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!READ EBOOK ⚇ Mocha Dick: Or the White Whale of the Pacific ♝ Mocha Dick Was A Notorious Male Sperm Whale That Lived In The Pacific Ocean In The Early Th Century, Usually Encountered In The Waters Near The Island Of Mocha, Off Southern Chile American Explorer And Author Jeremiah N Reynolds Published His Account, Mocha Dick Or The White Whale Of The Pacific A Leaf From A Manuscript Journal In In The Knickerbocker Mocha Dick Was An Albino, And Was The Inspiration For Herman Melville S Novel Moby Dick Wikipedia Read for personal research found this book s contents helpful and inspiring.A good book for the researcher and enthusiast found this book s contents helpful and inspiring number rating relates to the book s contribution to my needs. More and with being on the internet you come across intriguing things such as albino whales These rare specimens are what fascinates people while drawing their imagination in all its array even to the point where a white whale is almost always universally tied with the infamous Moby Dick But was there an inspiration behind the story written by Herman Melville Sadly since we are talking about the 19th century great records aren t kept in many scientific ventures although stories pass down in bits and pieces to us We have lost so much so I am happy to see someone chose to print out this from a periodical of the time even though it only teases us with small bare facts of the actual beast while still providing mankind with a tale that cannot be bypassed by other events Within these short pages you are introduced to a peculiar looking first mate who tells of his greatest triumph on the seas by killing the infamous devil fish Mocha Dick terror of the Pacific whalers You hear the art of whaling from the whaler, the adventures, the dangers, the thrill and the excitement of being able to best Nature in all her glory while the author then glorifies that it is whaling that brings the best of traits out in mankind as he ends his recollections of this story being told to him Although I haven t read Moby Dick I know enough that I can pick up where the influences have been pulled from this account to help make that book And now I am going to be moving on to that particular novel kiddie s version next but armed with the knowledge there was an actual true inspiration who fought for his kind just as much as we fight for our own. This article served as Herman Melville s inspiration for Moby Dick Clearly, the idea of an elusive and dangerous white whale in the South Pacific comes from this story Also, Moby Dick is an obvious derivative of Mocha Dick In addition, Melville borrowed the story of a harpoonist leaping into the ocean during a confrontation with Mocha Dick for his character Pip Although the reasons for this action were different in the two stories, both involved a question of cowardice A man in the article is dragged into the deep after getting tangled in a line of a harpoon in Mocha Dick, as happens to a main character in Moby Dick This story concentrates primarily on the confrontation with Mocha Dick, whereas Moby Dick follows its characters from Nantucket, through a long voyage before climaxing with the confrontation s with Moby Dick I would recommend reading Moby Dick before reading this, as the article is interesting if one can draw parallels between it and Melville s book. Interesting story It has been a while since I read Moby Dick, but I think there were a few turns of phrase taken almost directly from this It, at least, isn t hard to see how this played a part in inspiring the novel. Adenaline raising taleThis quick read, an inspiration for Herman Melville s Moby Dick, tells of a harrowing event in a career known as whaling The descriptions of the chaos involved in killing whales offered a glimpse into this occupation, although many would find it heartless than breathless.