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A wonderful story of love, passion and heartbreak There were so many twists that were anything but typical, and believable characters I loved despite their many flaws This book will hook you in from the beginning, tug at your heartstrings, and make you want On the Big White Oak is a poignant work that sucks the reader into the inner lives of flesh and blood characters that you almost feel breathe beside you They will haunt you long afterward, almost like intimate friends that passed through a meaningful passage of your life, but moved on leaving you both somehow enriched and gutted The story is enhanced with prose that amplifies the unrest and flows effortlessly winding the reader down it s river of love, deceit, sorrow, and new hope Fresh with surprise and intrigue, it is a book you will pick up like the phone waiting to reconnect with those you care about This was the most emotionally powerful book I have read since, a Thousand Splendid Suns. So first off, On the Big White Oak was sent to me free through Goodreads First Reads.Secondly, there may be a need for a spoiler alert on this one I never know but sometimes feel like I say too much when I review a book.What a heart wrenching love story Marian, Delia and Adam are caught up in a love triangle Marian can t forget it, Adam refuses to acknowledge it, and Delia doesn t even seem to realize it.For Marian, she and her cousin Delia s relationship growing up was second only to the one she shared with her neighbor Adam He was her closest friend and she loved him always Even as he married Delia and they began their life together Try as she might, she couldn t seem to move past her feelings for him She could only hide them as best she could, bury them down deep, and try to stay out of their way so that they could be happy.It seems Delia was taught that it should be her goal in life to be the perfect wife and mother She needed to keep her husband happy by giving him everything he wanted, and to look beautiful while doing it She poured herself into creating the perfect home, maintaining her beauty, pleasing her husband, and trying to get pregnant to give him the large family he wanted Unfortunately, she found she could never have children and even as her husband told her they would find new dreams, she felt she could never be the wife he wanted.Adam s story confused me I guess I don t understand exactly why he didn t let himself love Marian It was clear that he really did care about her I don t know what was stopping him from being with her to begin with, but he seemed so lost most of the time I think if I had to guess what the problem was, I would say that I m not sure Adam knew what love was From what I gather of his parents relationship, it wasn t great, so maybe that confused him.I felt like I got to know the women in the story really well, but never fully understood Adam I still really felt for each of them in different parts of the story, and wanted to reach in and shake some sense into each of them in other parts of the story.The closer I got to the end of the book the I thought, how in the heck is this going to end, something has to happen And something did I don t want to give much away, but I will say that the ending really shocked me I didn t see that one coming AT ALL I m not sure that there was ever a chance that this story would wind up with a rosy, happy ending, so I wasn t expecting that While I usually prefer a happy ending, the one the author wrote for this book was perfect.I liked how the author had the unnamed woman looking back and telling the story to the therepist as we followed along It was nice that we kind of got a where are they now look, or a what happened to answer for the characters at the end through the woman and it kept me guessing as to who the narrator was throughout the entire book. I received On the Big White Oak as a Goodreads giveaway and am so happy I received it On the Big White Oak is told through the eyes of an unnamed older woman to her therapist and is the story of Marian, Delia and Adam, starting from the time they were children and through their adulthoods Marian, a tomboy at heart, grows up best friends with Adam, the boy across the street, a boy she meets when she is just seven years old They play together and grow up together, the very best of friends Adam marries Marian s cousin, Delia, the most astonishing and beautiful woman that Adam has ever seen They have a happy marriage and love each other very much, but the one thing that will eventually drive a wedge between them is the fact that Delia cannot have children.Delia loves Adam and lives and breathes for him and their future family but when she finds out she cannot have children she is devastated Although Marian loves Adam, she is supportive of Delia and her marriage to Adam Adam does not seem to mind not having children as much as he just loves Delia and wants the best for her Marian gets caught up in the web of their lives And the one thing that Adam and Marian do to help cope with Delia s depression is a mistake they will have to deal with for year to come This story of growing up, of love, of mistakes, of secrets and heartbreaks is something the characters have to deal with and in the end only one character actually deals with it I liked this book and did not know who the unnamed older woman was the one telling the story to her therapist until the very end and it totally caught me by surprise I was rooting for Marian the entire time, just wondering when Adam was going to drop the bomb and tell the secret and ruin her life I wanted to kick Adam s butt because he had the best of everything and it wasn t ever enough I felt for Delia because she did nothing wrong and still lost everything.I did catch one typo in the book on page 175, third paragraph from the bottom It says she was his mother s child when I think it should say she was his child s mother. I prepared to read this book through 6 hours flight, just to pass the time But the book hooked me The way it was written was different from the way I like Although it was written in third person, I can easily understand the feeling of each character It was not straight to the heart HEA, but I think it was a different kind of happy ending And that last sentence was really open to so much of possibilities. Oh no, I wrote a review and then deleted it by accident.Anyway, I could not put this down and finished it within 2 days It is the perfect book for a few hours at the beach or a long car trip That being said, I found some of the grammar awkward or incorrect, and there were tons and tons of typos, which drove me crazy However, the development of the story and characters definitely made up for it I found myself extremely emotionally involved in this story despite never being in any of these situations myself Also, the author should consider turning this into a screenplay, it is the perfect kind of book to be made into a movie. This is a tough one I thought it was well written and well done It s a story about love and life, regrets and heartache It leaves you feeling like happy endings are a fairytale and that sadness, disappointment, and shattered dreams are the norm of life A very moving albeit not uplifting story.And don t bother to try and figure out how things are going to go along the way You ll get it wrong.Good read, just not a happy one. *Epub ↰ On the big white oak ↶ Adam Is A Man Who Has Everything A Great Career, A Happy Marriage And Visions Of The Family He Always Wanted When The News Of His Wife S Infertility Leaves Her Heartbroken, He Is Helpless To Save Her From The Despair She Has Wrapped Herself In Desperately Trying To Cope With The Turn His Life Has Taken, He Makes A Foolish Decision That Changes His Life Forever Marian, A Kind, Independent And Lonely Woman, Has Never Stopped Caring For Adam, Her Childhood Love After He Marries Her Cousin, A Girl She Holds Dear To Her Heart, She Struggles To Hide Her True Feelings While Still Being Supportive Of The Relationship That Seems Meant To Be When A Sudden Turn Of Events Leaves Her Bearing A Shameful Secret, She Begins To Find Solace Within The Core Of Her Mistakes For Delia, Life Without Adam Is Inconceivable She Is Consumed With Their Marriage And The Future She Has Planned For Them When She Finds Out She Cannot Get Pregnant, Her World Begins To Crumble Caught In The Middle Of A Complex Love Triangle, She Battles With The Depression Her Infertility Has Caused And Comes Face To Face With Her Greatest Fear Loved loved loved these characters Even though the central theme, or issue, of children is not something that I would normally related to, I totally felt for everyone involved Great story I also enjoy that the story was presented in a somewhat non linear fashion, and from several difference perspectives. I won my autographed copy of the book from Goodreads I loved this book which was written from different characters perspectives It was a very emotional story with love, lust, heartbreak and betrayal And in the end a pleasant surprise.