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Stand alone sequel I remembered nothing from A Long, Long Sleep, except that Rose had been put into stasis regularly throughout her life, such as when her parents wanted to go on holiday without her Yes, neglectful parents This sequel had a tough publication, especially because it was originally printed with the wrong summary This may have been corrected in later printings Which is a shame, because ICE MOON is all readers need to motivate them to read No Life But This Though it does take about six chapters or so to actually get going on the journey to Europa, an ice moon of Jupiter Before that, there s relationship drama and introducing all the characters, but keep reading.When the characters arrive on the ice moon, things get interesting, though also rather confusing I often struggle reading about psi abilities, so this doesn t surprise me There s a massive info dump chapter near the end that explains everything, though, so that helps.The ending won t work for every reader, but it made the most sense to me, and I m so pleased that the author went through with it. If anyone remembers my review of This is going to be hard I m still not entirely sure what I think about this book after finishing it But I would like to say this before anything else I loved the first book It blew my mind in terms of what it had to say about love, relationships, abuse, and recovery It was a book unafraid to deal with the mental and political consequences of a story like Sleeping Beauty and it handled them in a very raw, emotional way It was a breath of fresh air in terms of literature, and I enjoyed every step of it Needless to say, I was so, so excited to read this book That might have been part of the problem I had all sorts of ideas about what issues I wanted to explore and what I wanted to see happen as any fan would , and of course all of my wishes could not have been granted I didn t expect them to be I m sure preference weighs in heavily here While I liked Otto, I was always drawn to Rose as a character, and I probably would have preferred to hear most of the issues addressed in this novel from her perspective I preferred Rose and Otto s relationship as a platonic one I liked the emotional center of the first book rather than the sci fi world it was set in, which this book concentrates heavily on The list goes on and on This review is definitely hindered by my love of the first book, but is it possible to review a sequel without your opinion on its predecessor weighing in somehow I think it s safe to say that No Life But This is almost nothing like A Long, Long Sleep It has the same characters and the same world and that s about where the similarities end Even the writing style under a different publisher this time is radically different from A Long, Long Sleep It kind of works, because it s a different character s story this time around, but at the same time it s completely jarring I almost felt like I was reading fan fiction at times, not because of the quality of the writing, but because of the radically different voice and tone and occasionally random insights into unimportant characters, events, etc The entire universe was the same, and so were the people who lived there and yet I hardly recognized any of it One of the aspects of A Long, Long Sleep that I liked the best was how Anna Sheehan handled the relationships between all of the characters Compared to most of the angsty YA out there, the characters interactions in the book felt strong, smart, and almost classy in their structure In the first book, the relationships between Rose and Bren, Rose and Xavier, and Rose and Otto were all treated with dignity and respect, whether they were romantic, friendly, or somewhere in between Nothing felt irrational or out of left field in those romances friendships, and refreshingly, the characters actually TALKED about their friendships and feelings for one another, which is something you don t see very often No Life But This continues in this vein, for the most part Otto and Nabiki discuss their former relationship in a way that I found incredibly mature for a couple of teenagers, refusing to place blame or hatred on any party involved Rose continues to be emotionally closed off from romance understandably , and her reluctance to get involved in a relationship like that again felt realistic she needs to focus on herself first But then things got a little too weird and uncomfortable for me in terms of the romance and relationships between the characters.Mainly, I mean Rose and Otto, which is the relationship which this story is centered around I loved their friendship in the first book it flowed, felt realistic, and I loved the way they came together as outsiders Their personalities meshed in a really surprising way, especially when it came to Otto helping Rose through her personal torment However, this book twisted everything around, taking all of the trust and sweetness of their relationship and turning it into something unnatural and ugly From the first few pages to the very end, Otto just gushes and gushes about Rose and how beautiful she is and the things he wants to do with her It practically turns her character into a fantasy object of his, instead of an actual person, which was really disappointing because Rose s character was so vast and complex in the first book Their whole relationship bothered me in this book I understand that Otto was dying and losing his grasp on both his sanity and reality, but the way he treated Rose made me like him less and less as a character There was a point when I almost gave up completely on the book, and I won t go into specifics, but during this point, Otto heavily violated his code of ethics and tainted exploited Rose s memories for the sake of his own selfish gain It was disgusting dare I say borderline mind rape , BUT I can t write it off completely because Sheehan and Otto both acknowledge how horrible his actions were He even feels remorse for them and expresses it throughout the rest of the book, which makes him feel like far less of a monster That remains true for most of the characters in this novel, as well they cross some serious lines, compromise their moral integrity, and yet they show awareness and regret for what they have done And that makes it impossible to completely despise them So, what does this novel do well First and foremost, would be the universe that this book, and its predecessor, are set in Anna Sheehan is a world builder If you couldn t get that from A Long, Long Sleep , you will definitely see it here This vast interplanetary empire is thoroughly thought out and you can see that she had a clear vision for what it looked like, how it functioned, etc Everything is very well developed from UniCorp to Europa to the science to the politics It has beauty and ugliness and rich and poor and feels just as complicated and complex as our world today Not all questions have answers, not all sicknesses have cures, and not all problems have solutions It s way too realistic to be simply called a dystopia and it s certainly not a utopia This is a universe of its own.Another thing I liked about this novel, like the one before it, is that scenes are given room to breathe For some, it might seem bothersome Characters spend pages on end discussing emotional conflicts and really talking through