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A wild conclusion to the Orn Omnivore Manta trilogy The worlds tie together as alternity is explored and we learn how the Manta sees us in stunning detail Impressive writing and a well though out conclusion make this trilogy a fun read. This book istrippy Certainly the cover for my edition wins the title for trippiest book cover of any book I ve read in the past decade It s the last of a trilogy and unfortunately a disappointment I think Anthony got too caught up in his clever mathematical plot devices It felt like he was trying to expand a clever idea from a Scientific American article into a full story but it just didn t work The mathematical games just distracted from the story and maybe covered up a lack of plot The story and the characters both ran around in convoluted circles and then just stopped All the running around in circles gave me time to really notice aspects of the writing such as the bad handling of female characters that I had been willing to give a pass in earlier parts of the trilogy Yes, I realize that the books were written in the late 60 s early 70 s But the other two parts of the story were a lotfun, so I was willing to be a littleforgiving.Only read this because you ve read the first two parts and want to be a completist. Found this book at a library book sale for 25 cents What I noticed is the amazing Richard Corben 70 s cover art I haven t read Piers Anthony since I was in my early teens and I remember his other books seeming like they were about sex and written for the YA market This one is a bitmature, but unfortunately is kind of inaccessible if you haven t read the first two books in the series. This is the final book in Piers Anthony s Of Man and Manta trilogy and is the main reason that I wanted to revisit the series after first reading it some thirty years or so ago when it was first published in the mid 70s After dealing with the strange fungoid ecology of Omnivore and the paleocene creatures of Orn , 0X adds twoelements to the mix, namely intelligent machines and strangest of all pattern entities that cross the frame boundaries of different alternate universes, perceiving life as we would understand it only as disturbances in the fabric of their world.This book is really an extended mathematical puzzle, with a jaunt through numerous interlinked alternate universes, and about the inter relations of the different entities man, manta, orn, machine and pattern and whether they can learn to communicate and find a common understanding It is hugely ambitious, and somewhat strange, and it suffers from some rather jarringly sexist characterisation of the female protagonists and an ending that seems rather too neatly contrived I am prepared to cut it a little slack for being my introduction to the mathematical game Life invented by John Conway which demonstrates that simple patterns governed by a few rules can behave in surprising and unpredictable ways, which certainly sparked my imagination all of those years ago. I read this, along with other novels of the genre, during the Winter Intercession from seminary, when there was time for such frivolity At the time I was a member of The Science Fiction Book Club and would order cheap book club editions during the course of the year for reading during breaks from school This was not one of my better choices, it being a rather silly adventure. As is often the case when I read something by Piers Anthony, the story is pretty good, the characters are sometimes original, and I wait for the whole book to get to the part where I don t have each characters motivations and actions explained to me in detail I want to read the actions and dialogue, and understand at least the verbal, active characters that way Yes, I understand the book is a bout an entity that is basically a set of points, and I don t have a lot of experience with any of those, so I m not annoyed when the development of said character is explained in detail But I really could figure out some of what drives the human and previously human characters from what they say and how they act and react. Just plain boring Omnivore was better than I thought it would be Orn was interesting despite being bogged down in paleontology I needed to finish the series, but would have been better off not.He hung himself with too many tangents into hard science not enough story to go along with it. Too much over your head mathematics to enjoy the multidimensional chase across alternity Tons of wasted text on the game hexaflexagon when asimplified approach would have been as entertaining and less detracting to the storyline. {EBOOK} ð OX ì Of Man And Manta Is An Sf Trilogy Written By Piers Anthony It Consists Of Omnivore, Orn, And XOmnivore Has As Its Frame The Investigation Of The Deaths Of Eighteen Travelers From Earth To The Planet Nacre We See Nacre Through The Eyes Of Three Surviving Scientist Explorers Cal, A Blood Drinker, Veg, A Vegetarian, Aquilon, An Omnivore Orn Involves Travel By The Scientists Mantas Into A Parallel Dimension They Dub Paleo, Resembling The Distant Past Of Earth, Where They Encounter Dinosaurs An Intelligent Flightless Bird Called Orn X Involves The Three Scientists Attempting To Return To Earth From Another Dimension Inhabited By Hostile Machines Interlopers From Other Realities Using Technology Similar To That Of The Scientists Government Guide Hamper The Explorers A Secondary Story Tells Of A Multidimensional Cellular Automaton Energy Being Named X Its Attempts To Share Living Space With An Infant Human Male, A Fledgling Creature Of Orn S Species, One Of The Manta Carnivores Their Developing Relationship Leads To Attempts To Learn The Reasons For Their Strange Isolation From Others Of Their Kind, Which Eventually Ties In To The Story Of Cal, Veg Aquilon For now this is only getting three stars as it confused me I read this for a book group challenge as I needed a book with ox in the title and so read this before reading the books one and two, once I ve read those books I will reread this one and hopefully it will makesense.