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LikeI have nothing interesting read but author kept trying to recruit reader into magic I like chapter on how to investigate. Nothing particularly new or in depth, but it is entertaining and highly readable I guess that, depending on the reader, Greer s POV, being that of Western esoteric tradition, might be somewhat fresh compared to those permeating most of the similar volumes out there Alternatively, this volume might actually be repellant to some for that same reason This books DOES suffer a bit from his almost exclusive reliance on that approach in some parts chapters on dragons and chimera, for example, would have benefited from addition of some basic depth psychological insights something that Greer is certainly sufficiently versed in Mind you, he is never dogmatic, and his presentation is very lighthearted, so I suppose that those who are on the skeptical side or have no interest and background in esoterica, but are yet sufficiently open minded, might enjoy this volume for its pure entertainment value At least one chapter verges on pure humour being in question, in its popular image, really does reveal a lot.I do love his attitude tho Greer is respectful of a wide range of traditions, but he really has zero patience for dogmatic materialists as well as for certain kind of fluffy pop occultists new agers Whenever he has a chance to lash at either group he does so, often with panache Bibliography at the end is also deserving of some praise its length is almost that of another chapter, and Greer offers his informative comments for each entry. There are common tropes about vampires Their undead, they are aristocrats with a Hungarian accent, they fear the sign of the cross and they are commonly presented as sex symbols Unfortunately very little of this is true as John Michael Greer very eloquently puts it In monsters, Greer dives into the lore of Angels, Vampires, Mermaids, Demons, and Werewolves Providing historical lore among many countries and cultures He also compares is to film and modern fiction such as LOTR and others Towards the end of the book, he goes into the truths about demons and tools for you to become an expert on all thing paranormal The goal mission is to debunk any tropes or myths about the most common legends My favorite is vampires, werewolves and his intro on the Old Hag myth By the end of this book, you will find yourself being an expert.This book definitely opened my eyes and made me realize that Hollywood s version of the lore is nothing but really good fiction in some cases In others its just crap Twitter daplme2016 Even if you don t believe in ghosts, demons, or other monsters, the aim of this book is a fascinating thought experiment explain the existence of phenomena which are consistent across the experiences of humans with no communication or cultural link despite the lack of any empirical evidence While usually tackled by parapsychology and appeals to a collective unconscious, or the common evolutionary roots of human thinking, this author has a muchnovel claim they re real But assuming ghosts, ghouls, and gremlins are real, how can you tell when they re a better explanation than commonplace explanations such as insanity This is where it gets interesting, the scrutiny and specificity with which Greer builds each class of etheric entity based on the most ancient lore and recent reports allows you to rule out the simplest explanations one by one and only argue for the supernatural when it truly makes the fewest local assumptions.While the difference between local and universal theory construction is probably past the education and interest of the author, it still makes this book a compelling argument for how science could be expanded This is most obvious in the book s explanation of shape shifters They don t actually change bodies with wolves or bears, but commune with animal spirits to take on their behavior.Do shape shifter s actually commune with real spirits or are they just deluded Ask the Romans, who failed to ever conquer the Berserkers or Bear Seekers of the North when you re at the end of their axe, it doesn t matter Such as it is with all supernatural entities, whether they re real or not in total reality has no bearing on whether they can become real as daylight to your personal world. I appreciate the authors other contributions to, say, the Picatrix, and this book is certainly great for adults and kids alike While some of it is speculation, other parts of it are from his own experience Why wouldn t you want to read a book on hunting monsters I loved monsters as a kid, so I had to pick this up I actually discovered it in a free little library not far from where I live, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this cute little gem Great read form a even greater author A look at monster lore from the magical perspective.Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, spirits here defined as two different entities , creatures of faery, angels, demons, mermaids, dragons what s real and what s creative fiction Going deep into lore and legend, Greer gives what the magical traditions he practices consider the truth to some of our favorite monsters.After identifying what these various monsters really are, what they do, and how they operate, Greer explains the best way to investigate and potentially deal with each of these creatures After teaching methods of investigation, Greer also gives some examples of natural and ritual magic protections that will help the intrepid investigator in their dealings with the monstrous.Greer also includes a great annotated bibliography with plenty of books for further reading, something I always appreciate.This was my second reading of this book, and I still absolutely love it Greer really knows his stuff, both as a researcher of monster lore and a practitioner of the Golden Dawn magical tradition Very interesting reading that I highly recommend if this is your thing. This book, while I was initially very excited to read due to the folklore like content, I must admit that I was utterly disappointed with the overall product While yes, this work does go over the details of several monsters, none are elaborated upon in any sort of detail however, that is not the worst part about this book The author fancies himself a practitioner of Western magic, being a member of the Golden Dawn, and thus, goes into the monster descriptions with numerous magical allusions being constant Astral, etheric and physical levels are just some of the intricate descriptions stated in this book For someone who has no interest in Western magic and just simply wanted to read an interesting book describing monsters, this book is not for you The jargon is overused and the text is mostly dull. Skim it at the bookstore Don t be put off by the mixed reviews, Greer may be an acquired taste, please go to the trouble of acquiring it, you ll be rewarded with a headful of fresh ideas , but he knows his stuff.There aren t many people out there who draw the parallel between UFO stories and faery lore, despite the obvious parallels, but Greer gets it Likewise the way he neatly sets out the differences between the, apparently , solid world we inhabit, and theetheric levels is disturbingly logical I ve only just found this book and it s a valuable addition to the modern cryptozoological cannon it isn t sensationalist, it s far darker than that and all the better for it It says a lot when you see how he s careful to impress on the reader that they have to be aware of their own mental wellbeing when approaching this material.It s not ever going to appeal to the I m in love with a spangly vampire brigade, but if you want something a lotthought provoking and informative, this is a great book. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ☃ Monsters: An Investigator's Guide to Magical Beings ☛ Of Course That Monster Hiding Under Your Bed When You Were Little Didn T Really Exist Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Demons They Re Simply Figments Of Our Imagination, Right After All, Their Existence Has Never Been Scientifically Proven But There Is One Giant Problem With Such An Easy Dismissal Of These Creepy Creatures People Keep Encountering ThemJoin Occult Scholar John Michael Greer For A Harrowing Journey Into The Reality Of The Impossible Combining Folklore, Western Magical Philosophy, And Actual Field Experience, Monsters An Investigator S Guide To Magical Beings Is Required Reading For Both Active And Armchair Monster Hunters Between These Covers You Ll Find A Chilling Collection Of Fiendish Facts And Folklore, Including Why True Vampires Are The Least Attractive And Most Destructive Of All Monsters The Five Different Kinds Of Ghosts Magical Origins Of The Werewolf Legends How To Survive A Chimera Encounter Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, Mothman The Hidden Connections Between Faery Lore And UFOs Where Dragons Are Found Today How To Investigate A Monster Sighting Natural And Ritual Magic Techniques For Dealing With Hostile Monsters This Th Anniversary Edition Of The Quintessential Guide To Magical Beings Features A New Preface, New Chapters On Chimeras And Zombies, And Updates On Werewolves, Dragons, And The Fae