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Loved Ellison s story, one of my fav characters and glad to see he finally got the girl. This was a fun, entertaining read Here we have Ellison a Lupine shifter and Maria a human Maria was previously captured by a feral shifters and is now trying to put her life back together in Austin Shiftertown Ellison is a wolf shifter who loves everything texas and is a tracker for Liam sigh Liam While Maria is working to put her life together all the unmated male shifters are trying to claim her, but it s Ellison that she trusts and I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom Also there is a someone trying to kidnap the cubs and sell them to interested humans who want them as pets The shifters are get together to save the cubs and battle the bad guys The romance was touching and the suspense was exciting, this story kept my interest and I flew through it I will be waiting impatiently for the next book in this series [Read Epub] ♷ Lone Wolf (Shifters Unbound, #4.5) ☢ Ellison S StoryEllison Rowe, A Lupine Shifter, Makes It His Goal To Protect Maria, Once Held Captive By Ferals, From Male Shifters Looking For Mates He Likes Maria S Resilience And Fire, But She S Been Broken, And Ellison Wants Than Anything To Heal Her When A New Danger Threatens Shiftertown S Cubs, Maria Partners With Ellison To Stop A Cold Blooded Criminal We know Ellison He is the wolf shifter who dresses like he is from Texas,although he is from Colorado We have met him in several previous books flirting with girls, dancing with girl and always end up alone.We also met Maria before She was the girl who was saved from the ferals in Mexico and her family did not want her any because she was damaged.Two lonely people looking for happiness and they certainly find it in this book Happy ending as usual 3.5 starsThe okay romance plot is balanced out by the awesome actions near the end I read this novella in backwards, meaning that I read it after Tiger Magic, where I found Ellison to be quite entertaining character Unfortunately here, in his own romance story, I just found it, well, too smooth I never been a huge fan of smooth talking heroes I prefer my heroes to be rather stoic and calm So Ellison always calling Maria with sweetheart, darling, love, just made me roll my eyes Though he was indeed good with his broken sister that saved his character in my eyes.Maria, on the other hand, I liked Maria was one of the female saved by the Shifters on the third book, Wild Cat She had been broken and trying to build something for herself I thought she was quite brave especially when she confronted the villains, first by a smart plan, and second by gun I liked that she was also close with the cubs the polar bear cub Olaf, by the way, was still so, SO adorable and stole the scenes.The romance is just okay because I thought for someone who was still in trauma, Maria sure did fall in love with Ellison pretty quick Again, this is probably due to it being a novella, which made the story a bit under developed. I m on a major reading binge I can t seem to get enough of Jennifer Ashley s Shifters Unbound series I was pretty excited to read Lone Wolf, because the hero is Ellison, a shifter that I really loved from previous books And I absolutely adored Lone Wolf, although it is as good as other books in the series What I Liked Ellison is sooo dreamy Again, Ashley has created a hero that I can so get behind Ellison is responsible, kind, caring, and once he commits to someone, he commits Although it was sad, I loved seeing how wonderful Ellison was with his sister It made me sad he had to go through that, but he was determined to help her anyway he could I liked how determined Maria was to start her life over She wants to put her traumatic past behind her, which isn t easy Her determination is wonderful Ellison is so patient with Maria, which is something she needed He was willing to wait until she was ready, and that always makes me happy Olaf, the polar bear shifter cub, was as adorable as ever He has become a favorite character of mine throughout the story Cris Dukehart continues to be a great narrator for this series What I Struggled With The suspenseful mystery bit didn t really work for me completely Sometimes I couldn t believe all the aspects of it Although I did want Ellison and Maria to be together, I did feel a bit disconnected from their story While I do love Cris Dukehart s narration, her accent for Maria wasn t the best Final Thoughts My love for the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley knows no bounds, however, Lone Wolf isn t my favorite.This review was originally posted on Quinn s Book Nook Ellison Rowe has been watching Maria since she was brought to the Austin Shiftertown He hasn t mate claimed her for himself, but he watches over her trying to keep the other shifters away from her He takes protecting her pretty serious.Maria has no intentions in getting involved with a shifter She has plans of going to school and getting out of the shiftertown she s in She suffered some pretty bad conditions with shifters that imprisoned her and took away things she could never get back To achieve her goals she works in the local bar as well as babysitting some of the cubs.When one of the pack s cubs gets himself into grave danger, Ellison and Maria go to work trying to find out just what these hunters are after This gives Ellison a lot of time to worm his way into Maria s heart and prove that nothing will ever happen to her again.I liked Maria She was strong, had great goals and was very nurturing to the cubs Dependable She felt a great amount of guilt over the almost kidnapping and has promised that she will help hunt down the person responsible.Ellison is very smart He is biding his time with Maria Protecting her from the other shifters and just laying out a friendship It s not hard to like Ellison His patience and preseverance make him perfect for Maria I was really rooting for these two.The planning and execution of the plan to bring down the kidnappers was exciting and fast paced I assume due to this being a novella I finished the book with a feeling of contentment for Ellison and Maria I thought it was going to take forever for Ellison to break through Maria s barriers.Lone Wolf was exciting both with their problem with the kidnappers and with the love story I loved that Jennifer Ashley was able to put so much into a novella A novella I couldn t get enough of I loved how Cris Dukehart added in Ellison s accent He thinks of himself as a cowboy and tries to keep it up with his accent Lots of fun and the narrator knew when he was going to use which accent A great job was done on narration The Series This novella felt like filler The story was very similar to others in this series, nothing fresh or significant in terms of the overall arc I think Maria was supposed to be a feisty independent woman but she caved quicker than an ice cream on a summer footpath Ellison was TGTBT and a bit boring He s been desperate for a mate forever and has had his eye on every woman in past books but Maria was the first one to like him back So I didn t get that same Mate Mine feel that I ve got from previous books Looking forward to Tiger s book though. Ellison s story He pairs up with Maria, who was rescued by Diego and Cass in Wild Cat, and sent to live in the Austin Shiftertown The action of the series moves back to Austin for this one Read excerpts at 2.5 stars Hey all.this was my lowest one yet I have to say that I felt the Texas cowboy shapeshifter EllisonI felt got shafted in his story This had a lotfighting and way less loving in it and for me that was a huge disappointment Ellison, who is a wolf shifter in the Austin Shifter town is known as the happy go lucky cowboy wolf, and he was always late to the party when it came to finding and claiming a mate He finally gets a mate and like I said the focus on the couple just wasn t what it should have been Plus, this is another novella, so there was a lot of story drama put into a small amount of pages.Next up is TIger s bookand I can t wait Tiger was made and captured in a lab since he was born He s wild, and I am very happy to report the next installment is back to a full length book Moving on YAY