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!Free Book ♌ Låt det aldrig ta slut (Inspector Winter #4) ♡ A Gritty, Bone Chilling Masterpiece From The Most Acclaimed Scandinavian Crime Writer Since Henning Mankell Its Summer In Sweden As The Coastal City Of Gothenburg Suffers Through A Heat Wave, Chief Inspector Erik Winter Broods Over A Series Of Unsolved Rape Murders The Crimes Bear An Eerie Resemblance To A Five Year Old Case That The Mercurial Detective Has Refused To Let Go Cold Has The Same Rapist Reemerged To Taunt Him, Or Is A Copycat At Work And Can Winter Find A Common Thread Among The Victims Before There Are Of Them With Never End, Ke Edwardson Brings American Readers Another Installment Of The Smart, Suspenseful, Atmospheric Series That Has Won Him Legions Of Fans All Over The World Disappointing I almost gave up a couple of times and found myself skimming through parts of the lengthy and quite boring investigation Sometimes a book simply lacks the spark The ending was a bit of a surprise in a positive way , hence the two stars. This was a first book by Ake Edwardson that I read Bought it from a store just like that after reading the title name I must say the plot was so so different from what I guessed it would be..Last pages had what it had to deliver A must read for those who love crime thrillers and detective novels The only back drop if there is, its in the revealing part of secrets Reader may have to get into a little of thinking to break down the puzzle after completing the novel Yawn Dull Sweidish police procedural that tries to come across as dark and creepy but only succeeds in being dreary and contrived.My hunt for the next Sjowall Wahloo or Mankell continues And please, don t even mention Stig Larsen. Book2 in the Erik Winter series English version We were initially introduced to Chief Inspector Erik Winter in SUN AND SHADOW a turn of the century mystery Those who have an affinity toward police procedurals and soft suspense should enjoy this one.This sequel brings us a few years later in Erik s life he is now a father to a daughter and living with his partner in a cramped apartment and is desperately looking for better accommodations to ease the growing family tension The temperature is not helping Gothenburg Sweden is sweltering under an unusually hot summer.On his professional side, Erik never loses focus on his responsibilities fighting crime is his passion and he has developed a reputation to go with it When an unusual number of rapes and murders cast a disturbing shadow on the city, Erik teams up with his investigators to gather the scant and the grisly details Immediately he sees some similarities to a five year old cold case that is continually burning in the back of his mind Up until now Erik s instincts have lead him to a multitude of dead ends to a point he started to doubt himself..New events trigger a whole new approach to the ongoing mysteries As the investigators aggressively hunt for new leads and rehash the old information the plotting has a tendency to bog down a little, I am sure this is reality for every good investigator but if overdone in print it can be a deterrent to the readers enthusiasm Buried in the chapters are clues to who has actually committed the crimes but at one point with all the red herrings confusion set in and I am still wondering whether I arrived at the right conclusion or am I being set up for a sequel The lethargic sensation one suffers during a heat wave was expertly conveyed through the slow pacing and the characterization, no wonder Erik traded in his donuts for ice cream all the time, I felt the same way Never End is a gritty and stylish crime novel I enjoyed, I have the sequel on my list to read, however it is not one of my all time favourites. 3.5 stars for this one It would have been 4 but I m still a bit confused and slightly overwhelmed by the last chapter.That may simply be because of my own shortcomings however, I felt that the story moved quite slowly then BAM it was all go and then over Also, do people really withhold important information from the authorities in a murder investigation Just to cover up a stupid mistake or pathetic little affair or odd proclivity People think to highly of themselves and don t realise that their pathetic little lives mean very little in the big picture.However, I really like Winter and his colleagues and I want This was a nice reading Can t say it was amazing or breathtaking, but it was fairly good and interesting.This book screams out Summer First of all, just for being a pocket edition of a crime novel the perfect summer reading The kind of book you see people reading on the beach, or find left behind by the previous summer tenants in holiday lodgings Second, because the story takes place during an extreme Summer in Gothenburg, Sweden I didn t even know that temperatures could rise so high in Sweden Heat, beach, ice creams, cold drinks, pools Summer And that is what you get out of it a summer book that gives you a summer reading An entertaining and brief joy of a few days reading a somewhat intriguing and interesting, yet forgetful story.There are some features I would like to point out as positive The author s writing is one I liked his style of writing, keeping it interesting, with lot s