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!Free ⚉ Lifelong Love Affair ⚈ God Didn T Create Marriage To Frustrate Us, Test Us, Or To Make Us Feel Unworthy Or Inadequate He Created Marriage To Be The Most Fulfilling And Sacred Of All Human Covenants It Was Designed To Be Passionate And Rewarding And To Meet Our Deepest Needs And Desires And It Was Meant To Last A Lifetime So How Do You Build An Indestructible Marriage That Is Filled With Passion, Purpose, And Excitement In Lifelong Love Affair, Jimmy Evans Shows Couples How To Embrace God S Dream For Their Marriage, Cultivate Romance And Fun, And Fulfill Each Other S Spiritual, Emotional, And Sexual Needs With Marriages Today Ending In Divorces Than Ever Before, And Young People Cohabiting Rather Than Getting Married, The Message Of This Book Is Sorely Needed Any Married Couple And Anyone Considering Marriage Will Find Lifelong Love Affair An Essential Tool They Will Turn To Again And Again For Inspiration And Strength Foreword By Drs Les And Leslie Parrott This was an excellent book, better than any relationship guide I have read although I haven t read many Like most people I read the Five Love Languages but for many people in long term relationships and marriages, there isn t any guide to follow This book provides a clear process and path to move forward with your partner I can t say I agree with all parts of the book, hence the 4 out of 5 rating, but I wish I had had this kind of information when I was much younger.The author, who is very upfront about the relationship issues he had with his wife when they were young, has written many relationship books and I will be checking out one or two The parts I struggled with link to what he himself called his bullying and emotional abuse of his wife when they were younger Behaviours that he admits and changed in his marriage I struggled with the part where he talks about how women are not meant to be in positions of leadership, and I also had trouble with the anecdote tells about his wife having a illness for a while and how she came to apologize for not being able to take care of the family, or provide him nightly duties but perhaps it s just how I read those sections The subtitle to the book explains exactly what you will take away from this book if you take the time to read it The subtitle says How to have a passionate and deeply rewarding marriage I gave this book 5 5 stars I thought the purpose of the book was well thought out and followed through on I liked the examples and stories chosen to highlight a principle the author was presenting I especially enjoyed the way the book was written I did not feel preached to in any way It was written from one friend who has learned ways to enhance a marriage and given to anyone who wants their marriage to grow in the Lord I would recommend this book for all engaged and married couples.I would like to thank the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read. Lifelong Love Affair delivers on its title Every chapter wove scripture, personal examples, and the experience of Jimmy Evans to encourage couples to give their marriage their best This book never felt preachy nor did the advice feel out of reach.We live in a world where marriage is threatened on multiple levels That s why focusing on God s vision for marriage is so vital to today s husbands and wives I loved this book It offers clear instructions on how to improve your marriage and even gives exercises for couples to do in a group or on their own I m adding one of Jimmy s previous books, Marriage on the Rock, to my to be read list Just finished chapter 6 on Vision Retreats Great concept, every marriage should do this If you do pre marital counseling YOU MUST CHECK out this bookevery marriage needs to know this stuff Feb.18thjust finished chapter 12two servants in agape Two quotes from this chapter are It is far important to be the right kind of person than it is to marry the right kind of person Zig Ziglar And A happy marriage is the union of two good fogivers Ruth Bell Graham We are planning our vision retreat for a weekend in March. Some chapters were great while others dragged Could have used a bit less fluff. Uf I hard a hard time swallowing this pill by Chapter 4 at points I wanted to throw the book across the room Upon finishing it, I feel as though I got the initial sting of it out of my system I found myself wanting to read it again to take better notes and be reflective That has to account for something Great book Marriage takes work to keep together and this book helps Powerful and insightful I encourage all marrieds of whatever age to read it Practical and accessible. Written by a Christian Pastor his wife with plenty of good advice for marrieds of all ages.