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I liked this play a great deal and found myself wondering how audiences would react to it especially audiences of very young people From the first line, Mother Hicks is a witch it is clear that witchcraft is going to be a prevalent theme of the play and I wonder how this plays to children who are scared of witches, ghosts and monsters Personally, I found the WPA aspect interesting and actually had no idea that WPA jobs and people with WPA affiliations carried such a negative stigma This is certainly something that I will be researching in the months ahead Additionally, I found myself drawing connections to the difficult financial climate of the era and the climate of today and wonder if anyone is writing about the unemployment and insurance crisis of today in a voice suitable for young audiences Gone is the money in the bank gone are the jobs gone are the homes, and the families and their plans but they seemed so safe rang particularly meaningful in our current economic situation 265. A decent play I don t like the lack of name for the main character, and I thought the ending was very cheesy. Alright I might be partial to the play Our school just did this play and one a state theatre conference for it I was on crew so I know the whole thing inside and out While I never cried with this play it touched my heart Girl wants a name, Mother Hicks is a sad mother with problems of her own, well I guess she is not technically a mother She used to mother babies The deaf boy tuc wants a friend, though the boy was played by a girl in our play I love this play very much and I recommend Dark of the Moon It s a similar play that goes on some of the things brought up in this one Over all I love it. Excellent play Zeder crafted beautiful visuals to display on the stage with this play I can not wait to actually see a production of it. ( Download Pdf ) ♈ Mother Hicks ♂ Play Script An Evocative Story Of Three Outsiders, Richly Realized Through All Of The Resources Of Theatre, Including Poetry, Character, And Story Various Locations In And Around Ware, Illinois, In The Late Spring OfTHE TASTE OF SUNRISE By Suzan L Zeder Is The Prequel To This Play CASTMen,Women Minimum Who CreateRolesSet In Southern Illinois, During The Great Depression, This Play Is About Three Outsiders A Foundling Girl Known Only As Girl A Deaf Boy, Eloquent In The Language Of His Silence And An Eccentric Recluse, Mother Hicks, Who Is Suspected Of Being A Witch The Tale, Told With Poetry And Sign Language, Chronicles The Journeys Of These Three To Find Themselves, And Each Other, In A Troubled Time Provocative Productions Through North America Have Revealed The Power And Appeal Of This Play My 8th grade did this play and its just phrnominal The emotional comnections and empathy the charechters have are incredible Read it, its well worth your time.