their situations It s dialogue heavy at times, it could almost be a play I loved this, though, and it felt real and less like the abrupt, underdeveloped, melodramatic conversations you can see in other novels, particularly those aimed at a teenage audience.Rose and Xavier were pleasant to hear from and Bren, though he was barely in this one Most of the book is from Otto s point of view, and as a result, these characters personalities are heavily filtered through his eyes, but the few times we see directly into their minds, it s a treat and gives us further insight into their characters, which I find so fascinating A special shout out would go to Rose Despite being of a side character in this novel and mainly being there to play Otto s object of affection like I mentioned above , she was excellent when you saw her, still vulnerable to emotional abuse and manipulation, still lacking some much needed backbone, still occasionally self righteous and at times dangerous This felt completely honest to her character, and you can see how torn and emotionally disturbed she is, especially when it comes to interacting with Otto and Xavier or both However, there can be too much of a good thing I liked what we heard from Xavier at first, too, but when the whole Otto Xavier thing came into play, it became a real headache The plot throughout this book was really, really weird even for futuristic sci fi fairytale retellings It s a messed up story It s rather fitting, though, because these are very messed up characters living in a very messed up world I didn t expect a happily ever after at the ending of this novel and I didn t get one The characters are damaged and do some rather horrible things Even by the resolution even on the second to last page characters were acting in ways toward one another that made me uncomfortable, were morally questionable, and were all kinds of screwed up I spent a lot of time in this book not liking what I was reading, and grimacing at the characters I once loved But I do appreciate that Sheehan was making her characters, and her world, flawed, and I would have been even unhappy if things were perfect and fluffy By the end, the plot got super weird as well as the resolution , but to its credit, even if I was struggling with comprehending it, it was clear that Sheehan knew what she was writing about and where she was taking the story She has a very solid grasp on her world and how it works and what she wants to happen And the resolution was strong to be honest, the ending was probably the most satisfying part of the story The last two pages were where I saw the brilliance of A Long, Long Sleep return I loved what this novel was saying about life, how you must live it, and the choices you can be forced to make The entire closing portion of the novel was very powerful.I love the title I love the way it ties back to Emily Dickinson s poem of the same name which A Long, Long Sleep did, too , but it also emphasizes the point of the entire story It s one of my favorite titles, ever, honestly It s powerful, applicable to the story, and a shout out to some classic American poetry I had such high hopes for this book that I was bound to be disappointed There were aspects of it that I enjoyed, but when you match it up to the brilliance of the first novel, in my eyes, it doesn t hold a candle That being said, I remain fascinated by this universe and its inhabitants The ending hints at story to be told, particularly on Rose s side, and that is definitely a story I would want to read I can t recommend this novel, but I can t completely write it off, either Some will like it and some won t, as is the case with anything It wasn t my favorite, but I continue to love this world and Anna Sheehan s writing They are inventive and unlike anything I ve ever read before I m looking forward to whatever it is she publishes next 2.5 stars. DNF Maybe I m being unfair and should give Otto a chance to redeem himself, but I m done You don t pull that shit on other people 2.5 stars This ends up being one of the books with the strangest plot s that I ve ever read, and the weirdest thing, is that I only found myself truly enjoying it in the last part of the story in which the definition of weird really reaches places it probably never had.For that part alone, for the way this plot has its conclusion and was able to tie up a lot of loose ends, this would get a solid four rating.However for a really long, long time this gets focused on an insane heartbreaking you ve got to be kidding metwisted relationship It has so many twisted scenes which are played by its twisted characters.in a very new adult my heart is breaking in so many different ways, so let me write you a long ode regarding my feelings , style Sigh Definitely not my cup of tea My patience was running wild like a caged beast in tired circles, because if I had to hear how pretty Rose was one time..I was going to blow a gasket Basically I pretty much hated all the emotional stuff involving Otto, Rose, Xavier, Otto Xavier You know what made me keep reading when all the hormonal crazy stuff was happening Quinn Go figure His short fused temper and cruel honestly were a life saver when I was than ready to DNF it.And now, after a frustrating start, an irritating nerve shattering middle, and a blow mind last part, I find myself curious about further developments from this world.And when say this world, I really mean it literally Because when it comes to Rose and boys dramas, I ve had than enough.Give me something new Give me Quinn as the leading character, but make sure Rose s gets a backbone once and for all. |Free Book ♿ No Life But This (UniCorp, #2) ♗ Rose Spent Most Of Her Life Asleep Otto Spent His As An ObjectRose Fitzroy Woke From Her Long Sleep To A Changed World And New Life Her Friend Otto Watched Her From Afar, Longing For What He Felt He Couldn T Have But Just When Things Seem To Be Going Right, His Own Biology Backfires, Sending Him Into A Deathly Spiral That Neither Of Them Can Stop His Only Hope Lies On The Distant Ice Moon Of Europa, Where An Experimental Treatment Might Bring Him Back From The BrinkBut Europa Is In A State Of Revolution, And Otto S Brother Quin Is Tangled Up In It With Otto Going Slowly Insane, And Rose Haunted By Ghosts Of Her Old Life, Than One World May Soon Be Destroyed Around Them This book took me a long time to read because of the fact that I had to be in a certain mood to read itusually somber I don t want to go over the story line but just how it made me feel There were times where I felt so angry and sad reading this because of how the main character was acting.There were other times I d actually want to keep reading but knew that I could only do small doses of this book I m glad I did read it since I kept seeing the cover and knew there was to the story than the description I went in feeling hopeful about this character and walked away feeling sadnot all stories are supposed to give you warm fuzzy feelings. I was afraid it won t live up to my expectations after A Long, Long Sleep, but I was pleasantly surprised It was everything I didn t know I needed showing what damage love can do to us It was heartbreaking, twisted, emotionally raw I just envy Sheehan s talent depicting the nuances of different kinds of love Though the end view spoiler especially the whole the Moon is alive thing hide spoiler I LOVED