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!KINDLE ♋ My So-called Life: The Tragically Normal Diary of Rachel Riley ♠ Rachel Riley Is The Offspring Of A Depressingly Unbroken Home Her Mum And Dad Refuse To Let Her Have A Mobile Phone, And Have Banned Ribena And Eastenders Her Seven Year Old Brother Buys Will Young Dolls From EBay And Talks In Elvish, And The Adopted Dog Eats Her Pride And Prejudice Boxed Collection It S Time For Change Absoloutely hilairious I loved it She s basically from a suburb, with a tragically snobbish middle class mother, a henpecked farther, and a litlle brother who slike a middle aged man Not to mention the Cleggs, the dog, and grandpa However Rachel riely and her best friends, Scarlett and Sad Ed are desperate to be edgy and exciting, and utterly vouge and boheimian A must read Very interesting book It shows the reality of a normal girl, going on about the things you might expect Friends, family, food and the like What else can you expect Well some how, even though this book is a very normal and simple book, there is something about it that is very appealing.This book is great, especially if you don t want to read a book that escapes reality but rather something that makes you think about normal life and that perhaps you aren t the only one with a normal life.While it s a simple life, it s full of description and lets you imagine things the way real life would let you. I enjoyed it I thought it was funny and witty and none of the book was a drag which is a surprise The character was full on brilliant as well. Ihan kiva, p iv kirjamuotoinen romaani teinityt n el m st V h n tuntui tosin uudelleenl mmitetyn haalelta, kun vertasin lukiessani alan ehdottomaan klassikkoon, Adrian Molen p iv kirjoihin T ss kirjassa ei p st aivan samalle huumorin tasolle. Very entertaining read Made me laugh There was no dull moment, even for me as an adult reader The writer convinced me that the person keeping the diary actually was 13 14 sometimes writers make children too mature and the most entertaining parts for me was when the girl was describing the events that happened in the house and in the village amongst the adults A lot of adult content so I might be embarrased to give this as a gift f.ex for my neese. A humorous book, perfect for lazy days. one of the funniest books I ve ever read When I bought this book home from the library my mom told me that I am too old to read this one Well, maybe I am, but this was so hilarious that I don t regret doing so As a Christmas present Rachel Riley gets a diary from her friend Scarlet The Christmas presents, once again, have been something way different she had wished for she can only dream about the complete first season DVD set of the O.C The diary tells about Rachel s life on a span of one year through her own eyes and thoughts The reader is introduced to Rachel s parents, her hilarious mother who has a tendency to complain about everything, to write to the local newspaper about her complaints and to make lists of things that are not allowed inside the house Ribena, watching O.C, talking about iPod, etc.Rachel s 7 year old brother is obsessed with Elijah Wood, the Lord Of the Rings and Will Young When Rachel s grandfather s dog is adopted to live at Rachel s house, some problems arouse The dog has tendency to eat everything it sees Rachel s valentine s day card from a mystery guy, Rachel s BBC Pride and Prejudice adaptation Also Rachel s grandfather causes problems he is kicked out from the elderly home because he has a relationship with his caretaker, who is decades younger than he is The reader is also introduced to other family members of Rachel such as her aunt Joy less , a hard core religious person.Rachel has two best friends Scarlet and Sad Ed Scarlet is a daughter of sex therapeutist and gyneogologists At her home talking about sex is totally normal Rachel wishes her parents could be little like Scarlet s parents Rachel believes that Sad Ed is gay and she wishes that she and Ed can someday be like WillGrace But is Ed really gay Scarlet tells Rachel that Ed is in love with a girl who just does not notice that Ed has been in love with her for a long time.I was literally laughing out loud when reading this I wish I would have been as hilarious as Rachel when I was like 14 This book reminded me a lot of those Georgia Nicholson books which I used to read when I was younger My favorite parts or this novel where the ones where Rachel wrote about her mother Thank God my mother is not like that Also the relationship between Rachel s grandfather and his caretaker is hilarious This book is a perfect read for kids over 13 years of age But I think it is also nice and light read for older readers who want to read something hilarious and light without much of thought I would really like to read the other books in the series, but the local library did not have copies of them. This was a good light book The style is quirky and different but I believe it works well for the book and the plot It was a quick read taking less than a day It was quite a simple read but had a good engaging and gripping story line There is no real plot twists and surprises but nevertheless it was a good book and I would highly recommend it It is a book which I believe is suitable for a wide range of audiences from older children to preteens to teenagers So, if you are looking for some light reading I would highly recommend this book Hope you enjoy it if you read it and enjoy it as much as I did xx