of dialogues and action, well balanced with the descriptive parts I also like the way he used repetition to enhance queue issues and factors of the characters thinking processes The characters are strong and distinctive, well characterized, people that we can easily relate to In spite of this being the fourth book of the Inspector Winters series, there are no stars within the police department, no genius detective or inspector just a hard working team of police officers trying persistently at their jobs.Another positive note about this reading, and very important when it comes to crime novels, is that I really didn t have a clue of the outcome, of solving the mystery until the very very end of the story.Nothing bad to say about it, just that it lacks a memorable or striking plot, in spite of being a very complex one An average reading don t expect much and just enjoy It isn t a book I would reccomend , but then again I would not say don t read it In my opinion, it s just a good, average book For the full review on this book, please visit my blog Never End has a light, somewhat surreal atmospheric feeling throughout in spite of the horrific details of the story Eric Winter is a Swedish Chief Inspector on the trail of a murderer and rapist In the middle of a summer heatwave, a young girl is raped in the park A few days later, a girl about the same age is found murdered in the same park The rape and murder scene strike a familiar chord with Winter he discovers similarities to a murder five years earlier Edwardson s style of writing was one of my favorite things about this novel At times, the pacing was slow, but it added to the lethargic effect of the extreme heatwave and general summer vibe The amount of run around the suspects and witnesses gave the police got tedious and seemed like a stretch either to fill up pages or to draw out the story Either way, it did not add much to the story What did enhance the story was the other characters Winter s partner Halders is faced with the death of his ex wife and must cope with raising their two children alone Winter has his own personal troubles with his wife and new baby and the struggle to no be swallowed by the job. A second English translation from another Scandinavian author, ke Edwardson This series features Chief Inspector Erik Winter, who must investigate a harrowing case in the midst of a sweltering Gothenburg summer A nineteen year old girl is raped while walking home from a night out with friends She missed the last tram, so decided to cut through the park on foot, a decision with awful consequences Shortly after, a second rape ends in murder, and the cases seem connected Winter s memory is jogged to five years earlier, when an identical crime took place a rape and murder in exactly the same location That crime went unsolved has the same culprit started again Exactly which of the cases are connected, if any are at all Never End is plotted really well the plot itself, which could have been nothing particularly original, is given a nice little twist from the potential five year gap in a killer rapists activity, and the intriguing possible links between the cases Winter, too, is a good read, as is his troop of police officers His personal life and his relationship with his wife Angela develops very nicely Edwardson depicts his characters well, and the case is interesting, suspenseful, and full of a host of characters behaving oddly, than enough to keep suspicious, curious readers happy The tone, too, is dark I like Edwardson s attitude to crime fiction This novel is a slow, considered affair he turns away from violence, and unnecessary action, concentrates on character and seems to take concern with constructing a good, rounded book rather than just a quick story So, all the elements of a great crime novel seem present and correct But, Never End is passionless And that s its main problem And it s a big one The book is dark, but cold, and the writing isn t alive It s almost exemplary in everything but this most intangible, but crucial of ways There s little fire in the prose or the plot, and that s why this novel is a lot harder to truly enjoy than it should be I hope further translations will reveal books with the strengths of this one, and none of the flaws. Wieder einer dieser mordl sternen skandinavischen Schreibtischm rder und auch prinzipiell nicht so schlecht, ein bisschen erinnert mich In alle Ewigkeit an einen Hakan Nesser Roman, so wie er das schw le Wetter in Schwedens Jahrhundertsommer oder die liebevoll entwickelten Figuren beschreibt z.B die Probleme des Kommimisars mit dem Nikotinentzug Auch der Mordfall hat unerwartete Wendungen und bleibt bis zum Schluss spannend Leider gibt es auch einige gravierende Schwachstellen, weshalb ich diesmal mit Bedauern nur 3 Punkte geben kann.1 Die bersetzung ist scheu lich und wimmelt so von Fehlern2 Der Plot hat oft unn tige sinnlose Gedankenspr nge, die entweder auf die schlechte bersetzung oder auf den Autor zur ckzuf hren sind3 wiegt am schwersten Am Ende werden zwar die Morde aufgekl rt, die genauen Motive daf r erschliessen sich mir aber nicht wirklich Was sehr bedauerlich ist, denn in die Polizisten konnte sich der Autor super hineinversetzen aber nicht in einen irren M rder Das kann der Nesser einfach besser