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This storyline was very different from other books I have read but I was very interested in what happened all up until the end I didn t notice the length in pages because I was too interested in what was going to happen next I love long interesting books I have to say I liked Craven very much and was rooting for him the whole time. [Free Pdf] ♒ Metal Love Songs ☳ Ladies And Gentlemen We Give You, The Beautiful, The Talented, The UncomparableFreedom Rose And FreeFall Stage Fades To Black The Epic Music Commences And Her Love Song Begins Metal Love Songs Take You On The Journey Into A Woman S Sexual Awaking In The Arms Of The Up And Coming Dymond S Front Man, Chay Kim, And The Already Iconic Musical Genius, Craven SummersEmotional Betrayal And Lost Love Drives Freedom Rose Into Becoming The First African American Woman To Front FreeFall, One Of Today S Most Prolific Symphonic Metal BandsFreedom, Chay, And Craven Have All The Trappings That Success And Money Can Buy Except The Lost Love They Can T Forget It Takes An Unforeseen Accident To Bring Them Full Circle To Where They Began GoodIll have to say this was very different from what I m used to reading but it was good the only complaint I have is some of the dynamics were to long and then some were to short where to me it could have been longer it was too short overall a decent read Craven I loved Chay for me was too needy I couldn t even finish this The writing is terrible, and needs a serious SERIOUS overhaul The tenses blur and the sentences don t make a lot of sense at first This reads like something an ambitious high schooler would writeand get a D on for the poor grammar and usage And to think, I was definitely looking forward to reading about a black rock chick Sigh. I have been a follower of Ms McCarver since the release of her first book This book had so much potential that was never quite developed Freedom Rose and Chay Kim grew up together through all the changes life brings, death of a parent, puberty, crushes and stardom Freedom had a love of music, especially Heavy Metal, a genre overlooked by many African Americans Chay discovered himself through Heavy Metal There was so much to this story, that at times it felt a little heavy and slow Ms McCarver had so much invested in the back story, that nothing was left for the current storyline The ending felt rushed and unrealistic Metal Love Songs is not a favorite of mine, but I still look forward to Ms McCarver s next book. WowI wasn t expecting everything that happened in this book It was very well written, this was the first time for me, reading this author, it definitely won t be the last. Thanks to author Shiree McCarver for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for a typically honest The Fountain Pen Diva review drum roll please If you don t know it by now I am a sworn, avowed and affirmed metalhead My musical tastes do run the gamut, but it is metal which continues to hold my allegiance And there are a lot of us metalheads of colour out there, and not just fans There are bands like Sevendust, King s X, Straight Line Stitch, Tetrarch, Devil You Know, Skinflint, Diary of Destruction and Benedictum just to name a few There s even Judas Priestess, an all female Judas Priest cover band fronted by the awesome Militia Vox.So when the author told me about her idea to write about a Black female metal singer for last year s NaNoWriMo, I went HELL FUCKIN YEAH I mean, how could I not be all over that What I didn t know was there would be a LOT to the book than just metal Then again, perhaps I should have known, considering Ms McCarver s penchant for surprising readers Yes, all those bookshelf tags are what s in this book And that is why I wavered between 3.5 to 4 stars Goodreads, you really need to create an option for half stars.You know how some readers are turned off by long books Well, Metal Love Songs wasn t long enough at a mere 525 pages Not for everything it tried to cover Granted, it was a wild and bumpy, sometimes decadent ride, but there were moments I wondered is this it Moreover, the ending was just too HEA and far too quick considering the hell she put her characters through.And bro ther does she put Chay, Freedom and Craven through hell We re talking about bipolar disorder, bullying, bisexuality not a bad thing , polyamory, the cut throat music industry and a love that will have to go through tragedy I think overall, my problem with the novel was balance The thing is, and one of the reasons why I wavered in my rating, is the music I need the music I don t want or need to be told how awesome Freedom Rose is on her signature Steve Vai custom, or Chay strutting like Axl Rose SHOW ME Let me see her fingers running up and down those frets Let me hear the roar of the crowd as FreeFall and Dymond tear it up onstage I want to be that headbanger in the pit, sweat soaked as I mosh with my fellow metalheads To be fair, it s difficult for any author to put into words that sensation of playing live I need to know what they sound like Do they sound like Kamelot, Nightwish, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambriaor what Having said that, each new chapter has a listening suggestion which definitely helped to set the scene, especially for those unfamiliar with the different genres of metal and there are a LOT of them I thought that quite brilliant.My other issue was the BDSM aspect Not the practice per se, because great kink is fun My problem was with the novice Freedom wielding a whip Her age and serious lack of experience just didn t feel realistic Being a good Dominant isn t something one just does without extensive training I m always critical when it comes to depictions of the lifestyle However, I did enjoy the character of Rose, the owner of a vintage clothing boutique who s not just the woman who provides Chay with stage gear, but who is also a Dominatrix She was a wonderful guide and a good, loyal friend to all the principals There were plenty of awesome characters to love, and the author totally did NOT commit genderfail by giving me several amazing female characters Nara, Chay s sister was especially awesome The voice of humor and common sense She and Free were truly ride or die Freedom s parents were amazing, especially her mother How many real life musicians would love to have cool parents who supported their dreams Out of the main trio, I have to say I adored Craven His love, his loyalty and his sheer fuck you edness when it came to being open about his bisexuality was right on My heart though, went out to Chay and his epic struggle with bipolar disorder A struggle I ve seen in real life with the drummer of my ex s former band Chay was probably the most emotionally brutal of the main characters and his journey alone makes this book stand out.Then There s Freedom Rose.A young woman who knows what and who she wants Once her mind is set, she gives it her all And yet, there seemed to be aspects that felt unfinished somehow When she loves, she loves wholeheartedly, regardless of the rules And when it comes to making it in the metal world, she wanted to be nothing but the best.So, my final decisionI m going with four stars because this book, despite its flaws, is still better than a lot of carbon copy romances I m going with four stars because it s all about METAL, that powerful, passionate, aggressive, take no prisoners, sonic bombast that can get the blood pumping and the fists raised Not to mention Freedom is depicted with both braids and dreds and nicely detailed at how she maintains them I appreciate those details considering the seeming preference for good hair in IR these days There s definitely scorching sex which is not for the easily squicked, but it s not sex for sex s sake There s emotion, need and even greed Heed the author s warnings.Metal on, dudes m I m going to go with a 3.5 not sure what the hell happened around the 85% mark but it just lost me I was like deep into the book and then it was like I missed the train lol One thing that bugged the hell out me of up until the 97% mark Craven was treated like a f king option instead of a priority Like he wasn t good enough they both treated him this way and that really pissed me off This dude is what the hell is keeping all this shit glued and he gets curved like a side chick I wanted so bad for someone to fight for him never happened He was always giving I thought chay was a brat it was always about him, yes there are other issues at play but hell give someone else a chance to shine, and Freedom I liked that she was opened but she was soooo deep in Chay s ass she couldn t see the damn light All in all good read I do feel it was longer then needed but hey if this author feels like it should be tons of pages then who am I to say otherwise Would I read it again probably not but it was a nice read Lata folks