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I LOVED this.Definitely the most addictive debut I ve read recently, peppered with extraordinarily engaging and fascinating characters with a central theme I am always drawn towards I say no on that particular thing.Dr Augusta Bloom is my favourite type of main protagonist, aptly backed up by ex MI6 agent Jameson, a brilliantly readable duo brought to vivid life by the author and thrown into an absolutely intriguing drama that will keep you up late turning those pages And then there s Seraphine Who I m absolutely crazy about.Mind Games indeed I hesitate to give too much away but this is excellent story telling done with spot on pacing and pitch perfect twist placement, characters to die for and a game of wits that will challenge yours.A refreshing take on a theme, beautifully written, cleverly crafted and has left me longing for.Highly Recommended. (((FREE PDF))) ⇝ Mind Games ☠ Four Strangers Are MissingLeft At Their Last Known Locations Are Birthday Cards That Read YOUR GIFT IS THE GAME DARE TO PLAY The Police Aren T Worried It S Just A Game But The Families Are Frantic, And Psychologist And Private Detective Dr Augusta Bloom Is Persuaded To Investigate As She Delves Into The Lives Of The Missing People, She Finds Something That Binds Them AllAnd That Something Makes Them Very Dangerous IndeedAs Disappearances Are Reported And New Birthday Cards Uncovered, Dr Bloom Races To Unravel The Mystery And Find The Puppeteer But Is She Playing Into Their Hands I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishing for an advance copy of Mind Games, a psychological thriller set in London and Yorkshire featuring psychologist Dr Augusta Bloom and her PI partner Marcus Jameson.When teenager Jane asks Jameson, a family friend, to help find her mother he is determined to help but Augusta is less convinced until she learns the details Lana received a first birthday card on her birthday saying Your gift is the game Dare to play then she disappeared and she isn t the only one A social media appeal has given Jane the names of three other people who have disappeared after receiving a card.I must admit that I found Mind Games to be a compulsive, thrilling read in terms of the plot and action but there were other parts that I really didn t like so overall it is a bit of a mixed bag for me I have erred on the plus side in my rating because the plot is exciting and has an unusual premise not anything I was expecting I found myself turning the pages feverishly to find out what was coming next and walking away for a few minutes when it got tense Initially the book was hard to get in to with constant changes of perspective, Augusta and Jameson, Lana and the mysterious scenes between Augusta and her teenage patient Seraphine which do not have any obvious relevance although it s fairly obvious what Seraphine is I did, however, like the way Augusta s past and Seraphine s role in it are slowly revealed, again it s quite unexpected My main reservation about the novel is the labelling and generalisation of one class of people I can t say without issuing spoilers but it made me deeply uncomfortable I prefer to see people as individuals rather than one of many with the same characteristics.The characters are interesting Jameson an ex British Intelligence Officer is smart, warm and caring Augusta is cool, private and fiercely analytical Aspects of her past are explored but we learn little about him This and the way the novel ends rather inconclusively lead me to suspect there may be a sequel in the pipeline.On the whole Mind Games is a good read 3.5 Van een pageturner gesproken Recensie volgt op mijn blog Well what can I say apart from this book is fantastic, addictive and so damn clever I can t praise it enough I just loved it The characters are captivating especially the wonderful Augusta Bloom and are so well written and real combined with a unique plot line this makes it a book that is surely going to be a big big hit Oh and how could I forget Seraphine she is one hell of a character and a huge favourite of mine A game of Dare, people seemingly going missing after a birthday card, psychopaths well wow this is an intriguing mystery full of suspense I really do hope we see of Augusta, Marcus and others in any future books by the fabulous Leona Deakin.So it s hard to say without giving things away so I will say no than read this riveting book it s one definitely not to missed and a big 5 star read for me My thanks to NetGalley, Leona Deakin and Random House UK for giving me the chance to read the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. If you want a book that will guarantee you won t sleep at night and will make you extremely paranoid to boot then today is your lucky day.That is to say, I loved it Gone is as twisted and dark as the villains it writes about, and will keep you on tenterhooks from start to finish It s also a deep dive into a world where the line between good and bad looks increasingly murky From the start, the book is fascinating It follows the exploits of Dr Augusta Bloom, who is in a race against time to figure out the mastermind behind the game that is making people vanish all around the country Spoiler alert they are all psychopaths And that revelation was roughly the point where I became gripped.From there, we re swept along on a breakneck investigation Gone certainly doesn t take any prisoners we hop from revelation to revelation with lightning speed, which makes it a struggle to keep up We also get to see inside the minds of the psychopaths playing the game As somebody who knows next to nothing about the condition, this was almost as interesting as the mystery who knew it was so fascinating to read about people who lack empathy so completely, or so chilling to think about what they can really do when they put their minds to it We also get to find out about the main characters themselves, Dr Bloom and Marcus Jameson They re likeable people, but they re both closed books so much so, in fact, that I kept wondering whether I was reading an installment in a series rather than a debut Everybody seemed to know about the characters than I did.However, the contrast between the two of them Bloom is cool, calm and analytical, where Jameson is impulsive and passionate is great, although I would argue that Jameson probably doesn t have the temperament to be the successful ex secret service agent he s described here as Watching them rub uneasily alongside each other is fun to watch, and Jameson, especially, endeared himself to me through his fumbling and awkward attempts to ask out Sarah, a local doctor, at the coffee shop.Grippingly told, and with plenty of shocking twists and turns, Gone kept me reading well into the night and then not sleeping for the rest of it If you re looking for an edge of your seat beach read, this is it. For real, it s been so long since a psychological thriller has been both this complex and compelling while also actually scaring me Deakin s writing evokes such suspense and terror, I was on the edge of my seat unable to stop reading There were twists of fear and anxiety in my stomach while I gasped in surprise B r i l l i a n t.Several stories are told in this book, but the main perspectives are Dr Bloom a renowned psychologist and private investigator sort of and Marcus Jameson, her business partner who is ex MI6 Very flashy credentials in this one People are going missing after receiving first birthday cards daring them to play a game When one of them is a close family friend of Jameson s, they dive into the mystery to find out what s really going on and who is orchestrating such a sophisticated game What I really loved about Mind Games is the thorough complexities to the story Real psychology and real insights, having to think and make sense of real life stuff I have to give this one 5 stars because for my personal taste in thrillers I really couldn t fault it. A fast thriller by a new author Leona Deakin The book was quite unexpected and different The story involved a weird game where people disappeared and only their birthday cards were left behind Everyone thought it to be a new online game which keep popping up on the internet except Augusta who was a psychologist.Augusta was strong and gutsy She asked questions, delved into matters I liked the way her intelligent mind was shown The story read fast, the twists and turns were pretty darn sharp and I read the book for the pure thrill of it Hence I didn t bother to try to guess the end Overall I had fun And I would read this author again This is a clever read, which pursues an original and unusual path But I found it a rather joyless and flat read that I was pleased to finish It s missing sparkle and I guessed pretty early on what was going on Nevertheless, some good ideas and an interesting debut Review to follow closer to publication on For Winter Nights.