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These mofos are crazy Very good follow up to book one Brian and Roxie are still crazy as ever and will do anything to anybody Vee has gotten some time away from the craziness but it still finds herlove the way it ended so i ll be reading part 3 for sure. Wow what a way to leaving you wanting Great read I can t wait until the truth about Roxie and get craziness comes out So glad Savannah grew a pair and finally stood up for herself to Brian Hopefully Brandon and Savannah can work things out. Good read Very good book It s a lot of low down dirty folks in this story and I can t wait until they get what s coming to them soooo many crazies in this story omg Lol Can t wait to see Roxie get what s coming for her too It was an okay read although this entire series is a mess Savannah has managed to be involved with not one but two basket cases Roxie and Brian were both crazy Savannah and Prince are the only sane people in the book I will read part 3 but I m hoping the series ends soon. Crazy meets crazy So I guess this town is so small that everyone is sexing in a circle Roxie is completely loco If you re into crazy chicks, this series is for you Good story line, just needs a good editing Many typos throughout. Well, well, wellSo can t wait for pt 3 Roxie is completely off her rocker I can not believe she is that obsessed with Savannah that she is killing people And that dammmmmnnnnn Brian he is a straight lunatic. This page turner just gets better as the crazy get crazier Between Savanah s odd love triangle her psychotic friends, I don t know how she is maintaining her sanity This was another great read I am so looking forward to reading part 3 &Free Epub ↼ My Best Friends Man 2 ⇺ Who Killed Savannah S Parents Was It Her Boyfriend Or Her Best Friend With The Death Of Her Parents Still Fresh On Her Mind, Savannah Finds Comfort In Brian However, That Doesn T Last Long With Brian S Constant Demands For Than What She Is Willing To Give, Savannah Finds Herself In A Familiar Place Of Loneliness Finally, She Calls It Quits, But Brian Isn T Willing To Say It S Over Unless It S On His Terms Roxie S Dislike For Brian Grows Even Stronger Once She Gets A Hold Of Some Confidential Information She S Determined Than Ever To Destroy Her Best Friend S Man Get Ready For Round Two Of This Gritty Tale Of Obsession In, My Bestfriend S Man Drama All ThroughoutThis book kept me on edge I can t believe how it went down Some of those characters are crazy as ish Smh Hopefully the next installment comes out sooner rather than later Good bookGood book, can t wait on the next book to come out Very interesting , and kept you wanting and.