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This was a pretty frustrating book, in that the use of the suffragist movement was very inspiring to both the reader and, apparently, to the heroine, yet Laura instead vacillates between two boys like an indecisive, coquettish ditz She s not really sympathetic at all as she plays the tease with both Joe Shawn, chooses one over the other one day, then gets all worried miffed that the other doesn t dance attendance on her whim Not really a strong character in her actions All of her grit comes from mentions that she wants to be a lawyer or architect, but her actions belie such calls for sacrifice and hard work Even the late appearance of the Spanish flu epidemic doesn t pan out in terms of sacrifice for our heroine.The book is also another example of the tendency in Sunfires in general, and Vivian Schurfranz s efforts in particular, to have one suitor be dependable and taken for granted, and the other to be brash and borderline abusive, yet have the heroine constantly questioning which one she really loves Joe is so sweet and kind and he respects my opinions I wish Shawn was like that But wow, Shawn s so handsome and that makes me forget all his grievous flaws and being dismissive of all I hold dear And that s what bugged me most Shawn insults her ideals and convictions to her face, but then grins and she forgets her anger It s stupid and infuriating, though perhaps Schurfranz wrote it to be a lesson for teenage girls about future dating with asshat jocks Who knows I still liked the book for the details about the suffragists and the Spanish flu epidemic, as well as the question about dissent during wartime and tendency towards jingoism It s as true during our time as was back in World War I, and the moderate call to put a hold to gay rights because we have important things to do was an excuse used against advancing the women s vote back in 1918 Learn from history, folks Schurfranz does well on the historical aspect of these books, even if her romances are usually tales of a girl inexplicably torn between a good man and a shallowly characterized, brash jackass. [[ FREE EPUB ]] ↛ Laura (Sunfire, No 10) ⇨ There Was A Fierce War Raging Abroad, And Another In Her HeartWhile Men Are Fighting Overseas In World War I, Lovely Laura Mitchell Is Caught Up In The Struggle For Women S Rights In The Washington, D C Of Dismayed By Her Willingness To Go To Jail For Her Beliefs, Laura S Mother And Sister Encourage Her To Pay Attention To Her Suitors Laura Only Has Eyes For Her Neighbor Joe Menotti, Who Treats Her Like A Kid Sister But Her Brother S Friend, Shawn O Brien, Sweeps Her Off Her Feet With His Irish Charm And Dashing Good Looks Yet Everyone But Joe Wants Her To Give Up Her Ideals Should She Change Herself, Try To Change The Man She Loves, Or Follow Her Conscience To The Man Who Is Waiting With Open Arms Strangely enough, I would have liked this a lot better if it wasn t a romance The trite love triangle, especially, really brought this story down I had such a hard time respecting or even liking Laura once she started her idiotic vacillating between kind, respectful Joe and asshat Shawn After being subjected to pages of pages of inner monologues along the lines of Joe is so nice to me and honors my opinions and beliefs, butShawn is sooooo cute I lost any liking I had for Laura quickly We re supposed to believe that Laura is so super special and smart, but she lets Shawn put down her ideals and generally treat her like shit And then she s all like, Well, Joe doesn t like me so I guess I m stuck with Shawn Ummmwhy Are there only two men in Washington, D.C view spoiler And when she finally finally dumps Shawn, is it because he s done something truly and spectacularly horrible No, it s for the same shit he s been DOING ALL ALONG hide spoiler While preparing to present at a workshop recently I was thinking back to when I first became a romance reader and this book was the first that I thought of I was 12 and met the author at a Children s Lit festival It was my first signed book and I think it had an impact on my life I am still very interested in World War 1 I support the Liberty Memorial and am a member of the Western Front Association I only hope that I can touch a child in such a meaningful way as a thank you to those hard working librarians of my childhood. Waxing Nostalgic 10 Schurfranz is my least favorite author in this series I feel that she makes her heroines fickle in their love That is no exception with Laura She is a brave girl fighting with the suffragists for the women s vote and supporting the WWI efforts at home, but she does not see that real love right in front of her She is dazzled by distractions Unfortunately, I think teenagers can be this way. I think this one was set during WWI.Did these come from the book orders through the school My mom must have bought them for me My parents were always great about buying me books We didn t have a lot of money, but I ALWAYS got to order books through the school and I got books as a reward for making good grades. Not my favorite Sunfire book, but definitely worth the read. I remember that I always judged these books by how much I liked the name of the main character I love the name Laura so I liked this one a lot. As WWI and influenza dominate the thought of most, Laura s best friend discovers suffrage and brings Laura in Will she fight Or will she cave in to those who tell her to stay away and be a good girl and future wife A used bookstore find, I got it because I m a sucker for historical fiction This book, whilst a bit overdramatic but the heroine WAS only 15 16 in it and lacking in incredibly deep dialogue or character development, was an enjoyable look at life in Washington during the suffragist movement in the midst of the war.