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Written for the American market this is very different from the other green books I ve read I liked the style of the book with the recycled pages but I wasn t a fan of the changing between dual columns during each chapter and the standard single column at the beginning of each It made it a bitdifficult to read I liked the checklist section where you can pick which actions you going to take and then mark each one as you work through and rate yourself once you have incorporated each point into your daily life I found this section very user friendly and well thought out and well targeted at those who feel overwhelmed about where to start However the rest of the text was a bit preachy and at times a bit condescending, although overall a good and handy book. if 4 stars didn t mean really liked it, i d go with that, but it partially, really turned me off, so i just can t however, it is a super user friendly guide to being greener also, there s a good companion website www.greenmatters.com.i d like to give this book two separate ratings 5 stars for the comprehensive, yet concise and well organized content and, the book s physical form is nice it has a place in my go to drawer in the kitchen.but, i d give it 1 star for being preachy, presumptuous, condescending, patronizing, annoying, etc.and, the title is totally a lie but, if we re going to save the planet, we ve got to spread this lie and the one about it not being expensive, too far and wide ms trask has done a good thing, and i appreciate it, so i feel bad for being harsh, but moralistic Our obligation to at least try to pay our own way in life, raise our children into healthy, productive and ethical members of society, and lighten our impact on the earth, among other things, is real attitudes and the government is always the only best solutionism really perturb me. #READ BOOK ⚝ It's Easy Being Green: A Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living õ Surveys Find That OverPercent Of Americans Agree With The Goals Of The Environmental Movement Sadly, Most Americans Admit To Doing Little Than Basic Recycling When It Comes To Acting On That Disposition What Is The Reason For This Great Divide Between Environmental Sentiment In This Country And Individual Actions Author And Environmental Consultant Crissy Trask Seeks To Answer This Question And Solve The Disparity With A New Book That Makes It Easy To Be An Environmentalist, No Matter How Busy Or Hectic Your Lifestyle This Is A Day To Day Guide With Simple, Practical Suggestions That Anyone Can Put Into Action, Like Install Rain Gutters And Rain Barrels To Collect Rainwater From Your Roof To Use In The Garden Shift Appliance Use To Off Peak Hours Some Utility Companies Offer Off Peak Rates, So You Ll Save Money How To Make Effective Household Cleaners Instead Of Relying On Toxic Commercial Products Submerge A Plastic Bottle In Your Toilet Tank To Save One Quart Of Water Per Flush And Thousands Of Gallons A Year This Is What The Busy Person Needs To Start Making Changes Today Get Informative, Comprehensive And Practical Information For Adopting Greener Buying Habits And Identifying Earth Friendly Products Shopping For Green Products Online Participating In Online Activism And Learning From Tips For Cultivating A Sustainable Environment Meh. This book is really helpful Unlike a lot of the get green books I looked into, this one was not a list of products to buy or things that will cost you money One of my main beefs with the enviromentalist movement is that it has turned into another excuse to buy new stuff, when in reality thats the heart of the problem Being greener is about consuming less and although this book does give some suggestion of better alternatives to products or simple inexpensive things to reduce your energy or water use, it mostly gives some really helpful ideas on how to make easy changes beyond the obvious It has an easy format to remember exactly the ideas you want to put to use and rate the progress you ve made on putting them into practice There are also some longer explanatory chapters that are motivating and informative and a resources chapter for changing what and where you buy everyday items like sheets and beauty items. It s Easy Being Green makes the changes you should do actually simple I ve read a few books on going green and they were all about making you feel bad for the choices you ve been making instead of just pointing you in the right direction and explaining some of thecomplicated parts of going green Crissy Trask points out the many ways you can make easy and simple changes in your every day life Seeing as I live in an apartment where they do all the maintenance there isn t much I can do with some of these tips, but the ones that do pertain to me were pretty straight forward even if I hadn t thought of them myself I loved the ideas on keeping the holidays green This book also explains how to read the labels of green products and what to look for on the labels Now I can make a good, green choice when buying cleaners, etc It cleared up a few of my questions on the difference between cage free, free farmed, free range and grass fed when buying groceries There are also a lot of suggested websites for buying green, which I can t wait to check out. This slim volume is the Cliff Notes every lazy environmentalist or wanna be envirnmentalist needs to start taking better care of the planet, without breaking a sweat So many people want to do things to improve the environment, but knowing where to start and what to focus on is such