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Holy mackerel this was a dumpster fire. It was pretty great when I was 8 or 9 but oh my god was it just terrible.

Of course if you think I won't read the Ninja Gaiden Worlds of Power book, you are wrong. This is the least well written book in the Worlds of Power series. Snake isn’t named Justin, stop switching between calling him that and snake, the plot is barely based off of the actual game, but hey, this was still fun to read as a kid! #DOWNLOAD PDF ⚠ Metal Gear (Worlds of Power) Ê Metalgearworld Votre Installation PHP Ne Dispose Pas De MySQL Extension Requise Pour WordPress Metal Gear Solid Playstation Sur Metal Gear World MGW, Tout Sur La Saga Vidoludique Metal Gear Solid Dcouvrez Dans Cette Rubrique Les Dessous Du Premier Pisode De La Clbre Srie Des Metal Gear Solid, Au Travers D Anecdotes, D Une Chronologie, De L Histoire Dtaille, De Biographies Des Personnages, D Une Solution Complte Du Jeu, D Astuces, De Tactiques, De L Inventaire Du Jeu Et Des Objets Bonus, De L Emplacement Des Fantmes Metal Gear MSX Et NES Sur Metal Gear World MGW, Tout Sur La Saga Vidoludique Metal Gear Solid Dcouvrez Dans Cette Rubrique Les Dessous Du Tout Premier Pisode De La Srie, Sorti Ensur MSX Et NES, Au Travers D Anecdotes, De Biographies Des Personnages, Du Scnario Dtaill, D Une Solution Pour Chaque Version Du Jeu, De Metal Gear Ac D PSP Sur Metal Gear World MGW, Tout Sur La Saga Vidoludique Metal Gear Solid Dcouvrez Dans Cette Rubrique Les Dessous Du Second Pisode Parallle Sorti Sur PSP, Au Travers D Anecdotes, D Un Test, De Biographies Des Personnages Et D Une Description Du Systme Complet De Cartes Metal Gear SolidGuns Of The Patriots PS Sur MetalMetal Gear Gekk Le Metal Gear Gekk Clair De Lune En Japonais , Fabriqu En Srie, Fonctionnant Grce Une IA Lui Confrant Une Quasi Autonomie, Est Compos DepartiesUne Tte Et Un Torse Mcaniques Ressemblant Au Metal Gear REX Le Gekk Est Massif, Avec Un Blindage Capable De Briser Des Surfaces En Pierre Et De Supporter Des Tirs De Fusils D Assaut, Mme Si UneWorld Marshal Inc Metal Gear Wiki FandomMetal Gear SolidSnake Eater PS Sur Metal Gear World MGW, Tout Sur La Saga Vidoludique Metal Gear Solid Dcouvrez Dans Cette Rubrique Les Dessous Du Troisime Pisode De La Clbre Saga Solid, Au Travers D Anecdotes, Du Nouveau Systme De Jeu Camouflage, Nutrition, Cure System , De L Histoire Dtaille, De Biographies Des Personnages, D Astuces, De Tactiques, De L Inventaire Du Jeu Et Des Objets Bonus, Des Rangs, De L Emplacement DesMetal Gear Worlds Of Power Nine, F X Metal Gear Worlds Of Power Paperback July ,by F X Nine Authorout Ofstarsratings Bookofin The Worlds Of Power Series See Allformats And Editions Hide Other Formats And Editions Price New From Used FromMetal Gear ZEKE Metal Gear Wiki Fandom Frankly, this book is terrible. The plot is nonsense, the pacing is horrible, there's so much setup with absolutely no payoff, and it is absolutely absurd in every sense of the word. And I love it with all my heart.

I am a big fan of the game series this book is based off of, which is no stranger to absurdity, so I see this as more a part of the history of one of my favorite franchises than as a genuine work of art. It's a pretty shameless cash grab aimed at children. It's not meant to be a literary marvel.

The Worlds of Power series was not officially licensed by Nintendo, so all of the books in the series took very creative liberties with the source material, and that includes this entry, so don't go in expecting it to be a faithful adaptation of the game, or else you will be severely disappointed.

If you are looking for a genuinely thrilling and well told story, I advise you look almost anywhere else. But if you just want something to laugh at, or appreciate obscure elements of gaming history, I'd recommend you at least check this out. That's why I give it three stars out of five. It's a genuinely awful story, but I haven't had this much fun tearing into a book in a long time. This is one of the better, if not the best of the Worlds of Power books. Unfortunately, that's not saying much. The problem with these books is that they are written so simplistically and poorly. Even as a kid I would have been a little insulted by the writing.

At least this Worlds of Power book didn't incorporate the unnecessary kid like the fantasy books do. That is exceptionally annoying in this series.

The writing is so bad at points that it makes one cringe. Lines like "The metal itself seemed to radiate evil," and "Time had slowed down, but each second moved too fast." I mean, eesh. Awful, just awful.

One of the best features of these books is the recommendations section in the back. They give readers the option of finding books similar to what they've just read, but written so much better. There's no reason to ever read this book or any other in the Worlds of Power series. This series features several novelizations of video games by somebody who neither played the game or is an author. In this book, everything from the original game has been changed, mangled to fit some halfbaked story that doesn't make much sense. To give you a little taste, Snake's name is changed to "Justin Hailey."

To be fair, these books, Metal Gear included, are all based off NES games which aren't exactly none for rich, detailed stories and engrossing characters. But the book should at least stick with what's in the game, not disregard it entirely to make up its own plot. All of these books use the name of whatever game they're aping solely to bring attention to itself.

This particular book was actually written by Alexander Frost, a wholly unremarkable author. But the mastermind of the Worlds of Power series is F.X. Nine, real name Seth Godin. Godin is the creator of Yoyodyne and Squidoo, who's since turned into a writer of terrible selfhelp books about becoming rich. That should tell you all you need to know about the quality of both this book and the Worlds of Power series overall. This was the first "novel" I ever read! My mom bought it for me at the grocery store. It was based on a Nintendo game that I borrowed for months from a friend and really loved, as it mostly involved trying not to be noticed while you snooped around. A better way to read it is to imagine Snake instead of any other names he's being called and also to imagine him more badass than he's presented. That's what I did after a few chapters and it felt better that way. This book was not "good" but as an 11 year old it was the bee's knees. I still have my copy through god knows how many house moves. The weirdest, most glorious pile of hot steaming nonsense I've ever read. I'm about 90% sure F.X. Nine has never played Metal Gear and 100% sure he has never seen a scorpion before. I loved it. 17foottall trained attack scorpions with eyestalks and scales that buzz with evil excitement while they advance on our Heroic Protagonist, "their stings held high in the sting position", presented entirely in earnest? What could be better?

I think it's just time for me to admit that I love garbage and have no standards. I enjoyed every second of this stupid book.