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I have no idea what happened in this book Which given the fact that I read it until the end is a bit strange There was something about a pirate who wasn t a pirate, a childish girl, a panther, a parrot who was ironically named Polly, and then something about the French Napoleonic war And yeah, I really should have stopped reading after the first five chapters but I was so convinced that it was going to change and get better but it just didn t And the kicker is that I couldn t even make a emotional connection to any of the characters, it just wasn t written in a way for that to happen So I really wish that I had left this as a DNF but sadly I wasted a good part of 2 days on this book 1 star if only so that it has a rating. This is the second book that I have read by this author and she has a nice writing style, albeit that this is not a perfect book The heroine, Juliet, lives with her brutal uncle and spoilt cousin The uncle physically abuses Juliet and whips her regularly and has permanently disfigured her hand She lives in a world of silence and fear It becomes clear that the spoilt cousin Clarissa is also abused by her father but in a different way Clarissa has an affair and is caught by her father, who then castrates and murders her lover This turns out to be the brother of Black Garrett, a famous pirate, but who is in reality an English Earl who is providing information on the French to the admiralty He decides to seek revenge and murders the uncle and kidnaps Juliet in the mistaken belief that she is Clarissa, with the intention of raping and abusing her He forces himself on Juliet although she gets pleasure from the act and then tries to comfort her as he realises that he has hurt the wrong woman This is undermined however by the fact he then makes her drink a potion which makes her respond amorously to him and he has sex with her throughout the night.Thereafter the author does well to portray the impact that the abuse she has experienced has had on Juliet and the way in which this is compounded by the hero s actions This is not a girl who recovers over night There is a magical element to the book which I found frustrating and hard going There are two scenes where Garrett mesmerises Juliet with his magic into sleeping with him and then convinces her this was a dream Given that earlier on in the novel he points out he will not do this as it would still be against her will this left a bad taste as well as being bizarre Much of the novel was spent on Juliet s angst about her betrothed Tomas, who had known about the abuse but not done anything to stop it Garrett refuses to return her to Tomas given his cowardness and a large part of the book is spent in getting Juliet to realise how worthless Tomas is Tomas is eventually revealed as a weak villain and this devastates Juliet even further and makes Garrett feel even guilty He takes her to his mother and sister to help her recover In the end she realises that she loves him There is a silly end plot device which involved Juliet singlehandedly warning Garrett that his identity has been revealed to the French and saving the day This was just stupid and I could have done with out it Overall I did enjoy this book but there was no doubt it was frustrating at times. @Download Book ß Magic Embrace Í ENCHANTED BY A LIARWhen The Infamous Pirate Black Garrett Learned His Brother Had Been Murdered Because Of A Flirtatious Chit, The Surly Rogue Swore Revenge Tracking Down The Worthless Wench, Garrett Stole Her Aboard His Vessel, Planning To Ruin Her Reputation And Use Her Brutally But As The Enraged Male Rudely Kissed Her Lips And Roughly Felt Her Curves, He Was Transformed By Her Innocent Response Cursing Himself For Caring, Black Garrett Relentlessly Pleasured His Captive And Swore She D Feel The Lash Of His Fury The Following Night HYPNOTIZED BY A CADBewildered And Betrayed, Sable Haired Juliet Stoddard Had No Idea Why The Terrifying Buccaneer Had Kidnapped Her, Promising Punishment Worse Than Death Although She Had No Experience With Men, He Seemed Convinced She Was A Brazen Hussy, And Ignored Her Pleas For Mercy Then The Blue Eyed Beauty Felt Black Garrett S Hands Where No One Had Ever Touched Before, And She Nearly Swooned With Fear And Desire Hating The Scoundrel, And Herself Even , Juliet Was Powerless To Escape This Devil S Sensual Trance And Wrest Free Of His Magic Embrace I am a fan of the captor captive, alpha hero captures and rapes forcibly seduces the innocent virgin genre I also love the trope where the H mistakes the h for a lookalike cousin who killed his brother friend etc See, Royal Seduction for a good one on this topic.But this fell short of 5 stars because of two things for me The H was just strange and inconsistent On one hand he felt bad for the error and showed care of the h He did not shame her, but made it clear it was all his wrongdoing BUT first he drugs her and has sex with her and then he mesmerizes her and has sex with her and then lets her think it was a dream She thinks she s losing her mind Plus, his jealousy toward her fiance and anger at her over him is unfair I like the overprotective hero, but he doesn t always explain why he does the things he does and hurts her horribly in the process.I did like the fact that he realizes how badly he s injured her and lets her go and sets her up with his family, who were excellent to her There was a HEA, but I think groveling on his part was definitely due I did like the heroine as she was not the screeching shrew you see a lot in historicals I do like the sweet innocent trope However, I don t like this author s tendency to have the heroine find sex with the hero terrifying and horrible and something to live in horror of even though she enjoys it It just makes me uncomfortable The hero also realizes he s terrifying the girl, but shrugs it off She s a good writer, but some of the things that probably make this a kink for some make it uncomfortable for me. I absolutely LOVED this book There was so many good parts to the story I Loved it so much, that I ran to 3 different UBS s looking for of Jennifer s books even knowing one was on the way in the mail No luck at the UBS s I think when people do get their hands on these books, they keep them They are also harder to find because they are older I ended up ordering 4 of them at PBS and figured I just had to wait Lucky me, when the mail man came, Crimson Rapture was in the mail so now I can see if this book is as good as Magic Embrace was for ME. With all the good review I ve read, I m beginning to think I may have picked up a defective copy.Contrary to reviews from here other sites , I didn t find this to be well written at all There seemed to be endless dialogue the majority of the book failed to set the scene Most of the time