a daunting task that it s easier just to fall into old patterns With short chapters and checklists to help you track your progress, this book allows you to change your habits NOW, without feeling guilty or overwhelmed I, myself, no longer waste as much water as I did before I started the book I also now carry my water and juice in a Sigg a reusable container instead of buying wasteful bottled water and juices, and I waste far less paper at work And all that has been from reading the book for a half an hour And it s been completely painless I don t even think about it any Which means I can move on to new challenges, and then new challenges after that It s that easy Very similar in feel to Michael Pollan s Food Rules Includes a detailed checklist of activities and habits to alter to live agreen lifestyle Much of it actually applied to my situation late 20 s in an urban city, working 30 hours a week Most books in this topic seem to be written for stay at home adults, or people with huge acres of land to do a lot of homesteading This book actually provides useful tips for those of us who don t own a home, and don t have all the free time in the world to make jars of jam My only complaint is the font is super tiny which made it hard to read, as the book is also small in size Larger font would have been helpful, as would have clearer separations between topics in the checklist Overall, its a great resource for anyone curious about how to go green without too much extra effort. I found It s Easy Being Green to be horribly slapped together, with nothing new to offer anyone who s been around since green became popular At least they recycled ideas I don t know, maybe a total noob to the green scene would find something to learn in here, which I guess would redeem it a little bit.There are typos throughout this book, never a good sign they make me cranky even when I m reading a GOOD book In this book, they reinforced the feeling that someone threw together a bunch of obvious hints in order to make a quick buck I couldn t bring myself to do anything but page through this one a couple of times. A ton of really great tips on keeping green This book isn t going to convince someone to take on these habits, but is for the reader who is already interested and looking for ways to implement them It s a bit outdated in some areas, but overall helpful My notes below Purchase A well rounded green buying strategy can save you money overall in the following ways buying less reduces spending Purchasing staples in bulk costs less per pound then smaller packaged portions Used items cost a fraction of what new items cost Quality products will last so you can avoid repair and replacement costs Borrowing and renting seldom used, costly equipment obviates large purchases Energy and fewer consumer products save on energy costs Using safe, nontoxic products means fewer healthcare expenditures resulting from exposure to skin, eye, and respiratory irritants Qualifying electric and clean fuel vehicles including hybrids and energy efficient appliances and products are eligible for federal income tax deductions buy not, buy less, buy green Eco labels claiming Green or Eco safe actually have no standard definition Look into them further before buying Questions to ask about a product or its manufacturer Transportation Transportation sector is responsible for 1 3 of all man made emissions and consumes 67% of all US petroleum consolidating trips, carpooling, public transportation, biking, or walking By driving two less days each week you can save 143 gallons of gasoline and keep 2,778 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere in a year If only 1% of drivers did this, 273 million gallons of gas and 5.3 billion pounds of CO2 could be saved this year Every gallon of gas burned emits 19.5 pounds of carbon dioxide, so buying the most fuel efficient car is one of the best purchases you can make for the environment SUVs use 33%gas per mile driven than the average car and are 3 timessmog forming Commute to work by bicycle if possible or use an electric bike many go up to 25 miles in one charge If errands are in a three mile radius, use a bike or walk if within twenty minutes Turn ignition off when you will be stopped or parked forthan 30 seconds Drive slower For every MPH you drive under 65, you improve car s efficiency by 2% If you havethan one car, always drive the most fuel efficient car when it is available to you Abandon your car in favor of cleaner transportation at first just once a week, later 2, then 3 times a week As you adjust to new modes of transportation, you should be able to reduce the miles you drive bythan 50% Try public transportation for one week Foodthan half of all water, one third of fossil fuels used in the US, and 87% of our agricultural land is devoted to raising animals for food 1.4 billion tons of manure produced by US farm animals per year This has led to the pollution of 40,000 miles of rivers and streams and 943,569 acres of lakes and wetlands Use pot covers when cooking Keep your fridge full because food retains cold better than air does A near empty drudge is working much harder to cook its contents Seek out local farmers markets and buy locally grown seasonal produce Eat less meat Buy fish that are not caught or farmed in ways that harm the environment Buy the brand that uses the least amount of packaging Clothes use better discretion to determine if clothes are truly dirty before adding to the wash Just because you wore it once it it ends up on floor doesn t mean it s dirtry You could cut the number of loads you