Only Beginning Will Paris Finally Get The Man That She Wanted And Stay Faithful Will London Continue To Play With Fire By Holding On To The Wrong Man And Lusting After Another After The Smoke Clears, These Twins Lives Will Never Be The Same Again