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I read the book Journey to the Volcano Palace It was written by Tony Abbott It s about three kids Their names are Neal, Julie, and Eric, and they visit a magical land that is hidden under the steps in their basement, called Droon The book starts off with all three kids having weird dreams about things that take place in Droon They decide to go and see what s going on They arrive in a desert and princess Keeah is waiting for them She tells them how the Eye of Dawn was stolen by the evil wizard Sparr They journey out to find his hidden palace, but no one knows exactly where it is They find his hidden palace and get attacked by two fire monsters and narrowly escape Once in his palace they learn of Sparrs secret and that Keeah s mother, who is believed to be dead, is still alive Sparr then finds them and they all get split up in his volcano Eric ends up by himself and finds the eye He steals it, and it goes out of control blasting everything He ends up blasting a hole in the wall, and they escape through it They then fly out of Kano on a magic carpet and live happily ever after The main characters are Julie, Eric, and Neal Eric wears glasses, has brown hair, and is also the leader of the group Neal is the funny jokester part of the trio, and Julie is a gentle girl who can lose her temper easily They are about 10 years old and they are three kids that love to have fun, get into trouble, and go on adventures The main portion of the book takes place in Droon and Kano Droon is a magical world that the kids can get to by closing the door that leads under the steps into their basement, and Kano is Lord Sparr s secret hide out that no one can find The time of the book is modern time I thought Journey to Volcano Palace was a very good book It was full of action and adventure I think any youngster would love to read this book and because it s not a hard read they can At the end of the day I would give this book three out of five stars. Greetings Everyone Another book in the series goes by and I am happy to share my thoughts on this book and will love to hear your thoughts as well , so without further a due let s get started.1 COVERAnother one of my favorites and I am happy to tell you that Mr Tim Jessell has done a wonderful presentation here also, as was his take on the previous book The book design by Mr Dawn Adelman is also an orphic task and I am just imagining how much children will love it.2 STORYWe start from the part where we left in book one where Princess Keeah gives the trio from the Upper world a hint that they would come back if they got dreams about the land beneath the basement, and voila here we have Eric Hinkle dreaming about Lord Sparr chasing him through a tunnel When he gets up the next morning and asks his friends they also share similar experiences of occurrence of dreams about Droon though the dreams were different Next you guessed it curiosity overcomes silence and we see the journey of the three friends again to the mystical land of Droon through the magical staircase I would like to give a spoiler alert here as I can t control any right now If you have read the first book you will come to know about a mystical jewel or gem which Lord Sparr snatches from the Princess and he both harnesses it s powers as well as gets hurt from it Now what happens in here is up to the readers to find out as I think I have leaked enough already.3 ILLUSTRATIONSA special mention should be given to Mr David Merrell as this is the first book in the series to which he has given his artistic touch the previous book been done by Mr Tim Jessell himself and I am happy to tell you that both have done a mesmerizing and truly pleasing job and am sure children will actually get clear glimpses of Droon between the pages.4 FINAL VERDICTI am a fan of this series and let me tell you that I won t stop until I have read the whole series including the special editions As for children they are truly going to enjoy their time and am sure will get dreams about the place as they tinker their imagination between the lines Orphic yet subtle A truly wonderful work indeed HAPPY READING I was right to be leery of starting a series with over 40 books For now not only am I addicted to these books but my children are also I am reading ahead of them and reading them a few chapters each night before bed They love the story so far, and I am thoroughly enjoying it also To be honest I have yet to read anything by Tony Abbott that disappointed And going back and reading some of his earlier works has been a blast both for me and for the kids Droon is an interesting world to visit For when we go there always seems to be a task for Neal, Julie and Eric to complete And this time is no different This time they join Princess Keeah, the wizard Galen Longbeard, and we meet new creatures the lumpies and go on an adventure In the first adventure in Droon the Eye of Dawn a crystal that can control nature was lost to the evil Sparr In this story our team of adventures head to his secret hideout inside a volcano to try and retrieve it We also find out that not all things are as they appear, and some who work for Sparr might even be forced to do so Can the team get into the volcano, can they find the Eye of Dawn, can they get back out again Come read the story and find out.Droon is becoming a fun place to visit time and time again And this story has a bit of everything, a magic doorway, strange creatures, adventure, friendship, the desert, a secret lair and a hook at the end to bring you back again As mentioned I am enjoying reading the stories, and my kids are also, and hopefully in a few years the younger kids will be able to reread these books to me But for now Droon is a great part of family reading time The only real drawback is it was only after starting the series that I discovered that only the first 10 books are available electronically at the moment I can only hope the rest become available quickly, especially at the pace we are reading them This was the 17th book by Tony Abbott I have read, and a number of those I have read twice His stories always entertain, and now my kids are at an age where I am starting to share his great book with them Tony has over 100 books published so check out The Secrets of Droon of some of his other stories they will not disappoint Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Tony Abbott As well as an author profile and interview with Tony Abbott. I liked Journey to the Volcano Palace by Tony Abbott because the events in the story are creative Eric, Julie, and Neal all dream about the same dream They dream they re in Droon inside evil Lord Sparr s secret palace The secret palace is inside a volcano The three kids must recover Princess Keeah s magic jewel stolen by Lord Sparr.Eric, Julie, and Neal are all kids that have the same dream Their dreams come to life within their imagination They meet Princess Keeah, who thinks she can see into the future The kids also meet evil Lord Sparr, who tries to ruin everyone s day.The time takes place in the kids dreams Time does not pass by outside their dreams, so when they return home it is the same time as when they left The story take place in Droon in their dreams This story is told in third person.The theme is imagination Eric, Julie, and Neal are able to access to another world known in their dreams by using their imagination For them, anything is possible if they use their imagination.I would recommend this book to young readers because it s an easy read I enjoyed the creativity throughout this book. I thought Journey to the Volcano Palace The Secrets of Droon, 2 wasn t that good of a book because everything happened too fast, and I didn t really like the way it was written Journey to the Volcano Palace is about Eric, Julie, and Neal, who are all best friends In Eri cs basement there s a secret passage to a land called Droon He only visited it once, but he had a dream about it, so when Julie and Neal came over they decided to go back to Droon They arrive and their friend Princess Keeah tells them that lord Sparr stole a magic jewel from her, and it s located in the a secret place, which is in a volcano The main character is Eric, because it s told in his point of view, but Julie and Neal were in this book a lot Eric, Julie, and Neal all decide to help their friend Princess Keeah get her magic jewel back Journey to the Volcano Palace The Secrets of Droon, 2 is located in Droon, which is located in Eric s basement The time is during the day in summer The theme of this book was team work Eric, Julie, and Neal all showed that by working together with each other and Princess Keeah to get the jewel back from Lord Sparr I would recommend this book to both boys and girls in third grade because it s easy to read, and it s short. |Download Book ♡ Journey to the Volcano Palace ☪ Best Books, Journey To The Volcano Palace Author Tony Abbott This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Journey To The Volcano Palace, Essay By Tony Abbott Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This magical story is about two kids who find themselves in the enchanted world of Droon The land is a fantasy world with talking pillows and magical trees The only problem with Droon is that an evil ruler sets out to destroy it They find themselves on an adventure to get into the underworld to stop the evil ruler only to find hidden secrets This is a great read for anyone who loves a fictional story line. This book series is just right for the age range of 8 to 10 I feel that my kids would love it but for me there could be so much to this I like reading them though I think I need to do that in order to get better feel for it. G R E A T That is what that was I liked that there was a door that only appears when you put water on it.