I would become confused about how much time had past where the scene took place It was like the characters were in a room talking Then paragraphs were devoted to one of the characters thoughts only to discover somewhere along the line, we ve changed scenes an unknown amount of time had passed.The story had potential I liked how Juliet had grown from a scared innocent mouse to a hero. Spies, Pirates, Magic and a Heroine you will love Set in 1805, this is the story of Juliet Stoddard, a 17 year old innocent who, as a young orphan, is sent from France to England to live with her cruel and twisted uncle To pay back her mother who he despised as a loose woman she wasn t , he kept Juliet isolated and beat her for any little thing She was not even permitted to befriend her cousin, Clarissa, the uncle s daughter, who was living in the same house Clarissa hates her father and lives a rebellious life including sleeping around When Clarissa s father catches her with a young man, Eadric, Clarissa cries rape and the uncle brutally murders him It turns out Eadric was the brother of the infamous pirate Black Garrett, who now seeks revenge on Clarissa and her father Though Garrett is considered a traitor in England, a pirate for Napoleon, Garrett is really a British lord and a spy Garrett returns to England to seek his revenge, killing Clarissa s father and kidnapping the young woman he believes is Clarissa but is really Juliet Though Juliet, a sweet saintly girl, protests her innocence and tells Garrett she is not Clarissa who set her up , Garrett still rapes her Some might call it forced seduction but Juliet called it rape The love scenes, by the way, are very well described First, Garrett takes her by force, then by magic as he holds her prisoner on his ship in his cabin I include this just so you know we are dealing with a true cad.Magic and mysticism are bound up with the story and there are dark hints of mysterious happenings Garrett spent years with Eastern religious men and that forever changed him He uses the magic to manipulate people when the need arises Even with the hero being a cad for most of the story, and a few nits I would have changed, this was a compelling tale, a story I could not put down and if you love pirate stories, I believe you will like this one. I really like this author I first became aware of Ms Horsman when I stumbled across her book Virgin Star in a secondhand store It had a horrid pink and turquoise cover with a classic Fabio bodice ripper cover, and it ended up being one of my favorite books of all time I liked this one ALMOST as much I m actually giving this book 4.5 starsjust took half a star away because the pacing dragged at a couple points and then the book seemed to end a little abruptly But stillALMOST five stars Okay, first of all, this is an 80 s pirate type romance OF COURSE there is a rape near the beginning It was not as bad as some I ve read, and I am not personally offended by heroes who rape, as long as they reform Heck, even if they don t totally reform Maybe that makes me a bad person, but there you go I actually liked the rape scene because of how completely tender he was to her afterward I liked the magic elementif you don t like magic elements, or the plot being advanced by magic elements, you will want to skip this one But you may have already been clue d into that considering this book is called MAGIC Embrace, LOL.Anyway, I m glad I read this It was very touching at many points I do love when the hero and heroine are stranded somewhere together in this case, she spends much of the story sharing his cabin on his ship I loved how torn down she was, only because it gave her the opportunity to be healed Yes, some might find her too pitiful or weak but I loved how she summoned up her strength when she had to She was so strong at the end I thought it was a great story and an excellent 80 s era romance I have one of hers still to read. How do I rate this book Hmm, good question In the beginning, I was transfixed Hypnotized, I could barely put the book for the first 150 pages of WTF The book picks you up immediately So, fast and loose review, whilst it s all in my mind stewing about.I was captivated by the heroine s tortured innocence, and it was quite believable She was beyond naive, until its ignorantly damaged veil hung over her I commiserated with her, I was willing to participate patiently in the revival of a girl s spirit that had been buried since her childhood Devastatingly, even then, her life had been an utter lie.There were a plethora of surprises AND cliches powerpacking this bit of literature The magic angle annoyed me than appealed to my interests though, because it felt as if the characters used it for a scapegoat to bend the heroine s will, and believe me that hero was shameless in some regards At one point, the hero spouted, I don t believe it.and I interjected, Nor do I, for that matter P But I truly felt like the hero was too worldly, too unparalleled, etc A renowned pirate, spy, an Earl, warlock, inventor, freer of slaves, founder of irrigation systems, discoverer of germs LOL, I was dyin there I wish those lil beasties had eaten his overly bloated heroic traits down a few pegs Buddhist master of two continents Poor widower A once father, who had lost his only son When he really wanted a dozen children or so and when he found out his former wife had been simply ridding of his ammo after lovemakingwhy, that was just the same as if she had killed them Shakes head What a vile women, killing millions of his unwanted babies No but really all sarcasm aside, they seriously threw a lot of heroic tropes into his character, as a means of filler space, when they were onboard I know, we needed his development to unfold, and her recovery to take form, but he was a bit over the top.I LOVED the pets Especially the parrot He was a hoot I cannot rightly recall what book it was, but I once read a novel with a pirate s parrot, and he in kind, blurted out obscenities, and I ve been longing for one, that bawks out vulgarities Don t ask me why D I knew a man in my hometown who owned a pet store, who couldn t get rid of a parrot, cause of his language It seems to drop their value Awwwies.It was a touching story in some places, and annoying in another It was really good, when it was good, and bad when it was bad Even I felt a sniffle or two in some places The heroine came a long way, and triumphed great travesty in her life with deeds that surpassed, and outgrew that frail little girl we were introduced with. Bad pirate dude Black Garrett kidnaps the treacherous woman he believed caused the death of his brother Pirate dude wants revenge But woman is really young innocent virgin Juliet Stoddard and it is her evil cousin who is to blame.A typical bodice ripper from the 80s But I like bodice rippers Very un PC.