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~Download Ebook ⚇ Journey from Peppermint Street ⚇ Siebren Could Hardly Believe It Here He Was Walking With His Grandfather All The Way To Aunt Hinka S In The Dark Too Now He And Grandpa Had Reached The Marsh It Was Alive With Ten Hundred Thousand Fireflies Darting In The Night And Frogs Booming At Them But Grandpa Said It Was Dangerous, Too They Had To Keep On The Path When SPLASH Grandpa Fell In Aunt Hinka Came To The Rescue In Her Little Boat Just In Time Oh, What A Menacing And Magical Journey It Was From Peppermint Street Journey from Peppermint street is an adventure story set in the Netherlands It s a pretty religious little book, and that threw me for a loop The book could be divided into three sections Luck, superstition and miracles God and good ol Satan, triumph over all three sections, which is too bad I like my adventure stories to beon the magical side of things This adventure was on the opposite end of that spectrum, I thought On the psychological realism side.The setting was great, the bouncy ball that saves Grandpa from the marshes my favorite, the folklore delightfully bizarre and obscure The handball of Satan you do not want to be a handball of satan and there were even a few one liners that I especially loved You don t actually think I d hit a crippled dog, do you Grandpa Though, I don t actually think DeJong meant for that piece of dialogue to be funny Sorry, DeJong It was funny I laughed Other than that, the book dragged and lagged and I had trouble finishing it The writing was really clunky, and the characters were half hearted in their motivations and inconstant in their affections This is my first DeJong book and I don t know if I ll pick up another. This is an excellent choice to read aloud to children ages 4 to 9 Each event that happens is small, but with significance to the young boy, and also to the young reader listener Traveling along with Siebren and his grandfather on the path to his aunt s house, we get so completely caught up in his joy about such things as finding and getting to keep a ball, that the extremely dramatic magical ending is an exultant joy I am not spoiling it to tell you this, because I ve left out all details, and you will very likely have forgotten it in the minutiae of the departure, the lumber pile, the tea shop, etc I read this almost 20 years ago, when I first started as a children s librarian, although long after it was originally published I liked it better than The Wheel on the School, but certainly both are masterpieces of sensitivity to the child like wonder in small things, and the careful attention children pay to the tiny things they notice If you are a parent observing your own child as she or he is amazed by the world around him or her, I believe you both will enjoy reading this together. My dear, late aunt bought this book for us a very long time ago I finally got around to reading it It takes place in the early 1900 s in Holland It is the story of a 10 year old boy who has never left his home village as he travels inland with his grandfather to visit his great aunts.While the book won several awards including a Newberry , I am mixed about how good it is The descriptions of Dutch life are very fascinating However, the internal states of the boy take away from the story He is far too maudlin about too many things I don t think we see the boy qua boy, but as an adult would have us think a boy thinks. This gentle coming of age story still resonates with methan 40 years after I first read it Siebren goes with his grandfather on a great adventure walking across the marshes to visit Aunt Hinka Siebren has never left his small village, and we feel his excitement and apprehension as he passes the last house on the outskirts of the town.Filled with wonder, fear and courage, Journey from Peppermint Street is a delightful book for younger readers. This is my favorite book from my childhood I read it in fifth grade The writing is so vivid that I fondly remembered scenes from the book thirteen years later It s out of print now, but I recently read it again and still think it s wonderful It is written from the point of view of a young boy and while his experiences are told in a childish manner, adults can still relate to the physical pain and emotional turmoil he experiences in the story. If I could give this book ten stars I would Meindert De Jong knows just how a child thinks I don t think I have read a book of his that I didn t love. We see the mind of a child in a bygone era. A curious book, this contains a lot of interior reflection on the part of Siebren, the young protagonist We read his thoughts and his rational process as he sorts out puzzles in his head His endearing little boy inside comes through in his interactions with some of the adults mainly, but not exclusively, the women The story is slow moving, with occasional bursts of excitement It addresses the concept of reality and fantasy, rumors, fears, miracles, andSet near the author s hometown, it gives a vivid description of a time past, before electricity and telephones connected distant or even not so distant places The action takes place in the early 1900s, so this is well after the Netherlands of Hans Brinker but much closer to that of Hilda van Stockum s A Day on Skates The Story of a Dutch Picnic It is interesting to see how the times change or don t change things and Siebren s concerns are both refreshingly simple, but also very serious The Van Stockum book concerns itself with frolicking children and their activities in apopulous village, while this is about one child interacting with adults in a lonesome place of twilight and darkness The uncommon thoughtfulness puts this in the same league as some of the books of Eleanor Estes such as Ginger Pye There s a little lost dog aspect to this book as well That De Jong is looking back on the time of his childhood after a half century orallows for a modern approach to be applied to the story of an earlier time. 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