wash by half only wash full loads of laundry Use drying rack for delicate or lightweight items to lighten dryer loads forrapid drying and extend life of fabrics that will air dry overnight Line dry sheets in warm months Household Products Shower curtain liner made of hemp to reduce plastic use and longer lasting Use oxygen or hydrogen based bleaches instead of chlorine bleach Use reusable and durable cleaning instruments such as cotton washrags and natural bristle brushes instead of one use wipes and cheap supermarket sponges make your own household cleaners with borax, washing soda, distilled white vinegar, baking soda, club soda, cooking oil and lemons buy phosphate free detergent Water Use 1% of water supply on earth is available for human consumption average person uses up to 183 gallons of water per day Low flow shower head can save a family of four 20,000 gallons per year Faucet aerators reduce water use at a faucet by up to 60% to save 3 gallons per minute Reducing shower time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes can save 5,4754 19,250 gallons a year Save 14,235 gallons a year by turning water off while lathering up in the shower, washing hands and brushing teeth If 2% of the US turned on faucets to a fraction of full blast when washing their hands, nearly 12 million gallons of water could be saved every day Retrofit toilet with a water saving device Replace older toilets with ultra low flush model that will save several gallons of water per flush Save 17,500 gallons per year Fill sink bowl to rinse razor instead of running the water front loading washing machine saveswater and energy than top loader Fill a bowl with cold water and wash fruit and vegetables this way instead of letting water from a faucet run over them Use dishwasher for full loads only Wash small number of dishes or pans by hand Scrape but don t rinse dishes before putting them in dishwasher Recycling Most people associate recycling with admirable environmental stewardship However, recycling is the third step in a three step process Effective waste reduction and resource protection relies on first reducing the amount we consume, second reusing that was still has the useful life, and third, recycling when something is beyond repair or reuse Buy food packages in paper, glass, aluminum or steel as often as you can Avoid plastic Only 3.9% of all post consumer plastic is being recycled today Don t try to recycle items that aren t approved It could contaminate an entire batch of recycling Reusing Plastic bags at the grocery store are made from non renewable petroleum resources and require the use of toxic chemicals Plastic produces 14% of toxic air emissions in the US each plant emits 300 500 gallons of contaminated waste per minute If you take any plastic produce bags save them in an old cereal box marked Produce Bags Take ziplock bags and turn them inside out and put them on your hands like gloves Go through the act of washing your hands and it will clean the bags Reuse glass jars for food storage Plastic food tubs can be reused too Get cloth napkins and use them instead of paper at home and on the go Cloth can be used several times before washing Give each family member a unique napkin ring to store their napkin between meals Buy products that will last a long time and avoid buying products made cheaply to be used once and disposed Buy rechargeable batteries and a battery charger Most can be charged up to 1,000 times Donate old computers to a computer refurbished or recycler Never throw a cell phone into the trash They have toxic waste in them Check out books from the library instead of buying them Shop used Borrow or rent items you have only a temporary or occasional need for instead of purchasing Donate empty egg cartons to a local egg producer Use your own mug for coffee shops instead of paper or polystyrene cups they provide Purchase mismatched dishes and flatware from a thrift store to use at cookouts and picnics instead of disposable ware Reuse note cards missing their envelope by tearing across spine and use as postcard or index card Try to find something used before buying it new Electricity the process of generating electricity is the single largest source of industrial carbon dioxide emissions in the US at 39.4% If every home in the US replaced incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs in just one room, the nation would save 800 billion kilowatts of energy and keep one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere year outdoor lights with sensors that come on only when they detect motion of heat use no heat drying on dishwasher Keep fridge set at 37 degrees and freezer at 3 degrees Cooking and reheating with a microwave is faster andefficient than stovetop or oven and reduces energy use by 70% Turn off the oven 10 15 minutes before cooking time runs out, food will keep cooking Holidays Limit the number of gifts you buy for people Choose gifts that support reuse Gifts that don t come with a lot of packaging or require wrapping ie event tickets, gift certificates, money, and memberships Give time or talent Shift focus of holiday with new traditions that don t center around gift giving Buy gift wrap made from recycle paper or gifts without wrapping Save wrapping for next year Use other materials you already own as wrapping old posters, old sheet music, wallpaper scraps, colorful ads or photos from magazines, etc A permanent tree instead of a disposable one Use less energy for holiday lights with LED lights Operate nothan 4 hours a night with programmable timer Send electronic greeting cards